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London olympics swimming schedule Videos

Chad Le Clos - World Champion Olympic Swimmer

Coming up in this insert we swim with World Champion Chad Le Clos as he tells us about his training schedule, his family and ultimately his Olympic Dream.

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sorry to respond again, but french Surnames are quite common for Afrikaaners, next to dutch and german surnames.. im sure you know Terreblanche, de Viliers, Le Roux as typical surnames :) And if you look in the interview, you will notice, that le clos father is an afrikaaner for sure.. and i suggest, even if im only a stupid guy from the internet, that you learn afrikaans :) its just such a very cool language, and english everywhere is not the best choice its so boring :)
I didn't know his mom struggled with breast cancer :/ Must've been hard for him... I understand the feeling, my grandmother died of breast cancer and my mom and I have high chances of getting it. Anyways, love him, he's such a great athlete and he did so well at the London 2012 games, such a modest person and such a great athlete. Keep the good work :)
Seriously I hate to watch any video where is him lol no bcz I hate him it's bcz I have huge crush on him I'm crazy about him I feel butterflies when I see him I even dream with him was the beat dream I've ever ever have in my life but it makes feel sad that I don't know him it's frustaring that's why I try no to watch his videos cuz he takes me deep :(
uhm.. that doesnt mean anything, watch his name.. "le clos" sounds very afrikaans, no ? i researched a bit myself : if you hear the interview with his father, after he won that gold medal (Bert le Clos is father,again afrikaans name) , you will hear, that he is an afrikaaner for sure, so le clos can speak afrikaans for sure :)
It´s great!!!!I´m from Spain "I just wish i looked like super-chad le clos". His parents are very sweet. I´ll go to 19th world transplant games in swimming. I hope to see you indeed!!!It would be great and cool!!!!It would be a pleasure for me!!!!Have a nice plan training this week!!!Have very nice time!!!
**We South Africa loves you Chad Le Clos!! We are so happy to have you back with us here in SA!! U ARE AMAZING!!! Hope you have a wonderfull day since its not even half-past eight in the morning!! WE
He is hot. I wish I was in South Africa so I could be proud of him 2. I love him,he's so adorable. Our star Michael Phelps lost to him. I like them both though. But I like Chad Le Clos better(because he's cute and he's a good swimmer.
Congradulations Chad le Clos for obtaining a Gold medal at such a prestigeous event "The London 2011 Olympics" you make South Africa Proud. Keabetswe Ramantshane(PTA)
damn after reading the comments i just wish i looked like chad le clos.. or even a bit like him man... damn girls must be throwing themselves at him... lucky guy!!
Actually Le Clos is a french surname. And no that's not true , my dad is an afrikaaner . and i can only understand it , but can't talk it at all.
Daaaaamn...Hopefully he teaches me a thing or two about swimming ;) Maybe he could be my private instructor ;) That'd be sexxxy
Or you could become a volunteer. I think that's way easier to achieve than to become an olympic athlete ;-).
chad is such an inspiration... Chad never change just be yourself , South Africa is praying for you :D
Olympics I'm coming for you .. swimming is my sport But I cannot decide between soccer and swimming :(
He is sooo sexy omg. I need to become an Olympic athlete so I can go to Rio in 2016 and meet him lol.
I am glad I am African and only one country separates us (Mozambique). Chad, I am coming for you baby!
ha ha ha ha i ask myself the same question.he's so beautiful.i must meet him just once in my life
It's crazy how much these athletes are dedicated .. He seems very nice and he's cute, i like him.
omg they shouldve shown him surf more. that wouldve been so gnarly dude but its cool hes amazing
I love this guy! Been rooting for him since YOG. Definitely keep my eyes glued for London 2012!
you're right.so beautiful and so sexxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyyy.ahhhhhh if he was my boyfriend
SUPER COOL BIG CONGRATES from a Westville Girl's High sista :)))))))) ROCKING!!!!!!!!!

Swimming - Men's 200m Freestyle - S2 Final - London 2012 Paralympic Games

Swimming Men's 200m Freestyle - S2 Final GOLD YANG Yang CHN - People's Republic of China SILVER KOKAREV Dmitrii RUS - Russian Federation ...

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are there different "servereness" of the atheletes' level of handicaps? or why are these much slower than, say, the 100m backstroke?
There are different severities, or classes. Thats what the S1, S2, S3 etc. means. It's their handicapped level. Wouldn't be very fair to put a mildly disabled competitor against a fairly severely disabled one. And if I understand the second half of your question, this is probably much slower because its 200m rather than 100m haha. Also, their handicapped levels may be lower, so therefore their times to be slower. Either way, it's faster than I could ever do!
Your marks (times) are better tham mine. They are amazing!!!! :´)
There faster than you?!?!? I go 2:06.43

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games - Synchronised Swimming (Team Amy)

Yep, It's Amy, Peach, Blaze and Daisy again! I kind of like this Event because it's fun and Team Amy also did this event in a Trailer too. I really like their swimsuits ...

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Do You Ever Play Divekick
+MugenSam99 No I haven't to be honest. :(
Hey, +mariosonic957, why is Amy the queen of the water?
+sotosbros Amy can be a princess too. :)
because she is top ranked swim captain.
I never get tired of this video
Me neither! Isn't this exhilarating?!

London 2012 Synchronised Swimming olympic doodle

Olympic Doodle No. 10 presents "Synchronised Swimming" (August 5th, 2012). Synchronized swimming is a hybrid form of swimming, dance and gymnastics.

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yay google for representing synchro!
the shadows are not moving????
too difficult to animate...
How do you animate them?
but, still good job !!!
I love the music
Nice Doodle !

Mario & Sonic London 2012: Swimming

Player: Yamilla Company: The CW-Network (SysAdmin) This is one of the better games of this game.
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