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London olympics symbol controversy Videos

Opening Ceremony London 2012,London 2012 olympic video 4

Controversial New Olympic Logo (It's really that bad?)

The new logo for the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games was launched in by Sebastian Coe and a team of London 2012 ambassadors.

User Comments

I think the guy who designed this logo was a genius. Not only it was stylish and meaningful, but it looked appeasing to me. I understand why people would not like it, but to me, this is the best Olympics logo ever designed. By the way, the logo also shows both the word "London" and "2012" if you look carefully (don't even respond of the Zion, I'm aware of that).
To be more concise I would've walked past it. I did ask my parents colleagues friends at the time. They said the same.
+daz samuels As a former student of RISD...that logo kinda looks like a man running to the left...and the outline of the  shape of the logo is "2012" and "London" simultaneously. Doesn't it kinda take shape?
I have no idea what its trying to convey.Speed? Not at allCompetition? Not in the leastValues of the games? I didn't get that either
+Micro Laserto me it looks like a mess (poor use of palette), no coherence it needs more thought. As a Filmmaker and Video Editor Im well accustomed to something needing more work, you go for the coherent result that matches the clients expectations. You have a checklist.
+daz samuels Do you know why? I mean, why does this logo look ugly?
+Micro LaserWell, Its target market responded negatively Im afraid.
+daz samuels I like the bizarre uniqueness of the logo, though.
This is the worst logo ever. Alarm bells rung with enough people.its very bizarre.

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London 2012 Olympics Logo - Is It A Mess!?!

