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London olympics make your own mascot Videos

How It`s Made-Mascots

Today they will show you how they make Mascots! The term mascot -- defined as a term for any person, animal, or object thought to bring luck[1] -- colloquial.

London 2012 mascots - Making of film 2 with Ellie Simmonds

Go behind the scenes with the London 2012 mascots Wenlock and Mandeville for their second film, featuring Paralympic swimmer Ellie Simmonds.

User Comments

Sadly, I doubt whether the public will see much of the Paralympics, or be that interested. Why? Because they will be on Channel 4, and by then I fear sporting attention will be on the football.
thats awsome, such a big effort is being put into this games. the olympics may not be the greatest ever, but the para's will be the best for sure
how did u get the animation?

Get Set to Make Your Mascot Competition

London 2012 mascots - Making of film 2 with Mandip Sehmi

In their second film, Wenlock and Mandeville meet Mandip Sehmi. See him preparing for his role on the big screen in this exclusive film. Meet Wenlock and ...

London 2012 Paralympic Games Mascots Launch

The launch of the London 2012 Games Mascots Wenlock (Olympic) and Mandeville (Paralympic)

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They have turds as mascots! Sebastian Coe is a stupid ass! He allowed these turds to be made as mascots for the 2012 Olympic games?! Oh my goodness!!! How embarrassing!!!! -shaking my head side to side-

Wenlock and London Olympics Mascots at the Toys Show

2012 Summer Olympic Mascots: London's Wenlock & Mandeville

Meet Wenlock and Mandeville, the 2012 games' one-eyed mascots tasked with spreading goodwill and cuteness all over the fair city for which their design was ...

London 2012 unveils Games mascots Wenlock & Mandeville

Claire Balding discovers the story behind the London 2012 mascots.

User Comments

Actually, they are inspired by the All seeing Eye, the Illuminati cult symbol of the "Supreme Being". Who is this supreme being the worship? The names give you some clue. Mandeville. Man Devil, or Main Devil? What about Wenlock. Could be Anglo Saxon for Deceptive Hope or False Hope. As for the opening ceremony,what to you think they were doing with the forging of the rings? They weren't rings, but links. They were getting a billion people to participate the ritual forging of their own chains.
BTW, the Much Wenlock reference is a red herring. A feint. Another deception. Look up Much Wenlock on Wiki, and it says the probable derivation for the small town is Wena's Stronghold (Wena is the feminine of hope). However, as in the word "warlock", the "lock" may derive from "loegen", Anglo Saxon for deceptive.
They are truly inspirational and adorable; they really do bring the games to life. I am amazed at how many ways they are seeping into our perception of what the games represent.
Should have gone with a lion! Cuz these to fucktarded mascots have nothing to do with the uk! Millions of pounds spent and we come up with blobs of metal! Weak!
Y r people being so mean about them they r very original and cute a lion is just boring and anyway it just represents england no the uk
people say that wenlock and mandeville are illuminati thats not true the i think that the ioc a alien as mascot want
Proof that if anyone else cant beat them, they can meet them. And with amazing results. Success from the storm!
fuckin' ugly mascots ... just like their father = the one eyed deceiving Antichrist !
I love medaville and wenlock
Well, I remember Cobi and Petra from Barcelona's games :/
Me and my youngest love Wenlock and Mandeville!!!

How to make your own handy mascot!

If you are here, you have probably seen our cool introductory video of the Barrii mascot and want to know how it was done and how to make one for yourself!
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