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Molten Mirror (Job 37) by Josh Peck

//www.ministudyministry.com PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE! Trying something a little different today, I decided to put up a song I've been messing ...

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BEAUTIFUL, Josh. Anointed. Thank you. I know He is pleased by this song! YES, we want to see more videos like this. YAHUAH bless you!!!
+Meaghan Hamilton Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed it :) I have one ore on my channel called "Pasture People", along similar lines as this one.
Beautiful soundtrack to an awesome and powerful chapter of verses! I was expecting you to break out singing at any moment... Awesome work you do brother!
Thank you so much! :)
I needed that. What are you tuned at? They say every thing tuned to 432 Hz is healing.
Thank you :) this one is just standard tuning
Josh, nice chops. Cool tune and arrangement. Blessings
Thank you :)
Wow Josh this is absolutely beautiful. You have an incredible sense of timing, execution and tone in your hands. Well done!
Thank you so much, that really means a lot! :)
Of course you play guitar too. :) I really enjoyed it. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing it and I hope there will be many more!
Thank you so much! :)
oh yeah! if you love great guitar playing (who doesnt????? haaaaa) check out this guy ---- Tommy Emanuel - "It's never Too late" B E A UTIFUL :-) and NO! this is not a paid endorsement.
+Jesusfreak Computergeek Thanks
i think you are cool brother! I love your heart for the LORD. by the way - I have some thoughts on why the move towards quantum Computing is in such "full force" and it aint because of the increase in computer speed (by the way - NETWORKS will increase in speed vastly as well. imagine 100 Gig to the home? synchronous - ) but the real reason - I think (and this is my thinking - Holy Spirit hasn't breathed this per se') one of the issues with Transhumanism is ---- can they REALLY transfer our mind? our ACTUAL soul? our TRUE ESSENCE --- something that has occurred to me is that although we experience our lives through the "fleshly bodies" that God has given us - and those bodies exist in this realm or "dimension" --- our minds are not really here - our minds are in another dimension. we (temporarily) experience our life through this dimension in a body - until it dies and then our consciousness is released to experience the next dimension. but our mind/consciousness is already in that "other dimension. am I making any sense here? sorry if this reads a bit confused --- but through a "version" of QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT - our minds are here AND THERE at the same time. get it? so the powers and principalities and rulers of darkness in high places --- want to use QUANTUM TECHNOLOGIES to attempt to "capture" our consciousness --- so to speak. please forgive me if this seems "helter-skelter --- and not fully fleshed out --- becasue it isnt Im just writing it here --- the LORD bless you brother! David
+Jesusfreak Computergeek Thank you for sharing, very interesting
Beautiful Josh. Don't stop playing, always make time. God used it to keep me grounded more than once in my 49 year life .
Thank you :)

{She's My Old Flame} Thomas Schoenberger From the new CD {Songs}

Featuring Angelina Jolie in a song about a ex girlfriend that ends up crazy and homeless. Not a true story, but just good song writing material...... Lyrics by ...

Sneak Peak Greatest Toy in the Universe!

Robot kits available here!!!!.... //www.kickstarter.com/projects/1089105581/the-greatest-toy-kit-in-the-universe-spider-tank-m All done. Wow! Stuff picked a ...

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thy should not be called attacknids or anything else pertaining to or derived from spider names because they only have 6 legs, therefore, do not fit the definition of a creature from the class arachnida
+deth502 The derivation of the arachnid for the name attacknid comes from the fact that it has spider-like movement, not it's appearance.
i would love to have one of those dome caps for mine, from the start of the video. thank you for this great toy!
No problem!  It was a lot of work, but mostly fun stuff.   :-)  Ya, I think they only made the dome caps at the beginning.  ...then they were deemed an unneeded expense.  
Arachnirobot or roboarachnid

Andre Ward - Keep Running

March 30, 2004 " Steppin' Up " Album //www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00110HA3I/ref=dm_sp_alb //www.cdbaby.com/cd/andreward ...

The Witcher 3 - First Impressions (Gameplay and Commentary) 1080p 60fps PC

The Witcher 3 Impressions - Worth buying? This Witcher 3 Gameplay and Commentary video is my impressions of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the final game in the ...

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Nice use of the description box bro. I like this video and your opinions on the game were basically the same as mine when i played this game for the first time lol Do you only play on PC? Because if you play on ps4, you have a friend here willing to play whenever :)
+Tintachi6Bro Thanks! Yeah I continue to be impressed as I play it, we'll see if any of those opinions change by the time I'm actually finished. Definitely, I play on PS4 all the time. May Game Talk video below has some PS4 footage for FFXIV. Was playing bloodborne a lot recently, but kinda quit out of frustration. Here's the May vid, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUlUXGMWYl0
Nice video man :) Us smaller channels need to stick together if we want to grow! I subscribed and let me know if you would like to do anything together!
+Blurriy Hey dude thanks for the subscribe! Appreciate you checkin out the video

Daniel Mantey - 'Across the Universe' - (...miss you, John)

'Across the Universe' - John Lennon, 1968. Arranged and performed by Daniel Mantey - Music All Sorts; voice, folk guitar, bass viol, mandolin, clavichord, organ, ...

"From the Eyes of Hubble, the Musical"

Please read this before viewing the Video, If you would like to know a little history behind the video. Get a little insight to my thinking I got the idea for this video ...

Jont - Story Behind The Song 11: Teardrops & Pennies (Official Audio)

Like Supernatural, this song is long and slow and has an endless capacity to allow me to completely invest myself in it emotionally every time I sing it, ...

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My favourite song. Simply astonishing. Thanks Jont!
In gratitude for your song.
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