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London olympics elbow Videos

One day like this - Elbow ~ Olympics London 2012 Tribute

Because of how well GB did and I'm Proud of #ourgreatestteam.

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Well if you watch it again real carefuly you will see a couple of those paralympians within the 1st 30 seconds...... lets hope those depressing inabilities never effect you at any time soon, cos I doubt you would get sympathy from anyone on here.....
This is great. I miss the olympics so much, can't believe we have to wait another 3 years for the next one. i made a video similar to this but with videos instead of photos. If you could check that out it would be awesome :-D
I missed the Olympics because of charity work-coming home and watching all the recorded stuff, and also visiting London on the way back, was pretty special. Watching this video almost brought me to tears.
This song with all Britain's gold medal winners is just fantastic.I've also performed this song once in my university and the performance at closing ceremony(all songs) were really great.
MelissaGilly98, am I correct that this version of the song was played live in the closing ceremony? If so, where do you get it? I love this version and I would like to get it. Claudio
China has 1 billion more people than Britain, America has 300 million more yet they only get 16 gold medals more? Worlds most talented nation goes to Great Britain I think
I believe I found the answer to my own question. Did you get it from "A Symphony Of British Music - Music For The Closing Ceremony Of The London 2012 Olympic Games"?
@Dave Sherrat this video was mainly basted on olympians and soon i was goong to upload another one for paralympians bur i havent decided a song yet - any ideas?
Good efort and great song. Would've been good to see more paralympians in the vid tho..David Weir, Ellie, Sophie Christiansen to name but a few
london should and never be forgotton the only people who want to forget about it is bloody lazy gits drinking there 8th lagar
love the song and love the team gb memories,im bloody crying here,thank you x
saw them live, n' cried.for the first time i held my daughter.Thanks elbow.
Yup got your back on that one....! Sincere Regards Chris ....England UK

ELBOW - One Day Like This - Live - The O2 Arena - London - 2nd December 2012

Elbow singing One Day Like This. This is the last song of the night, the crowd singing and waving really gives you the feel that you were there, just like I was.

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It must have been a fantastic show. Personally I would rather have concentrated soaking up the sounds than diverting my attention away by filming it! Sound quality not great but enjoyed it nevertheless. Thank you for sharing.
+haggisscouse ...you utter miserable selfish cunt!! This was filmed from the crowd and you expect perfect quality?? This was brilliant footage from someone in the audience and you have the fuckin gall to fucking complain?? You stay at home concert going old farts need shooting!! Great footage of a great song!! Why don`t you film a gig yourself you miserable moaning cunt?
9 days till I first dance with my husband to this beautiful song. :) 
My son and his fiance have this as their her walking up the aisle song. Have a beautiful wedding day and congratulations to you
I really do not see why five people dislike something like this. A massive arena of people enjoying a brilliant band who have just surpassed this with there new CD but most importantly if its not your cup of tea then go and watch your style of music. I have seen a number of shows from this band and they have delivered every time has have many other live shows I have seen over the years but what I would not do is sit there disliking stuff for the sake of it. If you don't like it, don,t watch it. Thanks for posting. Looked like a great night.
+thehanterman1 I really hate that line of "if you don't like it, don't watch it". How are they supposed to like it if they don't watch it? Perhaps a friend linked them it saying "watch this, it's awesome!" they watched it, didn't like it, and downrated it? Or for other reasons, like audio quality maybe? I don't have any issues with it, I love Elbow, I just have a huge gripe about that mode of thinking.
"The Burning of the Midnight Lamp" anybody???...ripped off Jimi Hendrix "Electric Ladyland
You must have taken some serious drugs back then dude…because they obviously frazzled your brain !!

London 2012 Closing Ceremony: Elbow - Open Arms

The entrance of the athletes during the Closing Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games was greeted by a set by the British band, Elbow. This extract ...

Elbow: First Steps (Full version) - London Olympics 2012

Compilation of random photos of the Olympics to Elbow's First Steps (BBC theme) - By Glenn Kerr.

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Many thanks to Lou Smith @ lousmith.co.uk for use of the stadium shot - only noticed your name after I posted the video.
Just Brilliant,well done, great photo's as well!!!!!!!!!!
Fantastic compilation video, Glenn Kerr Arbesu.
Great video, thanks for posting

-London 2012 Olympic Games -Official Theme -First Steps- Elbow -

The Offical London 2012 Theme! , please if you like this rate and please sub to me :)

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I was watching the new BBC Olympic channels waiting for the next event to start and this music was playing in the background...I had to stop what I was doing, close my eyes and just listen. Beautiful. The BBC has absolutely hit the nail on the head with this! Graceful; hopeful; inspirational...almost spiritual. BBC/Elbow, you have created something that will live long the hearts and soul of the British public, long after the Games has ended. Thank you, Thank you very much.
well i have herd so many theme tunes, but this is one of the best ever, and does make you think of all what is good in life, wtg BBC and thank you for posting it has now i can play it when i feel down, this makes you smile thx again xx
Fanstatic comment!, thank you for coming here and watching :D If you like it could you possibly leave a like? it's the big thumbs up button! Also subscribe to me which is above the video, and you can even add it to your favourites !!
this is so inspiruing and mind blowing, spine tingling and I didn't know until today that Elbow composed it.
I certainly agree, i can't stop listening to this!
fabulous....best olympic music ever
MEGA !-)

Our Olympic Odyssey - London 2012 - Elbow First Steps

Friends and Family across Olympic and Paralmpic venues - Summer 2012 with Elbow- First Steps as background.

Elbow singing at the london 2012 olympic games (London 2012.)

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ELBOW - Station Approach - Live - The O2 Arena - London - 2nd December 2012

Elbow performing 'Station Approach' at the O2 Arena London. Find ELBOW here://www.elbow.co.uk/ (Artist reserves all rights, no copyright infringement ...

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The whole concert was glorious but the encore was breathtaking!

ELBOW - Starlings - Live - O2 Arena - London - 2nd December 2012

Elbow performing 'Starlings' at the O2 Arena London. Find ELBOW here://www.elbow.co.uk/ (Artist reserves all rights, no copyright infringement intended).

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My favourite part, after one day like this, of that concert. Yes I was there
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