User Comments

Its crap! this country can do better then that who ever made it should b ashamed because it is rubbish! im ashamed as a citizen of this country and for it to be displayed around for the 2012 olympics its just imbarasin and a total waste of time and waste of money 400 grand for that peice of rubbish a child could of done get someone in this country to do a realy good one where the people of this country dont have to be imbarased to have around think about your people and this country
I would suggest you learn more about your subject before flapping your young gums. I have decades more experience concerning this subject. As for being "stupid", I think your entire generation should take a close look in the mirror before throwing stones. Were you born a nasty person, take a pill or have you just been practicing a lot? You have MUCH to learn. Get cracking!
Im sorry I disagree, if I gave this in to my old graphics teacher for my project I may have gotten a C maybe even a B for it....HAHA....it is absolutely shite! I could have done a crap on a canvas and got better results......what the well are the doing with all that Olympic money, spending it on crack probably coz this looks like it was designed for a £5 by some Mexican.
I worked as a commercial artist with a large company in Florida. A design for this size event is taken VERY seriously and is chosen by the top. You can bet the farm that there is hidden meaning in the design. We're not supposed to see it. (I haven't tried it but, perhaps, if cut out, they're pcs. of a puzzle.) The colours are probably important as well.
Regarding the logo, the very FIRST thing that popped into my head was the 1984 Olympics and some of the pins I have from back then (I was six years old). I really like this logo. Regarding your video, you're pretty funny, but you should have had the logo behind you on the wall so you could point to it and be more specific with your...concerns : )
I think that the logo for the London 2012 olympic games looks very cheap. I think that it is miss representing the olympics. The olympics are a very traditional event that is there to represent all parts of the athletic world. This logo on the other hand does nothing for the event. I think it needs to be taken back to the drawing board.
The logo is evolvig. It will change pretty soon and that's always what was intended. Too many people looked a tthe bold colours and over-reacted. These are just the shapes and they will be infilled with iconic London images. This is such an exciting brand and something totally fresh and original. Just like London.
I'm so sick of these fuck-ups claiming that young people with appreciate it and grow to love it. I am 19, all of my friends are about my age... I DON'T KNOW ANYBODY WHO DOESN'T HATE IT! It is plain ugly, you can talk about symbolism until the cows come home but it doesn't change the fact that it is fucking ugly!
I try my best ;-) The music definately fits,...talking about olympics. About the logo, I LOVE the concept of blowjobs ;-) but I don't think anything resembling it is good for an Official Olymic logo. I mean, giving blowjobs is not considered a sport,...although it can be a lot of work ;-D
I have to say if you do not care what I have to say why bother to watch? So I guess anyone who doesn't like the logo is now a wanker right? Anyway didn't I ask what does everyone think about the Olympic Logo. Shit being allowed on You Tube is surely a whole other debate!
I made a new video called 'Two Oh One Two' which will be up soon, and it has a big attack on the logo filled with quotes from newspapers and internet articles showcasing puclic opinion on the logo. It'd be cool to see what you think of it, once it's online ^_^
I get your80's twist vidbe, but I fail to see where your modern stance comes from. As I said in the video this to me looks like an urban, graffittied mess of a logo. I thought grafitti style brands were the least cool thing in this modern age anyway!?!
I love the 80's but as someone else has so famously parodied in another video this looks like a reject from the Saved By The Bell title sequence! If they were gonna chose an 80's style TV font to emulate they could have at least gone for Wacady :-)
I love it. Sign the ipetitions petition to keep it. Too many people slagging it off. It's different so it's being criticised. All other Olympic games logos are so predictable. This one dars to be different. Enter kepthelogo at the Ipetitions site.
Agreed, and maybe the IOC can bring back rugby, softball, AND baseball while they're at it. The guys here were taking a banned substance of two when they made the decision to ditch the latter two and not add the former. hb151
i like it! its a big step for olymipc design which is usually pretty dull. the only olympic design i like is from the 1984 olympics in los angeles, which i have on a shirt from the thrift store. the 80's look is in!
Takes gun. Puts in mouth. -BOOM-. I am a youth living in London, and this logo is un-imaginative and I cannot relate to it at all. Stop trying to be 'hip' with the younger generation Boris, you FAIL!
That`s laim... dude. I won`t even mention the amount of money they supossedly paid, cause I really think it`s not true. There`s a video presentation; let me tell you, it gets worse!!!! lol
They spelt London with a lowercase l. Apparently this makes it more appealing to the 'youth of today.' So this must mean that they think we are illiterate and unintelligent then.
the 2012 london olympic logo looks like the aftermath of a horrible car crash... terrible... i feel bad for the competing design committees who lost the designing bid to this...
i don't care what anyone says, i love the logo, i think it's very modern with an 80's twist. and i think everyone should just get over it. OH, and also just shut the fuck up
the london logo is atrocious! Imagine what it would look like on the First Great Western train (look at my video if you're not sure) What music is this! It's so gr8!
Hi manmhk That is the theme song to a movie called "Chariots of Fire". I recognised it right away. I used to try and play this on keyboard when I was a teenager.
The great city of London deserves a better logo. I was shocked to find out that this is what designers came up with. This comming from an American.
The theme tune is from Chariots of Fire and is by the composer Vangelis. He composes some inspiring stuff, Google his name some time.
some1 mentioned it lookd like lisa simpson giving head..or sum1 givin head..n now every time i see it i dont see it the same way..
the logo is crap! as is the advert... i see they've disabled the comments for the logo clip... it looks cheap and nasty
The first person to realise where the music is from. Well done, I was beginning to think no one would pick up on it!
I HATE the colorscheme and it takes up a lot of space that seems unecessary...I agree with you...it's a mess :P
I doubt young people will like it, it looks like it's from the 80s. It looks like a squares idea of urban.

London 2012 Olympics Logo Unveiling ceremony

SATANS OLYMPIC LOGO 2012 + Rik Clay's 2012 Olympic Research

Rik Clay's blog "The Cosmic Mind" disappeared after he participated in an online interview. He went missing and was later found dead in 2008 under suspicious ...

