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Kyoto japan shrines Videos

Kyoto Temples and Shrines

Kyoto Shrines, Temples and More.

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i so wanna go to those places soo kawaii

Koto music at Jonangu Shrine - Kyoto, Japan

While visiting Jonangu shrine on a rainy Sunday afternoon, the Kyoto Fan team stumbled across this angelic Koto (Japanese string instrument) performance by ...

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Thank you Rena!!!
What a wonderful sound and traditions! Would love to hear/see it real and take som photos ^^
I bet you will take some beautiful photos. Thank you for watching the video:)

節分 Traditional Japanese Dance (Kagura/Bugaku) at Setsubun Event at Kyoto Shrine (Fujinomori Shrine)

Fujinomori Shrine in southern Kyoto puts on a great Setsubun event with ancient traditional dancing - Miko Kagura and Bugaku. Miko Kagura is a ritual dance ...

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Fabulous! I studied this music in college and it originates from ancient chinese court music. It is so old that it is older than what chinese consider ancient music. I love the story. I've never heard the sun called female before, she always is the moon. Interesting. Never before have I heard that Miko where shamans.
Interesting, I can think of two cognates to the bean-throwing from unrelated religions offhand: Islam "stones the devil" during a ritual at the Hajj, while Jews "throw away their sins" with bread into a flowing river (or body of water) on Rosh Hashanah.
The Karyobinga seems an interesting legend. Very similar to the concept of an Angel. I've always found Oriental music, dance, and mythology interesting. Thanks for uploading
@Jimaera this year about 4 events though a week later I went to two other Oni matsuri that were kind of Setsubun related
Dude, how many Setsubun events did you go to, Dave? This one looked pretty kid-friendly, lol, great coverage as always.
Arrows to the face work on me too. Sure hope no one at work finds that out. When did you record this?
Yes, another great RoninDave video. Awesome way to start my day. Thanks Dave.
also, interestingly enough, those are annual rituals.
Love tradition great that it is still going.
6:15 What did the miko throw at the oni?
some kind of silly string I think
@edtomorrow on feb 3 - setsubun
Nice, ty so much :-)

Traditional Japanese Archery: Musha Jinji in Kyoto, Kamigamo Shrine 【HD】

Archery in Japan is an ancient tradition that was practiced by the Samurai warriors during the feudal times. In the present, it is still performed in different ways; ...

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I tried to immatate this style and when i did the red neck nabour kids i used to shoot with wouldnt let me shoot with them and bullied me and now the nabour kids i used to be friends with cast me out and now i dont have friends in my neiborhood. And i just stay in my house like a hermit because theres no one who accepts me anymore all because i like to shoot that way instead of the Western style. But thats fine because their style is taking the arrows and sticking them up their asses so if they wanna do that then fine but il just keep shooting however i want screw them
You need to search for "yumi", the Japanese name for these bows. Two big names are Asahi and Sambu-Kyugu. Sambu will ship internationally, and Asahi has a partner in the US (search for "Asahi America"). They will also have all the other accessories and uniforms. Also, one lower cost US maker is Don Symanski, who makes decent bamboo bows. That said, you should first try to find if there is a reasonably close kyudo dojo nearby since kyudo has very precise techniques and etiquette. Good luck!
What I say comes out of kyudo websites and bow makers, by that I mean talking to Jaap Koppedrayer, I inquired about his bows in 2010, and his friend who apprenticed him and actualy made my bow, Steve Thompson. The first and formost point of kyudo is to empty the mind, it is a moving meditation. and what is up with the black clown shoes the miko are wearing usually kyudo is done in tabi socks, i have never seen those kind of clogs on japanese before, geta yes but not black shoes like that.
@manga12 Well, I think that there is always a little difference between the way people outside Japan sees Japanese Martial arts and the reality of how they are practiced in Japan. At least that's the case of Judo, for what I see practicing it outside Japan and in Japan as well. The shoes they are wearing are part of traditional clothing of the Heian Period of Japanese History. This Archery school is famous for keeping up the traditional style including detailed clothes and accessories.
@manga12 yes, as you say, Kyudo is not only about hitting the target. I practice Judo myself, and even if there are Judo competitions, the ultimate goal goes beyond beating your opponent. But in the other hand, as martial arts, it is important to try hard to be able to defeat your opponent, or hitting the target in the case of Kyudo. By doing so you study the art and go deeper into it, and this helps you to develop your mind and spirit as well.
Eh not the point of kyudo, if you hit target then its good, but not the sole focus its about moving meditation, like chado tea ceremony, being able to empty your mind and perform the very tightly performed motions of each of the two studies, using the motions to empty your mind or raither have it so instinctive that you can do it with an empty mind without thinking about it.
Do you know where I can buy a bow similar to the ones there using. It doesn't have to be necessarily made out of bamboo or even wood but something that looks similar. I know that the ones there using can be very expensive so I was just looking for an affordable replica.
It sounds really nice. I would be really useful to learn how to make your own bow. In that way you can make one anywhere you go, and you can teach others to make bows too! I also think that archery is a perfect example of physics in a real life application.
@chuggaavsme Yes, it looks very hard. But even if you manage to hold the bow and release the arrow, then you are supposed to hit the target! Well, that's just one more reason to admire these archers. Thank you for watching!
@CromwellApproval Yes, Kyudo has its roots very deep in the Japanese tradition and history. I think you will learn a lot and at the same time you'll have a strong tool to grow as a human being.
I guess so, they reminde me of danskos if you ask me, you know them comfortable platform shoes that the nurses wear, that have the fancy looking marble like leather apperance.
it looks hard just to hold the bow, then you have to release the arrow, must take a long time to get that perfect, awesome video kyoto fan :)
@TheLe934 I don't have much info about Kyudo bows but I'll be glad to help you looking for one. Where are you located?
@KyotoFan I live in America (Arizona)

Zuiki Matsuri at Kitano Tenmangu Shrine. Kyoto, Japan.

Giving thanks and showing appreciation is an integral part of Japanese culture. The culture even holds festivals to show appreciation for the year's grain harvest.

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I always enjoy your videos (^_^) It's wonderful watching all these celebrations...... 1000 years! ...... AMAZING... and as always the clothing and make up worn, beautiful (^_^)
Oh thank you!!! That's very kind of you. We're glad you enjoy the videos. :)
可愛らしい稚児さんたちどすえ〜。 おおきに。
Omg thise little girls are so cute :3
They were gorgeous. :)
Thank you!!

Inari Shrine in Kyoto, Japan

We walked the entire way up the mountain where the Inari shrine was in Kyoto, Japan. It took us 4 hours total to go up and then get all the way back down.

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definitely not how you wash your hands but good effort for Matt trying. awesome video! brings back happy memories when i was there
inari is the rice god and kitsune means fox but it means both the spiritual foxes and the normal ones
It is a cape or bib so don't worry
i thought inari was the rice god who's messengers are the kitsune

Kiyomizu-Dera Love Stones - Jishu Shrine, Kyoto, Japan

It is said that people who can successfully navigate between the two "love stones" found in the Jishu Shrine with their eyes closed will find true love. I found a few ...

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You know it, brother.
you made it?
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