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London olympics security measures Videos

London Residents Protest Olympic Security Measures

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hmmmm, isn't this what the terrorists did? In Gaza for one, and so many other places in the middle east? Didn't Saddam put civilians around his military sights? And so many others of that ilk?
i say nobody show up to to spend their money that'll teach em

Review - Surface-to-Air Missiles & the London Olympics 2012

TSA Agents Helping British Authorities for Olympics Security

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I wonder if America would allow our security staff in America at a future Olympics?

Predictive Programming - Attack on London in 2012?

A nuclear attack on London leads to "controversial new security measures". Are we being predictively programmed? Alan Watt on Predictive Programming ...

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Just because the up-loader is referring to ONE body of circumstantial suggestion, doesn't mean he definitively believes this WILL happen, due to ONE TV Show. If you're too LAZY to read Rockefeller's future projections that speak about the '2012 Olympic Bombing which killed 13,000', or check out the set of 'Illuminati playing cards', which were released in 1995 and predicted 9/11, Swine Flu and many other tragedies, and which similarly predict an attack on the 2012 Olympics, then shut your trap..
It might not happen, Mi5 might 'catch them just in time' in a heroic incident. giving credence to the necessity of increased security, multi-jurisdictional task forces, and further militarizing the police + massively expanding the surveillance system even further. If it doesn't happen, there will almost definitely be this 'close call', familiarizing the public with the 'need' for ever increasing surveillance, and providing the right justification to enact the Civil Contingencies Act. Look it up.
I will never stop since I have found out (from research and answers to my prayers) that Jesus Christ is God. I cannot stop. Nobody can once they have came to know theTruth. This is why Christians were allowing themselves to be slaughtered for this "one book", this is why millions and millions have left everything behind and have gone into the world to live miserable lives, be persecuted and killed, from the Apostles to the present day. The "NWO agenda" is what got me started with my research !!!
It's quite likely that either the US or Israel will stage a false flag operation during the London Olympics, and probably with the implied consent of the British Government. All three countries have staged false flag events previously in order to start wars or create a premise for invasion. They know they are losing credibility and support amongst the majority of their respective populations and are desperate. People are waking up and realising their real "enemies" are their own Governments.
@GlasgowTruthGroup Shamelessly Predictable? How can you predict my comments so easily? Maybe the illuminati did it! LOL. Nah, the reason I'm against you guys is because all over the internet I'm starting to see your conspiracy theory spread like wildfire. And some of your 'evidence' is pretty pathetic, for example the video on the right I can see now that shows the '2012' logo as 'Zion'. Stuff like that, you know, maybe you guys just see what you wanna see? But that's just MY opinion...
I downloaded the first season of this show today. Scares the shit out of me. Major programming going on here. Whether they bomb the olympics or not, they are setting us all up for martial law, fingerprinting, ID cards, and a new generation of 'terrorists' as well as glamorizing intelligence work to the kids - by making it seem like Hollyoaks.. I have to say though, the amount of symbolism and little predictive programming anecdotes I've seen associated with London 2012 makes me worry..
Governments kill their own people. They are the most deadly institutions ever created by humanity. Know your history. Google Democide / False Flag Terror / Operation Gladio / Loose Change / Ludicrous Diversion / Endgame. They see the people they are supposed to represent as cattle. A cash crop to be farmed OR sacrificed if it is politically advantageous. They don't work for us. They work for the Banks, Corporations & in the UK, for the Monarchy. Know your enemy or you are their fool...
@xSathya96x I am not saying this WILL happen, but we're looking at a body of circumstantial declarations that span books, symbols and documents over a wide area, which are in a different class from mainstream sound-bites, inherited slogans and populist insults - which make it all too easy for the average. Youtube user to fall back on 'Argumentum ad populum'. It seems you've already made up your mind though, and relying on the 'humorous jibe' is your preference to open debate.
When will you stop clinging on to one religion, The mystreys of the universe cannot be unvieled by one single BOOK. There is biology, physics, electronics,medicine/health and a hundreds of other subjects which have literature worth billions of pages...You seriously think your book explains mystreys of the world? Dont use the NWO agenda as an excuse to spread your religion. If you want to be a ignorant person, Please do..Dont force ur ignorance down others throats
It is the World Elites now in a blinding, drooling, psychotic mess of plundering showmanship and Grab-All tactics against EVERYONE beneath them word wide! This zombie-fascist blood lust of looting & victimizing the weakest among us HAS to END! These criminally racist, sexist, homicidal Omni-phobes of everything Beautiful need to be PUT DOWN like the rabid, scurrying vermin they have always been! Vote for YOU as president of your own Soul this year!!~
@KERKYRA199 Cool. I can only imagine the 'programming' they've incorporated into that 'program'. I might check it out, but you can see with 'Code 9' (even the number) that it was designed as a recruitment tool for martial law and the police state - to get the youth in line with the state agenda by glamorizing it etc, Guns, Surveillance etc. Problem is that the rest of us are the targets. All 60+ Million...
@xSathya96x 'Analyze things too much'. I love that one. Also the name calling - always the sign of someone who doesn't know what else to say, because they don't know what they're talking about, let alone the terminology in use. Study NLP and then watch the show yourself, then get back to me.. Oh wait, that would conflict with the X-Factor, forget it...
i agree. i have a feeling something will happen too. but its so blatant now its still hard to belive they will go through with it. if it doesnt happen then it was a scare tactic and to make us look crazy. then when we are off gaurd something will happen. these pple go by numerology so the date might be important to follow
venue is built upon an old nuclear site no shit........ just like the cartoon shows the police searching the airports guarding the games but ironically down a shaft the bomb is already there ... just google nuclear reactor site olympics london radioactive waste olympic site the place is fkn giant dirty bomb
After doing Operation Gladio and murdering HUNDREDS of innocent civilians across Europe at bus and train terminals and grocery stores in the 1950s through the 1970s and saying, "It's alright." because they publicly confessed, I would not put ANY depraved act of greed and treachery past these turds.
So is the Rockefeller Foundation report "Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development" part of this "conspiracy theory" we all just want to see? Is that "pathetic" evidence? In reality, it is sheep like you who are pathetic. Now go back to your pen and shut to fuck up.
well, research Rik Clay. This young fella thought he stumbled upon a big secret about olympics in london, unfortunately he won´t see it even he wanted to. He "comitted suicide" supposedly. But all streets around main stadium complex have very religious names watch?v=U3ljvNRYiec RIP Rik.
@xSathya96x Thanks for another witless, pointless comment. Perhaps youtube themselves are limiting your character limit, due to complaints from other folk freely sharing their opinions - and coming up against your puerile, shamelessly predictable and boring attacks on them.
27 July, 2012: London. False flag event. Iranian Islamist extremists will be targeted as perpetrators. New World Order leader Will Wales will negotiate peace treaty with Iranian government. Temple will be rebuilt in Jerusalem. You'll already be dead...
People, let’s be smart and see the other side of the story… If something really happen, the predictions were right… If not, these kind of prediction could be something created by the elite to discredit the conspiracy theories… RIGHT?
@GlasgowTruthGroup Ok. Tell you what, if this actually happens (Olympic Bomb) then I'll believe your argument. For now though, I'm calling bullshit. What am I saying? A terrorist attack on the Olympics is highly likely in any case...
who would have believed in 2001 that a government would blow up its own people ,why do you doubt this couldnt happen here ,they need another false flag to finish what they started ,its very feesable they will stop at nothing
I'm just going to love commenting on this video in 2013 and laugh at all of you. But the video will been taken down by the uploader because he's too ashamed - and you'll blame the 'illuminati' for it
@GlasgowTruthGroup Ok, I'm sorry, I'll write a more intelligent response if that's what you want. Forgive me for believing that anyone who believed in this illuminati theory was an idiot...
Interestingly ,,,, the more "clues" they give us .... the more we are becoming aware that Terrorists are Governments, and the people are under constant attack from these terrorists.
Just to add abit more realism to this false flag attack go onto the guardian website and search for ' Tonnes of radioactive waste casts doubt over London's Olympic stadium legacy '
Правительства США и Великобритании - это международные террористические организации.
@GlasgowTruthGroup better tosee the original series spooks better than this one went on for 10 years by BBC 1 BBC 3 tried to make a comeback but not so good
Zeitgeist or something? Can't you do better than that, bible basher? For what it is worth, I don't have time for any religion, including the Zeitgeist one.
@GlasgowTruthGroup Although it is kind of hard when I'm having to deal with a character limit that you seem able to bypass. ILLUMINATI DID IT, OBVIOUSLY!
@detriplea you have to see the original spooks series made by BBC 1 this one wanted to be a comeback from BBC 3 but wasnt so good itss fantastic