User Comments

dude... ur a joke. there isnt a "god" or "all knowing being". the bible was created by man to do what i think is was a great idea(trick ppl into doing the right things for the wrong reason) there are no facts that prove the bible to be tru yet scientists have a SHITLOAD of them confirming science. the whole illuminati* thing is just a joke(just like the crop circles[ppl started them, and others around the world began to do it too]) u just dont have the mental capacity to comprehend science fact.
@bluesnow0613 Okay, I speak as a person who knows the Bible pretty well and believes what it says. NONE of this is in the Bible. NONE. End times accounts in the Bible have absolutely nothing to do with aliens. Granted, there are things which can forcefully interpreted as extraterrestrial visitation, but no, this stuff has absolutely nothing to do with the Bible. If anything, the Bible tells us to beware lest we be fooled by the great signs and wonders that the deceivers will perform in the sky.
Excellent use OF CRITICAL ANALYTICAL THINKING, it amazes me how sheeple are quick to judge something THEY HAVE NO STUDY OF. I applaud your ability to see things that are hidden from most, simply because they have been programmed to not pursue these subjects or just blindingly brush it off. Have you read The Tutankhamun Prophecies The Sacred Secret of the Maya, Egyptians, and Freemasonsby Maurice Cotterell? He shows the same hidden technics THEY use. Excellent vid, godspeed 2 the awakened ones!
This Olympic LOGO, IS, --- the Represention of a Woman ( on the right ), Giving head to a man ( on the left )... I have studied long and hard about this Logo for as long as , , well about 3 minutes. And found it to be so... The Man is holding the head of the Women, while the Women is crouching to her knees. to give him an Olymipc Blow job of a life time. I through the Divine grace of my third eye, (from where my Olympic swimmers splatter out.)most profoundly It is.The olympic Blow Job Symbol.
There is more evidence for ET inside the moon than nibiru! At least i could provide evidence of 1500 mile wide crater in the moon thats 5 miles deep that quite possibly is the entrance and exit, not mentioning the dark side of the moon. No amateur astronomers have pointed out nibiru in the sky to this very day, its BS just as that ELENIN bollocks was. As for bible references they are ALL REFERENCES TO EXTRATERRESTRIALS! Theres more proof of ET than GOD! IN GOD WE RUST!
Please take into account, if you there is even a possibility of the 2012 Olympics being attacked, it will not be by aliens, do not believe anyone that says it is aliens, it would be a false flag attack by the military to further their agenda in controling us. If anyone blame the illuminati, the military government or those sitting on thrones in Washington DC. Peace and Love and Prayers that the 2012 Olympics conspiracy is just that and comes to nothing.
what's wrong with him being an ET tho? science tells us that there are thousands of planets that could sustain life, so all inhabitants of those planets would be ET's to us. What makes us so special that we are the only things that exist, we are just organisms that live and die and our death leads the way to new life in some form or another. I am interested in what you say, but what do you think satan is? and where is he? and is he working alone etc:
@Fight0Tyranny I went to your homepage, but you seem not to have "personal message" activated. I'm Jegudiel, skipping formal intro, I'll get to the point. Have you ever seen a video game called "Hellgate: London" if not" I have Major connections to your conclusion of the 2012 Olympics "Show/Arrival". When I first saw your over-layered diagram, what I initially saw was 4 "Papacy Seals". PM if you feel this dialogue is worth something...
the sons of God where fallen angles,another words demons who took over men who where either prices or kings, Angles don't have sex with humans. Any angles that fall to earth are know as demons not angles. Human men I believe who where over taken like possessed by these once faithful sons of God angels in heaven. Of course human men can have sex with women. Their offspring who grew up to be giants, the mighty men of old and of renown.
Ok i bet you sir i bet you your life, and go to the OLYMPICS. for god sake it was made by a fucking 12-15 year old, god get over yourself lol ufo, its just a image u moron!, do people really need to just make simple image now with no designor pattern, i bet you can make any other images out of the london logo. but why make people worrie.... you making asumptions sir, your sopose to be a adult for god sake... sorry cursing there.
