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London olympics table Videos

2012 World Team Table Tennis Championships.FINAL: MA Long vs OVTCHAROV Dm.

LIEBHERR 2012 World Team Table Tennis Championships. Dortmund Men's Team Final. CHINA vs GERMANY ZHANG Jike vs OVTCHAROV Dm.

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glory eventually always belong to china'team. In the peak games, maybe techniques are the same for every competitor. The most importance is bravery and good emotion in each the important point. To be winners, the competitor in China'team did it better than any other team. the glory is deserve for them. no debating.
The fact that you had to explain why you called soccer players field fairies and had to explain it in the most retarded and obvious way possible shows me you are probably some fat ass football player playing the d-line in which all you do is touch other men...play after play after play
He only very recently slipped to number 2. He was number 1 before that. The coach should have known that Ma Long in the finals with Zhang Jike would have produced a much more thrilling final. Wang Hao was never going to win against Zhang Jike in that form.
its all about seniority. wang hao was given then chance to see if he could win a gold. its unfortunate that he did not. fyi zhang jike would have won the gold and then he gets silver so its still going to be the same thing.
they made me play this in PE and i said to myself if this is a real sport where people try really hard i would have no hope for humanity. ping pong is really a sport for people who suck at everything else
Dima blew so many opening shots against backspin with his backhand, which should really be his strong side... Those mostly are weak pushes by pro standard, but Dima kept overshootting the table..
haha its funny because soccer is the number one sport in the world and how is soccer homosexual that makes no sense you are just mad cause ping pong is a pile of shit compared to soccer
i wouldn't want to waste my time playing ping pong competitively thats just lame and plus i play soccer so if you knew anything about sports you would know soccer players arent chumps
I can only assume he did not do so well in the Olympic trials. Ma Long is a terrific player. I believe he is number two in the world under Olympic champion and teammate Zhang Jike.
actually the olympics are very much fair..imagen if china could enter with all the fire power...the world wouldnt have a chance for a peace of glory and history...
I'm really glad you explained your reasoning behind calling soccer players field fairies. If you hadn't that lame ass joke would've gone straight over my head.
haha we call you bitches field fairies because you play around in a field like fucking fairies. Try a sport that's not more homosexual than gay porn. ahaha
@Jackson Calumet well, some points were ridiculous, its really awkward world top class players to lose points like that i have to agree with u... 
Still newish to the game but I'm struggling to see why Ma Long wasn't in the singles at the Olympics. It seems he plays better than Wang Hao
Ma Long plays better than the 2012 bronze olympic medal. He deserves at least this honorific title. Olympic games are not fair.
2012 World Team Table Tennis Championships.FINAL: MA Long vs OVTCHAROV Dm. ttonmediothek ==2012/5/21ac3761Npc==YT Subscribed
lets see a vid of you playing ping pong, we would all make fun of you. or any other sport for that matter. chump.
It doesen't really have a meaning. It's a way to say "YES!" or a way to push yourself in a match :)
Well, you keep wasting your time playing CoD and let other people enjoy sports :)
Why do they always say "CHOOO!!!" when they got a point? What does that mean?
9:07 Damn, them German table tennis pros sure know how to pull da bitches!
What a second Set.... For a split second I though Ma was going to lose!!!!

Amazing Table Tennis shot by David Wetherill - London 2012 Paralympic Games

Probably the most amazing shot of the Paralympic Table Tennis competition. Watch David Wetherill's amazing dive. Full match: ...

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do u really think I am mexican just because the info in my channel says that? SOME people are searching for me and I dont want them to find me and **** me so... still german people rock!!!!! period!!!!!!!!
being a table tennis player myself I appreciate the hell out of this... I know how hard of a show this is...nevermind being disabled. ESPY vote from me!
The fact that even the German coach stood up and applauded.. Wow.. Sportsmanship at the Paralympics is awesome!
Agreed...even the two people behind the German player on the right...brilliant shot.
is it just me or did the comentator sound like KSIO whatever the fifa player
i dont have a clue what you have said but it sounded fucking awesome:)
German is a nationality, not a race. And you're Mexican so...WTF?
ongelooflijk wat knap van hem, tv moment van het paralympics :)
Yourrrrr watching guuuuuddde boooaaalllddddeeeerrrffffiiisstt
The other guy is like "Damn... how am I supposed to top that?"
Germans are the best race in the whole WORLD!!!! PERIOD!!!!
Tonight in sports: Man plays table tennis LIKE A BOSS.
What an amazing shot....!absolutely brilliant.....!!
did anyone notice the judge to the right's hair???
How can be 3 assholes cliking dislike ???????????
would have been funnier if he landed on his face
then why do they click on a table tennis video
who can dislike this one !!! only an idiot...
...what do you mean these people....?
Uhm these people in the paralympics?

London 2012 Table Tennis: Adrian Crisan vs Timo Boll

Men's singles round of 16. Adrian Crisan vs Timo Boll London 2012 olympic games! Full match | short form. I know the quality isn't the best but i know many ...

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Let me give you a piece of advice:next time when you make a video,focus on the quality.
I know that the quality in this video sucks, but it's hard enough trying to find videos from olympics and it's even harder finding them with good quality!

London 2012 Table Tennis Gameplay

This game is great , i didn't expected to be so wonderful , for who like sports game , you should try this !

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what game and system is this?
Tenis de masa :X Like!!!
this is xbox 360
good job

London 2012 - Table Tennis & 25m Rapid Fire Pistol

Bet you guys can't hit 1250 likes! Twitter: //www.twitter.com/ZerkaaHD Facebook: //www.facebook.com/Josh.Zerkaa.Zerker Instagram: ZerkaaHD Second ...

