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London 2012 ks2 activities Videos

KS2 History: The Tudors Using ICT 1, 2005, 14:01 mins

History and technology come together in this lesson on Henry VIII. The Tudors using ICT1: Deputy Head Simon Botten has a unique way of teaching his Year 5 ...

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Great,just what I need. Will try and use this idea for my observation next week with my year 4 class.
amazing! really helpful

Triple Jump Coaching Learn to Teach Triple Jump Part 1

Athletics Coach Qualification - Part 1: Triple Jump Rhythm Part 2: //youtu.be/ltdzzK6s7Ck.

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why is landing flat footed important?
+Chantelle Garber triple jump is an event of forward momentum. If you land toe first then your heal lands last and it takes you backwards, if that makes sense. try putting your fingertips on a surface then letting your palm/wrist drop. that is what it symbolizes. So it basically takes you backwards whereas landing flat footed keeps the momentum going. Hope i helped:)

Sherlock Holmes exhibition at the Museum of London

//www.museumoflondon.org.uk/sherlockholmes Get ready to discover the world of a man who never lived and will never die... Through early film ...

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not sure what the song is, but it sounds a variation of the winter series of Four seasons
¿Por qué dios me mando tan lejos de Londres? :'(
Big Holmes fan and can't wait to see this. 
Anyone knows the name of the song?
What is the name of this song? 
Great film, guys :)

Great Smog

Museum of London's Senior Curator of Contemporary History talks about the Great Smog of 1952.

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In the movie "The King's Speech" there was one scene where a man had to walk in front of the Queen's car with a flare so the driver could see where to go. I didn't understand it until I saw this video and other very fine ones about the smog of London. When I was growing up, the references to "foggy London town" had a romantic ring. Now I realize that that "ring" was a deadly one.
I remember this very well...I was 6years old and going to and from school I had to feel my way along the walls of buildings, so that I didn't bump into people or drop off into the road.Of course other people were doing the same,so adults often nearly knocked me over. It was really scary and I had to wrap a scarf round my mouth to breathe.
Must have been very scary indeed for a six year old. Thanks for sharing your memories.
It's a wonder anyone survived this. I'm glad you did.
similar problem in china now....
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