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London olympics phelps Videos

Michael Phelps retires from Olympics with final gold medal at London 2012

Michael Phelps has retired from Olympics competition with a final gold medal in the 4x100m medley relay. Report by Sam Datta-Paulin. Like us on Facebook at ...

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I don't know who "dumbass" is? Yes, I understand that this particular vid isn't a "political" vid. All I was pointing out was these so called "Gold" medals are not really Gold. They should be referred to as Silver, since the medals are made of 92.5% of silver and plated in Gold. Yes, I follow RT among all other alternative media outlets. I follow Peter Schiff, Max Keiser, William Engdahl, Mises Institute, Craig Roberts, shadowstats, zerohedge, etc. What is so great about you?
Its really sad that they don't present the medals in solid gold anymore. of course the majority of people would agree that its for good reason that they discontinued solid gold, but just think about how hard every Olympic athlete has to train in order to compete. And why the hell does the government want to raise a tax onto the gold medals that the athletes have to buy, after winning.
a lotta haters out there ..lol...well after 18 gold medals and a total of 22 medals all in the olympics i see not only phelps and the mens team, but the womens team standing on the medal podium, so instead of bashing phelps...congradulate him and trhe rest of the US swim team for their hard work and medal winning effort.....CONGRATS to ALL of the United States Swim Delegation...!!!
I'm not attempting to so called trash his career. I was simply pointing out that the Olympic medals are not made out of what they used to be made of and for a REASON. Look up precious metals and why they are so called Precious. Then, look up the Federal Reserve, the history of our currency, all of the ones that have collapesd and WHY!!!
@ThePurpleking777 what the fuck are you going on about? the only thing I could work out from that is that you prefer black to white people.. and how does Michael phelps bring eaten by lions have any relevance to him winning gold at the Olympics? you need to go somewhere else and shout your random thoughts.. somewhere like an asylum?
Explain to me why the only American Sport (no offense America) is field hockey yep, the only reason is because they are flexible to do other stuff not just sit and do one thing like a catcher or pitcher in Baseball sure there are some specialists in swimming but they do usually at least two events so good bye and have a nice day.
It is hard but...he has a point. You can be the best football player, the best basketball player, but unless you compete in a sport were you can do multiple things such as swimming with 100m,200m,400m breast stroke/backstroke/the normal one(i fogort name)/and butterfly you wont rack as much medals.
Oh my god weed is not dope lol. It helps him eat a lot so he can have enough energy, who cares what he does in his personal life, weed didn't help him win. And mind your own fucking business do you have have 19 gold medals? Didn't think so...
Big deal, obviously winning many metals in swimming is far easier than doing it in any other sport. The swimmers always take home multiple metals. Now the world can go back to not giving a damn about swimming.
its not because of his age, it's because of the sport he is in, swimming, u cant swim for too long, always going to be a younger person to beat you, he already made his mark in history and in the olympics :)
Winning medals is easier than winning a GOLD medal. Phelps has a record-breaking number of gold medals, so I guarantee to you that it is NOT easy. How about you go do something with your life....
Lmao you shitting me?! ...WHO GIVES A FUCK. Still made History, no? Still got more important gold than you, no? Still a legend, no? Soooo, let's look for another way to bash his career....
It wasn't me you told. Look again :D I just saw you wrote "not because of his age" and in the same comment "always going to be a YOUNGER person", or "can't swim for TOO LONG". ;-)
I'm a Brit but wanted to say congrats to Michael he has done the world proud with his career, has to be up there with Mohammed Ali as one of the greatest sportsmen of all time.
Michael Phelps is probably not human. Has he been genetically modified or what? No seriously, Phelps is just an incredible athlete. Too bad he's got to retired...
Hats off to London and the Brits and all who helped host a very memorable Olympics. They proved they know how throw the biggest party/event in the world!!!
haha lol, usually in sports, 27 isnt old...thats why i thought u would be asking that, because u thought that 27 isnt an old age..so i told you why
and move on to what, swimming is a mans sport and not for u you pussy. so when michael jordan left basketball did everyone not care anymore?
Lol, he said he is grateful and that he is at his peak and he's done all he wanted. He doesnt want to swim in competition when's he's 30.
So what if he's "doping". He has to eat 20,000 calories a day. I'd like to see you do that without the help of a little pot