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Hey zerkaa, here's a few suggestions, hope you read them. You could do skyrim or a Lego game lets play or you could even do a game like forza or a motor biking game. Also there are games like fable which are really fun, and you could do GTA with some mates. And btw dude you are something special, your commentaries are awesome and people look up to you!
not really, i tend to reply during cutscenes in skyrim on my other monitor. Plus, I recently finished my A-levels so I have plenty of spare time. It seems the only time deemed valuable enough to be wasted is your own. Your insult has foiled only you once again. Thanks for playing, have a nice day.
okay CUNT, you happy now? You're doing the very thing you're having a go at me for. The only difference is I never had anything against doing it, so i have no problem continuing to reply. You have already said its "desperate" so by your own standards are desperate.
Your commentaries ARE entertaining because you are one of the few gaming YouTubers that come across as intelligent and not just immature :) know you are not a PC gamer but arma 2 day z mod?? :)
How about trying a Tony Hawk's game like American Wasteland? that would be pretty cool if you did or even do a co-op campaign on a game with Toby or Syndicate? :)
This series is actually my favourite you've done haha I just go into chill mode and its amazing been with you since 09 you made me start a channel haha
Zerkaa I've been here sense your Frisky montage haven't missed an upload yet! I watch all your vids because your a great guy keep it up -3
Haha me and my mates went to thorpe park on saturday :D Probably saw u but i have no clue what u look like XP Did u go on the swarm? XD
I watch Zerkaa because his videos are fun just because he doesn't follow the bandwagon of YouTube! Keep on doing your own thing :D!
Ive never even heard of an Olympics game until you uploaded it and I watch because it's different and interesting :).
Why is it that its me thats "desperate for the last comment" when you refuse not to reply also? Hypocrite.
Im behind you on whatever game you play watch them all even if i dont like them lol gets me into them :P
adventures of nemo :( i have watched every one of your videos since the first mw2 killcam episode :D
A survival type game would be entertaining to watch and listen to your commentary at the same time.
Play happy wheels even tho it's a bit over done it'll be jokes, also try viva piñata lool
You, Callux, KSI, Syndicate and get some others and do a fifa tourny series :D
Awesome vid once again, the series is awesome and love games like these to
Hehe the ping pong playees look a little bit retarded when they play :p
You should start a series, Zerka plays, and just play random games!
Zerkaa if you like a video that you make that's what makes it good
I'd love to see you complete this series it's really original :D
Deffinatly Rugby Challenge as it's more entertaining then Fifa.

Mario & Sonic At The London 2012 Olympics - Table Tennis Event

PLEASE READ VIDEO DESCRIPTION!* Alright so this video will cover my personal favorite because of the soundtrack thats played here, table tennis, i was ...

Table Tennis - Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games Music Extended

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games music that has been extended to play for half an hour. Developer(s): Sega Sports Japan Publisher(s): ...

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This is sooooooo much better than the Beijing version.
I think some parts are funny to hear but I enjoy it

Nice point , Table Tennis [Olympic Qualification London 2012] .

2012 Olympic Qualification Tournament Luxemburg -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tiago Apolonia-Peter Sereda ...

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Tu devrais mettre de la pub sur tes vidéos tu mérites amplement quelques euros x)
Nice dude ! Keep going you're "Nice point" videos ! So cool !
Anyone notice the between the legs shot?
excelente jajaj

EPT 11 London 2014 Live Poker Tournament Main Event, Final Table – PokerStars

2014 European Poker Tour (EPT 11) London, final table live poker coverage - never miss a moment from the official PokerStars channel –The final table at EPT ...

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Jakob is soooooo anoyiiing -.-
+URAGAN90 Why nobody calls the clock on this idiot
Is this the Homeless Poker Championship , it sure looks like it with the stupid caps , hoodies , and cheap t shirts . Do they they go into shock walking by a clothing store , You're in LONDON not a Square Dance in Iowa .
+SACTICAL BAG Maybe they're more concerned with being comfortable during a long tourney and don't care about impressing the random anal person that still gets their panties in a twist when someone wears (gasp) a hoody.You can forgo the cheap t-shirts for expensive brand-name shit from Bond Street if it makes you happy, but it won't make you successful and no one will ever care how much you paid to boost your ego.
Oh goody, more frozen assholes, who think for some reason when it comes their time to act they are supposed to stop ,and stare at the table for five minutes, making a final table last twice as long as it should. These games need an automatic clock, after 60 seconds, most of this stupid activity is just granstanding, and it is total bullshit. The moron in the purple cap is one of the worst examples
+goodfan210 This is why I hate watching live poker. Horrible waste of time, I wish they would post an edited version of this.
+goodfan210 you're a faggot who shouldn't play poker
+goodfan210 Pauli was great about that though, he never hollywooded when folding to a 3-bet. He did it practically instantly most of the time.
+Kevin Nguyen The point is it sucks. I don't care about the money. I want to see an unfettered poker competition. Who said anyone was cheated? 
+Flash Gordan They only make deals when its beneficial to everyone thats left in the tournament (top 3) its not like they got together when there were still hundreds of people in the tournament and cheated them out of their money.
Why are they always making deals too? The format is set up. Its bad for poker. Finish the tourney no deals. How hard is it?
Its a part of the game, just like timeouts are a part of basketball and american football stall tatics. Its not illegal, just looked down upon.
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