London's Olympic security snafu continues

Tue, Jul 17: British MPs say G4S, the company hired to provide London's Olympic security, is incompetent and amateurish. Stuart Greer reports.

China & The London Olympics: Part 6-- Securing the Games

In the sixth part of the series Cecily Liu goes down to Scotland Yard, the central command of London's metropolitan police to speak to Chris Allison, the National ...

Helicopter above the the Big Ben

Security measures during the Olympic games in London are incredible.

UK to Provide 13,500 Troops to Guard 2012 Olympics

For more news and videos visit ☛ //english.ntdtv.com Follow us on Twitter ☛ //twitter.com/NTDTelevision Add us on Facebook ☛ //me.lt/9P8MUn Now ...

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Bombings and genocides, wars and fear are products of ignorance instigated by corrupt psychopathic governments. All religions are just another way to divide the people making each individual think he's better, rather than knowing were all the same. Your aspirations and goals are the same as everyone else's. Raise your frequency by studying Reiki, let your conscience be your religion...see through your HEART ...just do the RIGHT thing always.... define "yourself" and drop the drama and fear !
A new event at the 2012 games, track the guy carrying a back pack for 8 hours... How can 100,000 guards in London stop an attack if it's an inside job? as most all terrorist events have been from inside Gov't groups authorized by top power players! The 1996 Atlanta games bomber was it from a guy with no connections with any Gov't group. In that case, the FBI wrongly went after a heads up security guard and made him look like a low life to the world with the help of the media.
Those troops could certainly be put to a better use. How many millions of Muslims are living in the UK? They sooner we start to fight them in earnest, the better, as long as the fucking holy war they're waging on us can still be won.
Do you like our nice pyramids on top of the stadium? How about our zionist 2012 logo? Come come. No thanks. Has anyone read the 2010 rockefeller foundation report about the 2012 olympic games. 13000.
So, instead of having a great vibe for the event, it will be more of a police state convention. The shame is, if some wacko(s) want to do wrong, they will, regardless.
@greg357159 Most likely this will just be an exercise for what will be standard in the near future. An opportunity to get the public used to checkpoints, etc.
Um because Muslims have threatened to BOMB the Olympics...it's not really paranoia if they really ARE trying to kill you
LOL. A paranoid move .... I wonder why ?

Foreign athletes At the Olympics security measures in height; better than we expected

Amerikansky Congress has not ceased to warn of potential dangers at the Olympic Games in Sochi.
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