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Duck sauce marinade Videos

★ 滷水鴨 一 簡單做法 ★ | Chinese Marinade Duck Easy Recipe

張媽媽潮州滷水鴨,點埋酸醋汁令鴨片昇華. 記得like我的Video同訂閱我的頻道呀! 如喜歡的話,請分享給朋友家人。 MamaCheung's Chinese Marinade Duck, a...

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Thanks for your video, I will give it a go. Just wonder if I need to add any sugar to the Ingredients?
+Mama Cheung Thanks for your reply. I have tried cooking the duck, the taste is good except I found it is a bit too salty.
+Patrick Chu Thanks for watching, Patrick. You can add rock sugar, fish sauce etc, my recipe is just an easy version.
This looks really wonderful and not too difficult. Thank you for posting this video.
+JoeisCooking Thanks Joe for your support.
+awa kwok 簡單做法,只要好吃好看!谁管你係潮州,广州.
+awa kwok 謝謝你的留言
+Kwan ying Chung 謝謝,請試試
+vincent Lau 謝謝你的留言,Vincent。很可惜,因為做潮州鹵水蓝姜是不可缺少的...如沒有加蓝姜味道便不像潮州鹵水了。
看完後真想馬上動手去做! ☺
+LG Fan 好! :)
+LG Fan 試吓!:)

Fast Recipe to Cook Duck With a Marinade Sauce : Elegant & Delicious Recipes

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Madonna Marinade

Duck Sauce remix with a twist.

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do you like to boogie wooooooooooooooogie love it
Cool twist

Cantonese Duck and Bok Choy - WELL DUNN With Jourdan Dunn

Cantonese Duck and Bok Choy is a favorite dish of Jourdan's that she loves cooking alongside her mom. In this episode of Well Dunn, she teaches us how to ...

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Yes Jourdan is thin but she is naturally thin, she eats well, a friend of mine from London always sees her out at dinner eating with her family. Also a woman can not be underweight and have a child, they would lose their periods before they were able to become pregnant if they lost too much weight. It is obvious that Jordan's weight is natural for her height and frame.
@Jay Effkay Afro Jamaicans have lived in Jamaica for years so they adopted their own culture. Just like white Americans adopted the American culture and stopped eating British,Italian,German, etc. whatever they came from food. And Africans eat other things not only chicken bones. The only ones who eat just chicken bones are the ones dying from starvation.
It might be hard for you to comprehend but some people are born naturally skinny. My sister grew up being skin / bones and people gave her shit ALL THE TIME. It still affects her self-confidence. I know it's different because this is a model but don't be so quick to judge someone if you don't know them
Yeah afro jamaican Speaking of that... It was HILARIOUS watching black jamaicans eating goat curry in jamaica the Indian Jamaicans were like WTF Why dont black people eat their own stuff ? Oh yeah cos in Africa they only eat chicken bones and stuff thats why they eat every other cultures food lol
Jourdan is jamaican O.o so she doesn't know her african culture, she's not ignoring it, she just doesn't know it, she would have to take a DNA test to find out where in Africa and what culture she comes from before she can cook it.
She has one child, Riley, a boy, born 8 December 2009 in London. She had been with her boyfriend, the baby's father, for five years [12] before he was arrested just two months after her son was born for dealing cocaine
O look, someone who's probably fat hating on someone who's actually in shape and skinny. You can't see her ribs so she doesn't look like she's starving at all. You sound jealous and petty.
this is not the type of cooking demo to try at home... its more like: sit back and watch a beautiful, funny women werk the kitchen.... and then go and order a takeaway ;-)
I have to try this, it looks soo good and healthy. I always wondered "How would one make Bok Choy?" Thanks Jordan!
why doesnt she make food from her african culture ??? lol at her trying to make ethnic food , and ignoring her own
whats the garlic for as mentioned in the ingredients and what oil do you but in the wok before the ginger ??
Love that she's a model but she likes to cook, just shows that she loves food and doesn't starve herself.
Go back to the London Zoo and make donuts filled with cream of MONKEY SHIT you ugly BLACK MONKEY.
shes so bubbly and cute gotta love it. i love duck even tho i eat it every once in a while.
She prepares this delicious meal and the first thing she puts in her mouth is the rice...
you can tell she's naturally thin. that type of body does exist, just so you know :)
I know right and I hate when people say eat a burger or shits like that lol!
My absolute fave model. Her personality is as beautiful as she is :)
I watch these on mute nd pretend she tellin me bout how her day was
who else is not interested in kitchen at all and watching this ???
Looks and sounds delicious, although I don't eat a lot of duck!
She looks as if she just escaped from a concentration camp.
I should be studying right now, what the hell I'll cheat
Sounds good but did she like it? her face at the end lol
Hmmm I wanna hit it and I'm not talking about the duck
Beckham's is my fav family their like my model couple
I don't even cook but I watched the whole thing.
WTS , jayz's Channel teaches u how To cook .....
No one believes she can cook, and no one cares.
The food looks amazing n she is so beautiful! !
Like this if you can't use chop sticks either!

Braised Duck with Egg Noodle Soup - Mì Vịt Tiềm

Marinade: 8-10 duck leg quarters 2 cubes stewed duck seasoning 4 Tbsp kikkoman less sodium soy sauce 2 Tbsp minced garlic 2 Tbsp minced shallots 1 tsp ...

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You make amazing dishes! This one had me drooling so much. Please keep your recipes coming. If possible, can you show/give us the ingredients for any packaged seasonings or spices (I know you may not know, but just in case you do...or maybe you can tell us the ingredients listed on those packages so we can try to imitate the flavor if we can't find those packages). Thank you so much for taking the time to share your fabulous recipes!
+Doodah Gurl Yes my dear
+Mai food haven That's for the special spice (Saigon Brand), correct?
Ingredients:Anise, Ginger, Orange peel and Salt
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