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Kyoto japanese express menu Videos

Chojiro, ordinare il sushi con un tablet in un ristorante a Kyoto

In questo ristorante in pieno centro a Kyoto si sfoglia il menu e si ordina tramite un tablet anche in inglese, facile e interessante. Pontocho, Kyoto, Japan Visita ...

How to make Miso Soup - Haru Cooking Class, Kyoto

Overnight at a Manga Cafe

Stayed at Media Cafe Popeye, in Kyoto Japan for one night @ 3500 yen. All you can drink, free internet, PS3, movies, and they have a shared shower room.

User Comments

If I were in their shoes, I'd live there, too! Too bad they'd never be able to put a place like this off here in the States...
Sadly it's something we're missing out on too :(

Gyoza at Takashimaya - Kyoto

Gyoza at Takashimaya - Kyoto //www.manusmenu.com/kyoto-guide-japan.

Japanese Vending Machine Restaurant and Food Unboxing ★ WAO✦RYU!TV ONLYinJAPAN #44

Japanese Vending Machines combine technology with convenience. Now, let's take that to the next level – THE VENDING MACHINE RESTAURANT ☆ No staff ...

User Comments

Dude talks like a robot.
+raziell his videos are cool man, he's great host!
+ONLY in JAPAN I think you speak like someone with an education. New subscriber here, keep them coming. I think I've seen all of your content already.
+raziell I - don't - compute. I - don't - compute. - Not - a - Robot - dude. -john
if this happened in america, the 2nd or 3rd customer would've trashed the place
+frustrated frog I thought the same thing about it being in the UK... It's disappointing really, it would be neat to have a place like this to go to for a quick, cheap bite.
jar jar meat burger?
+Petitecreme Referencing Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars.
+smiauu tar tar, fish sauce.
How much did they pay you for this? You had a pretty positive opinion about stuff MOST people would consider a deal breaker. For example that italian sandwich. Give me a break!
+SANAFABICH "It's a toasted sandwich. What did you expect ... " You think they paid me to say that -- and show the insides of the sandwiches? After your break, come back and watch the rest of the series where we eat things like baby octopus with eggs in the head, crab brains, eel livers and other street foods in Japan. -john
hey can you see anime there ?
+ONLY in JAPAN also can you see hatsu miku wait how do you spell it any way i would like to see in a video on anime (o)if thats possible ('.') -Grace R
+ONLY in JAPAN WOW sounds great are you in japan right now i've always wanted to go ^-^ !!!.
+Grace Reading Anime? They have manga to read ... manga is not anime :P but if you bring your smartphone, I'm sure you can watch some online. -john

Cool Japan is amazing!!  Japanese culture is beautiful. 【cool japan①】

Cool Japan is Amazing! Japanese culture I will introduce to people overseas. 海外の人に向けて日本文化を御紹介しています。 画像引用元 ...
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