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London olympics knitting Videos

Bears U Care - knitting challenge 2012

There is something just that little bit extra special and magical in something which is made by hand. We believe this extra 'something' is spelled C-A-R-E and ...

London Bulgarian Choir - Sock Knitting Song (New Voices Festival 2012, London)

The London Bulgarian Choir performing a sock knitting song at the New Voices Festival 2012 in Bethnal Green, London New Voices is organised by Praxis ...

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Lovely! I'd love to know the English translation.

Watch - Eddie the Eagle | "The Knitting Olympics with Hugh Jackman & Taron Egerton" | 20th Century

Signup here for online relay Click here --- //www.itv-india.com/athletics/2016-lillehammer-winter-youth-olympics/?

Knit the City: graffiti knitting on BBC News

//www.knitthecity.com Knit the City, London's graffiti knitting sneaky stitching crew, install our first graffiti knitting yarnstorm in London's Covent Garden under ...

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when he says wool, but we all know thats acrylic
is this illegal ?

Graffiti Knitting: Swiss TV news stalk Knit the City

Find out more at //www.knitthecity.com Knit the City are stalked by Télévision Suisse Romande as they yarnstorm London's BFI IMAX cinema with their Wall ...

Designer Mark Fast makes knitting 'sexy'

Designer Mark Fast shows us how an old-fashioned technique can become couture as he prepares for London Fashion Week. For more CNN videos, check out ...

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why did he throw up the Illuminati all seeing eye pyramid at 1:00, prob a wannabe or he did it for CNN
I never understand why guys make girl clothes
eww...this guy is a queer!

Knitting show 2012.

Swedish School of textiles BA in Fashion Design,1th Years Knitting Show 14 august 2012 at Röhsska Museum, Gothenburg. //www.designbystudents.com ...
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