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London olympics blu ray 3d Videos

My Entire Horror Movie Collection (My Dvd /Blu-ray Collection Series)

In this video I show all the horror movies that I own on either Dvd or Blu-ray. ---Some of the movies I show in this collection are ---- Aprils fools day, Alien vs ...

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how much did that whole collection cost?
+MrMoviesandstuff holy damn shit expensive! I've seen secondhand DVD's in the thrift store mostly good horror DVD's
I notice a Saw franchise is not present. in my opinion, you don't have a good collection of horror movies without saw.
Of course he has,and all of them are in special edition,look after 16:35 
Coolduder, I wonder of you know the name of a movie that I saw in my childhood. It's about zombies or ressurected dead people. What I remember is that's in a house where there's a party. A dude with a hat (like a texas oil baron or something) gets his head ripped off with his spine attached to it and goes on walking like that. At the end some huge ass monster gets summoned. Taht's all I can remember
+Maskedbrawler House of the Dead?
nope, but thanks for the suggestion
Could it be Braindead or.. Dead Alive as it's called in North America I guess?
hey coolduder, i'm wondering if you might know the name of a movie that i believe came out in the late 70's - early 80's where some kids & adults were traveling on a bus in the snow, the bus breaks down and they take refuge in a abandoned house/mansion where the kids become possessed & start brutally murdering the adults. been looking for it for years! hope you can help. thanks a bunch!
thanks wowzakakoa124, i'll check it out.
That kinda sounds like a movie called "Devil Times Five"
Anyone who can tell me were i can find information of all the horror movies? And please link a side of all horror movies ever made, I'm a Horror Geek. Please Awnser. Sorry for my English, im from Sweden :P
Sweden rocks!!!!!
Is Troll good?
NO! just...no lol

ONE DIRECTION: THIS IS US - Wardrobe - On Blu-ray and DVD 19th December

Follow international pop sensation One Direction from their humble hometown beginnings to the global phenomenon in ONE DIRECTION: THIS IS US, arriving ...

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harry is just so cute and funny
I love this is us PS: NIALL is so cute
I can't believe they are making a follow up movie !
Best movie ever made ! ( I love 1D
I'm Lizbeth Harry is so hot 
You make me laugh harry
So funny Harry

MEN IN BLACK 3 - Cape Canaveral - Out now on Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray and DVD

Get ready for a groovy, out-of-this-world 3D adventure when Sony Pictures Home Entertainment releases MEN IN BLACK™ 3 on Blu-ray™ 3D, Blu-ray™ and ...

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His eyes are scary OK but in real life totally scary sorry I kinda gonna spoil sorry but if you did not watch MIB 3 this the black guy forgot his name but he met when he was little and his father died NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHY IT MADE ME CRY AND K HAD TO BE WITH HIM :(
Zxcvbbnm. .poutrqqa


Ridley Scott's Epic Sci-fi Adventure PROMETHEUS Comes Home on 8th October with a Blu-ray 3D Collector's Edition, Blu-ray and DVD Pre-order your copy ...

