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Tacoma wa weather in august Videos

Twisp Winthrop WA Fires August 24 2015, spiritual encouragement

in Midst of Fires at Twisp and Winthrop Washington this day August 24 2015, may we all find spiritual strength and encouragement - enough to endure the "Fire ...

Part 2-Western Washington rare August windstorm 2015

Sustained winds and wind gusts from Saturday's windstorm in Tacoma-South Puget Sound were 20-35 mph with wind gusts 50-60 mph!!!

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thanks for posting this, im in Concrete where we didnt get a gust of wind but lost power since Saturday, just now got it back. I am from Texas where a windstorm means 75-90 mph LOL so I was like are you kidding me ? These trees can't take 35 mph winds ? guess not

Vista Apartment Fire Very Hot August Day Chelan WA

August 1990. Even when on vacation at Lake Chelan in central Washington I can find breaking news! This was a very hot day with temperatures just over 100.

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Damn that was a smoky one. ive seen a few. alwqays seems to be on hot days like that as well

Rj's Express Band/ I'm A Believer

99% of glaciers in the US have been shrinking (2009.08.09)

August 9, 2009. 'Benchmark' glaciers shrinking faster. Les Blumenthal: 99% of glaciers in the US have been shrinking, and the rate is accelerating. Study finds 3 ...

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Yes, glaciers have been shrinking since the last ice age. And gaining mass. And shrinking. And gaining. That's how they existed. Till now. REad article on USGC website (mentioned in this video). Google: "Fifty-Year Record of Glacier Change Reveals Shifting Climate in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, USA"
You can give any number of examples...but it's a waste of time! There will always be certain people that are reactive as oppose to proactive...they'd much rather wait until people don't have water supplies and THEN do something about it..... Afterall ignorance is BLISS!
99% of the glaciers have been shrinking since the last ice age. If not Chicago would be under 200 feet of ice.
Absolute nonsense, the glaciers are growing rapidly, but only if you turn the graphs upside down!
Sad truth.

Lightning Storm

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I stood outside on my front porch and it was the most intense lightning storm I'd ever seen. Just awesome.
Very nice lighting, especially at 0:24!
2:06 is EPIC
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