they came into the daughters of men,they didn't have wings,they where human men. The only way is that they could influenced these men by demonic oppression or possession, was control these human men. The demons knew the world was over populated with women so the only way the procreate with women was to manipulate these men by their souls. they had sex with the women and the nephilim where born.
the jesus christ crap seems a little off edge, and nostradamus is proven to have been a lunatic who said just a preposterous number of things some of them just by probability had to have come true..but the zion of the logo seems to be legit..as is the zion on the beijing logo..but i don't believe in the alien shit but i believe these zionists do want control of the world
Thank you for sharing. I noticed a similar symbology in a new surfs movie billboard in los Angeles. The "Scottish" smurf, or at least the one wearing a kilt with red hair, has a blue puff ball on the top of his hat. It is the only one with such a top hat and it's folded forward hanging perfectly where the minds eye of the chakra would be, for the third eye.
I have as much proof that people have that they DO exist. Think about it. If jesus exists he must be extra-terrestrial and that would open up a whole can of worms for christians, so they just ignore it. And does satan live in the middle of the Earth?? with all the fire and brimstone, as christians would have us believe?? come on man!!
like a mission in a video game......one must fight through various levels to reach the monster boss, (in this case it may look like a pyramid with a eye in the middle) attack the center eye and defeat the enemy.....if you don't make it and defeat the game, the world shall surely fall into pillars of fire
If, and I fear it will, something happens at the Olympics nothing will ever come of it. Just like 911 people will know its an inside job and justice will never be served. People will just bow to the government and take it up the ass because we're all to chicken shit to do anything about it.
hahahahahahah i laughed soo much.....you only missed the evidance that the pair number of 4 can be linked to another pair nuber like 2 and we all know there were 2 towers that were hit on 9/11 hahahahahhaahahhahaha and people actualy belive this shit hahahahahhaahhaa
true., Illuminati created the logo., something will happen in these games .. ie attack "alien"., or terrorist attacks., satanists make ritual as 911, they celebrated the establishment of the NWO ... and kill thousands of innocent people.
Also at 6:40 there are 4 slices of streaky bacon! LOOK AT VEGETARIANS! BEWARE!! seriously... I can't wait 2013... mainly to see how all you fucking weirdos react. Probably just change the date to 2099 or something -.-
BS, as like an ink blot psychology test, every one can 'see' all kinds of things. The things drawn aren't even precise, it's just imaginary interpretation. Interesting and funny perhaps, but totally useless. Hence BS.
all very interesting, except that Satan doesn't exist and therefore Jesus can't exist, in the way you see it anyway. This is all man's doing, whatever way you want to fold it. Man is evil not Satan.
Doesn't anyone find this suspicious that this was posted on the year 2009 and he's talking about a 2012 logo... Oh yeah and by the way my father was the one who killed him, just pointing that out.
big imagination + too much free time = this video... shouldnt nibiru be visible already i mean its just 493 earth days away it should be visible to the naked eye already or am i wrong?
@ashliiful Could be, but then it'd be the biggest inside joke in the world, going over hundreds of corporations and musicians, film directors, governments, and 250 years.
LOVE IT! It's freaky to say the least! Thank fuck i don't subscribe to any "religion". Faith is all around us people. I prefer not to bow down to a false representation.
So ... when you take 4 copies of the image rotated by 90° and overlay them, you can see shapes in the final result that have 4-fold rotational symmetry. Astonishing!
ok so by the end of this year will life as we know change or stop.. what should we do , is shit defo going to kick off this year..... i need a action plan
LOL, you know evil is only a perception. So it's not really evil, it itself believes what it is doing is right, thus making the opposite to him evil.
I was so fascinated with what he had to say , that I cut the logo up and "shifted shapes" and guess what i found??? A bloody big macdonalds M logo
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