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The don't run in a straight line. Re watch it They run to the side out of the shadow with debris falling around and the ship turns with them as if targeting them. Then stops on an exact point before falling onto the other. Awesome story, awesome acting, awesome plot. They have said since December that is IS NOT a direct prequel. it explains some of the things from Alien & takes place in the universe This was the best Alien movie since the original & the only with Ridley and HR Giger on board.
totally agreed, a lot of people i spoke to say they didnt rate prometheus but i think people are holding it upto alien and aliens( these are sci fi classics-scratch that-just straight classics) not many films are going to live upto them, but in no way does that make this a bad film-its a very good film just not as good as them (what people should be asking is : is it better then 90 percent of the drek released every week passing off as entertainment, the answer is easy :wayy better)
They did run in a straight line, and anyone in that situation could get away from it. They said it's not a direct prequel but during initial filming of the film they planned for it to be one. Then they got so wrapped up in the emerging story they changed their decision but left the already filmed parts that would be easily fit for a prequel such as the wanna-be Alien at the end. Get your facts straight.
Yeah, it would of been great if you could watch 2 versions of the film. One, standard cut. Two, includes deleted scenes and alternate beginning and ending. I'm just really grateful to Ridley Scott/Fox for giving us 7+ bonus hours when not many bother putting in that type of effort for fans, or they jerk them off by having no features then releaseing an editon with features a few months later.
Am I going crazy or was that Dan O'Bannon speaking at 0:23 (Dan O'Bannon was the writers of the original Alien film) the chances are that's him are unlikely because he passed away back on December 17, 2009, however Prometheus was still in pre-production development around that time so it's possible that he consulted bit on the film regarding some of the back story of the Alien's origin.
Prometheus has to be the best Blue Ray ever. I'm gonna watch this all weekend & place it right next to my Alien quadrilly collectors set. I can't wait the sequel 'Paradise'. Who are these godlike beings? Who is the creature in the Bone Sip from Alien? Is he a engineer or a different, even more powerful creature? Blade Runner sequel, Ion, & Paradise. It just gets better & better.
Just big dumb engineers head (star map version is awesome) But compare them to the Alien BluRay covers (there's a few, but I think its the latest ones, or at least the latest ones I see in my store) They're so minimalist and stylised, this is just giving away what they tried so desperately the hide in the trailers... Annoys me greatly... :(
Plus ther in the future and didnt hav radios to communicate with. Wen they were up in mountains how primative is that. Meant to b 2083 or something. Story set to early also cos thers no way we will have spaceships like prometheus and hypersleep as early as seventy years dont make sense.
Pay attention, James Cameron! THIS is how you release a Blu-Ray! With over 7 hours of bonus features. *cough, cough!* Avatar first release - no features *cough!* Saw it in the cinema, the picture quality was perfect - this will look and sound amazing on Blu-Ray!
lol I know what you mean :-P I mean, it might -fingers crossed - have two versions of the film. I don't think he'll release any more versions though. He's not Michael Bay or James Cameron - Transformers 3 & Avatar - he doesn't screw fans like that :-)
I didn't mind it First film still rocks, but I'm a fan of the creatures and designs And nah, theres a limited edition which has Young K, Jay, K then in the back Boris (Jemaine) and then some random alien that just doesn't appear in the film
Was going to anyway but you never know what the cover will look like for the Australian release On MIB3 special edition, there's just an Alien who doesn't even have a role in the film...WHY IS HE THERE?!?!?!? WHYYYYYYY?!!?!
Not going to have as many is an understatement lol. DVD gets 10 minutes of deleted/alternate scenes. Blu-Ray gets 34 minutes of deleted/alternate scenes included with over 7 hours of bonus features.
well actually I watch this bluray. there are only deleted scenes. AMAZING deleted scenes, which really makes thing more clear, but unfortunatelly we won't see directors cut, at least in near future.
Hmmm. Well, no other OFFICIAL cut of the movie but, as you might know, there're always these fan editors which make their cut and could mix (all) the deleted scenes into the movie.
Got the Blu-Ray today, it is fantastic. Watched lots so far, more to go. Love the alternative opening sequence, not too sure about alternative ending though.
huh? This is the same minimalistic close up of the main threat just like the Alien covers I think this one looks cooler though because of the neck ridges
Question.. October 11.. this was a mystery date for something.. perhaps an official announcement for the sequel.. who knows.. this release is maddening!!
This movie was a rushed piece of shit, there are so many fucking problems, I could make a movie longer than it describing all of it's issues.
Obviously a lot of people if the studio decided to publish it in DVD format. Dont you think if I had the money I would have bought a PS3 bro?
Yes, it's great that we will get so much additional content, but also kinda sad (imo) that there will be no other "cut" of the movie :P.
anybody who wants an extended cut, or directors cut....just do a fan edit and put the scenes in yourself. thats what im gonna do...
soooo, unless i have blu-ray the dvd version is not going to have as many extras.? Well shit time to buy a blu-ray rom drive
Yeah! I'm really glad they changed them from the ones they were showing on amazon. And I'm glad I got the 3D bluray version!
or pocahontas) but nevermind, avatar is good too. Prometheus and Avatar are two best sci fi pictures for the last years
I don't think theree is, it would have been announced LONG before now. The deleted/extended scenes are standalone.

Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-Ray 3D Combo Pack & Starfleet Phaser Movie Set Review

I Get My Hot Toys from //AlterEgoComics.com I Get My Awesome Shirts from //RIPTAPPAREL.com Buy My Toys at ...

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I was way surprised. When I went to walmart to get this movie. I wanted to get the blu ray copy that came with the normal dvd copy and the digital copy. Those versions are about $20. I got to walmart and that version was wrapped together with the 1st movie. And that was also on blu ray. And it only costed me $20 for both those movies. I don't know why I got a blu ray version of the first movie with it. But i wasn't gonna complain.
The Commentary Track CAN be found when you redeem the iTunes digital copy. It downloads as iTunes extras. It does not share that with you on the packaging, but follow the instructions to download the iTunes digital copy (not the Ultraviolet digital copy) and it will download the movie AND iTunes extras. Just thought you would like to know.
I don't know. $50 sounds about right for the phaser. It's all the metal and paint detail that makes it expensive. Also, this phaser is truer to scale and bigger than the Playmates plastic toy version. I mean Mattel is charging the same amount of money for a hollow plastic 60's batmobile that doesn't have lights and sounds either.
Im pretty positive. The 3D works on my original PS3 System. They planned ahead of time. I think it was either already there or put in somehow in one of the software updates. You can do research on it and find out. But as far as I know its a 3D Blu-Ray player.
yeah it sucks how they broke up the special features, so only certain special extras like commentary is avilable at one retailer, and no one else. really angers me, i wanted to buy this but i have to wait till they combine it all!
I think it's sad that they split up the special features onto three different blue ray sets; you have to buy the same movie three times just to get all of the special features! Why would they do that?
Wait I have to buy this damned film 3 times excuss me "go grabs m16 run to the home of the makers of into darkness" Me:die asshole u troll rip producer:ahhhhhhh
If you have a PS3 system, then you have a 3D Blu-Ray player already. You just need a 3D TV, if you don't have one already.
the player from ps3 is 3d, are you sure ? i dont think 3d was even in vogue during its release or was this patched in ?
No commentary no sale. Another internet dowload movie like TF3, they really should stop being so cheap with Dvds.
I got 1, and ya if it had lights and sound it would have been better. I got an un-boxing on my channel. nice vid.
The fazer looks cool, but that stun/kill switch is beyond lame. Just a useless prop. Not worth the money.
I was about to get this. Happy i didnt your about it being worth the price without lights and sounds.
this is so cool i wish i would of got this great review sean keep up the great work
Disney moved the Ant-man film's release date from November 6, 2015 to July 31, 2015.
Sean - have a look at the cost of the 2009 QMX phaser on ebay! $50 is a bargain...
This is my seccond favorite star trek movie only surpassed by wrath of khan
When is my next Power-COOOONNNN! LOL Cute. Also this movie was awesome. :)
Very true. I mean I know Diecast is very pricy now so the price is just.
Man of steel was my favorite but that's my opinion great review Sean!
I love commentaries especially when they are with the cast members.
Anyone know where to get dc direct larfeeze figure cheap in the uk
Sean u should mod it with LEDs, lasers and sound so it's better
He should have said "dammit Jim! I'm a reviewer not a comedian"
It's cool but I wouldn't buy it even if I had the money
So what do u know about classic star track figures

Marvel's Avengers Assemble (2012) - Official trailer | HD

Marvel's Avengers Assemble - out now on 2D & 3D Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download. Assemble at the Avengers official UK Facebook page: ...