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Mike will ALWAYS be a national hero but instead of holding fast and standing his ground by placing the s(pot)light on the cruel and morally wrong campaign against Marijuana WHILE HE WAS IN POSITION to do that, he's lost the respect of his fellow smokers who could've used that support in the timeless hope of getting these moronic politicians to take a better, second look at the serious drain on the American economy as they fight a ridiculous drug war against one of God's best creations, Cannabis!
@MelOAyness If only you were as open-minded as you think you are. The only thing I disagree with you on, is that he was not under any obligation to become some sort of "weed messiah", a position you seem to think he was qualified for based solely on the fact that he smoked it once or twice. I eat cheese a lot, but that doesn't make me an expert on cheese. I actually agree that it should be legal, and I hope that one day you do find your spokesman. But it will not be Michael Phelps. Accept it.
@Daviticus042 It isn't the frequency nor the number of times that Phelps smoked pot that is at issue here, it's the fact that because the government has made marijuana an illegal substance, Phelps is classified as a criminal. If I were accused of a crime, I might want to know that my crime has been defined by more than government mandate, that is to say that government NEVER had the right to classify marijuana as an illegal substance in the first place! It's MY mind and MY body, screw them!
@Daviticus042 Dude, the only thing that I'm sucking up, is this smooth bag of hydro buds. Actually, Phelps should have been as fast before that camera lens as he is at the 100 meter butterfly. The real shame here ,is that smoking pot should never have become an issue at all, but since I see that you are among the class of those who are misinformed, narrow minded and caught up in the great marijuana myth, I can understand why you feel the way that you do. Build a bridge dude. And get over it.
@Daviticus042 What has regularity got to do with the fact that he smoked pot at all? Enjoying one decent buzz, without getting the overwhelming urge to take an axe and murder his family, should've convinced him that the government's position on the "killer" weed, was bogus from the start. He had the opportunity to stand up for what he obviously believed in and he didn't and with many of us users, that is the bottom line. So much for Mr. Phelps.
@MelOAyness i kinda understand where your coming from, but it couldve ruined his career, even if he straight up said, "yes i love smoking weed, what of ive done more with my life then most of you, shouldnt that bbe proof weed isnt bad?" alot of people would still hate him and make up excuses like oh well he outta the norm, it wouldve been virtualy useless.
@MelOAyness Aww, you feel like he let you down? Well, too bad. The choice was his to make and he made it. If anything, your self-righteousness only confirms that he did what was right for him. So suck it up, Junior!
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coli20, This is what happens when dumb ass parents expect celebrities and society to raise there children for them... You need to leave Phelps the fuck alone and let him smoke his weed man, wtf....
99 percent of all Phelps fans would get pissed if they saw another Phelps photo smoking a bong, Copy&Paste if you are that 1 percent that would say,"let him smoke his joints man, wtf"
Patriot, i'm pretty sure those figures are both ridiculous and nonexistent. I am one of the latter obviously. It's really noones fuckin' business what he does.
Yeah man ,i try to get up every morning as well!! and when i do I Fly on pot pufffs too .. But Administered thru ma Bong!! haha like it man!!
LMAO! This was awesome :D We're actually planning on doing some funny commercial clips ourselves soon, too. But this, this was hilarious,lol.
ha theres a clip at the beginning of tool's song "third eye" of bill hicks saying that. thanks i was wondering what comedian it was lol.
cool stuff how much it is? i wanan buy and fly... as i m nt in states so do u guys export this stuff? to Hong Kong (Asia) love this add
its not like he used it get his medals... should other athletes have thier medals removed for drinking? its the same thing
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ya but you do get a lot of little kids who arnt even old enough to have youtubes and dont know what it is
LOL! Man, I wish I had somthing better to say than lol, but it was honestly what I did: laughed out loud!

Summery Olympics London 2012 [Team USA Phelps wins mens 4x100M Medley Relay]

USA mens swimming team win the GOLD for the 4X100M Medley Relay making is 22 metals for Michael Phelps! GO TEAM USA! USA, USA, USA we are like no ...

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how inspiring is this! gooooooosebumps!

Michael Phelps retires after London Olympics wins 18th and final Olympic gold in London

Michael Phelps has announced that after the Olympic games in London the gold medal swimmer will then retire. In a revealing conversation with Anderson ...

Michael Phelps retires after London Olympics

Michael Phelps has announced that after the Olympic games in London the gold medal swimmer will then retire. In a revealing conversation with Anderson ...
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