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Movie Was Good But The Amazing Spiderman And The Dark Knight Rises Were So Much Awsome Iron Man And Black Widow Stole Th Show The Amazing Spiderman And The Dark Knight Rises Better Than The Avengers Garfield And Bale Would So Beat These Six People Wolverine My Favorite Superhero With Batman And Spiderman Would Kick These Guys In The Butt Oh And The Amazing Spiderman Is The Best Superhero Movie 2nd Is TDKR 3rd X men Origins Wolverine
I can't wait until the civil war (not actually in real life) Then every thing gets to a new level of awesome. Iron man and Spider man vs Captain America, then Iron man vs Captain America and Spider man.(just stating main leaders). Then Scarlett spiders and the new initiative...But first M day has to happen with the mutants .Man when it gets around that time I'm going to be so exited.
I remember thunderous applause and laughter as Hulk tossed Loki around like a rag doll. "The Avengers" was in my opinion the greatest super hero movie ever, because how it was built up so well with most of the characters having their own movies first. Let's see how DC does as individual films lead up to the JLA in 2017.
it would suck without Loki too, actually Loki wouldn't work without Thor... and Captain America is the glue to the entire team...Director fury is the reason the Avengers exist, and Black Widow brought banner to the picture... so the Avengers wouldn't work even if you pull any of the other characters.
Guys guys some of you may know this some may not but I've just noticed that the person who starred as captain America (chris Evans) also starred in another marvel movie as the human torch in the fantastic four. WTFUUUUUUUUUUUUDGE thumbs up if you hate me
Great trailer. U just dying to know how all those characters paired up. Watch it twice in cinema. But I still think dark knight rises was slightly better movie overall in 2012. It was an intelligent movie.
Loki:You.all of you are beneath me,I am a god you dull creature and I will not be bullied by(hulk smashes him up and down). Hulk:Puny god lol best part in the whole movie
a couple of people complained about the love relationship of captain america and the waitress...my answer to them is simple....STILL BETTER STORY THAN TWILIGHT!
Is it possible to still get goosebumps from a trailer you've seen about 100 times and a movie you've seen about 25 times? I guess it is.
Hawkeye is pretty tight. But I do agree with Remmer himself that he was loki's pet for 90% of the movie. I hope they don't recast.
Is it just me or does anyone else find the end of the trailer where they are all in a circle getting ready to fight SOOOO COOL!!!
Fantastic 4 was made by 20th Centry Fox and is not a film in the current MCU... Hopefully soon Marvel will get them rights back
this movie is overrated, over-hyped, corny and cliche. Only good things are Hulk and Iron Man. All 4 heroes others suck
Oh,come on.Don't be so mean.You will upset hulk by attacking his friends.And we sure as the Nine Hells don't want that.
This is the trailer that made my mum say "oh my god!" and want to watch a superhero movie.
I agree batman is the best but he isn't marvel, he's a DC comics guy, yay for him!
i agree, but thor is awesome also, especially after the dark world trailer
Indeed, but it did have Hulk and Iron Man and hence... did not suck. :)
Is it just me or is there less showings of Iron Man in this trailer!!!
Whenever I see it, it just makes me wanna watch the movie over again.
this was awesome and so was iron man 3, but the dark world looks sick
Still get the same feeling watching this a year after it came out
Can`t believe how many likes you got; wish i had the same guys :(
Loki: Im a god! *Hulk smashes Loki up and down* Hulk: Puny god ..
loved that part- i think i remember the addience applauding it.
And it could have been a lot more awesome if spidey was in it :/

Nitro Circus The Movie - On Blu-ray & DVD Nov 13 [Official Trailer]

Nitro Circus The Movie - On Blu-ray & DVD Nov 13 (Official Trailer #1) BUY NITRO GEAR: //shop.nitrocircus.com FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: ...

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Did this shit ever come out?
Yeah its on netflix

Titanic 3D - Blu-ray Trailer (ab 14.09.12 auf Blu-ray & in 3D)

Ab 14. September 2012 im Handel erhältlich! Jetzt bestellen: //bit.ly/Titanic-3D-bestellen //bit.ly/Titanic-Blu-ray-bestellen ...
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