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How to install khmer unicode Videos

how to install khmer unicode to android (KoKo)

install unicode for samsung, version over 4.1.

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របៀបស្រួលៗប្អូនត្រូវចូលទៅក្នុង​ Play Store​​ រួចចួលទៅសរសេរខាងលើពាក្យថា 4shared រួចលួតយកមកខាងក្រៅ លូតតួចហើយប្អូនចុចទៅលើពាក្យ​ 4shared រួចសរសេរពាក្យ Frama Root រួចលូតចូលក្នុងគ្រឿងរបស់យើងបន្ទាប់មកយើង Root របស់យើងលើយជាកាស្រេច់​របៀបបែបនេះពិបាកបន្ទិច សូមទោសទុកមុនផង
សួរស្តីបង តើ galaxy s3 អាចដាក់ font choco cooky ជាភាសាខ្មែរបានអត់ ត្រូវធ្វើម៉េចខ្លះ។
Dear Sir could you tell me about how to install khmer unicode on sony experia arc or acr s (android 2.3.4) Please tell me.
Domp bong pey nas tver but Unicode khmer knong Android mak! Alov tu..... :D Or kun na bong nar sok ka peap or!
Can anyone help how to install khmer font on galaxy not 3 please!!!!! Thank you so much .
how to install khmer unicode on samsung galaxy tab? Thank you before
please advise. Can i get GPS in srok Khmer on any phone ? Thank you!
can it work on Htc sesantion android 2.3.4? thanks
install hoy hoy but cant dak jerng ban jeng?
I cant find the file. Can you help. thanks
How to root galaxy s advance brab mor na b
Hi, try the new ❝Multiling O Keyboard❞
sorry, i leave work a long time... :D
Does this work on samsung infuse 4G ?
It doesnt show Khmer correctly !
Does this work with android 2.2?
check your version.. over 4.1

How to install khmer unicode for samsung version (4.3) របៀបតម្លើងអក្សខ្មែរសំរាប់ទូរស័ព្វ SAMSUNG

we need to download 4 soft : 1 .. ifont donat : https://www.dropbox.com/s/72xtg1fykd8qng6/iFont_Donate_v1.4-1.apk?dl=0 2 ..khmer.apk ...

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what the tittle of program 
+찬디아이 we need to download 4 soft : 1 .. ifont donat : https://www.dropbox.com/s/72xtg1fykd8qng6/iFont_Donate_v1.4-1.apk?dl=02 ..khmer.apk :https://www.dropbox.com/s/l7qz2nyrolzwjcg/Khmer.apk?dl=03.. klye.plugin :https://www.dropbox.com/s/ko7w0gotujmz6sr/klye.plugin.km-1.apk?dl=04.. seafont.apk :https://www.dropbox.com/s/ko7w0gotujmz6sr/klye.plugin.km-1.apk?dl=0

How to Install Khmer Unicode on Macintosh

How to install Khmer Unicode on Macintosh, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, iMac Please watch the whole clip first. How to see all keyboard layouts on ...

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Hi, I like the dynamic wallpaper. How to get it?
+Wathna SayThx !!
In App Store search for Earth 3D
Hi bong I have used Khmer Sangam MN in Excel 11 but it didn't work for the vowel and consonant. I'm using Yosemite btw. Thank you!
Are you sure you're typing with the Khmer Sangam MN? There are two fonts have similar names: 'Khmer Sangam MN' and 'Kannada Sangam MN' Check it again, but if it's not the case and you have the 'Khmer Sangam MN.ttf' double tap on it, it will be installed to the system, if you're asked to replace the font, go ahead do it, then restart your computer.Good Luck!
MS Word & Browser are working great, but I have a problem in MS Excel, the vowel and consonant are not render well. Can you help please.
Good news! You can solve the font problem in MS Excel now. You just need to change the font style to 'Khmer Sangam MN'It is in the Khmer OS Unicode package.Good Luck!
Forgot to mention! If your current OS is lower than the Yosemite, Khmer Unicode will be full function with MS Excel for Mac if you have Khmer MN font style installed.
Wish I can answer to your problem but I've tried all alternatives but non are worthiness since I updated to OSX Yosemite. I'll let you know once I can find the solution.
sorry, i can the link but i can not find where to download
//www.cambodia.org/fonts/scroll a little bit down, it will be on the right side.

How to install Khmer Unicode NIDA

នៅក្នុងមេរៀននេះលោកអ្នកនឹងសិក្សាអំពី របៀបតម្លើង(install) ខ្មែរយូនីកូដ NIDA ។

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Hello ! Thank you for your video. I did what you explain in this video. Now, I can write khmer on WORD (the software), and I can read khmer on Firefox and Chrome. I work on some videos using Pinnacle studio ultimate 17, and on this software, I can not write all the khmer letters. I have Windows 7. Do you know what kind of apps I could download to resolve this problem ? Thank you very much. I leave in France and so it is difficult for me to speak in English, if you answer, you can do it in cambodian. Thanks
ហេតុអ្វី ចុចដាក់ជើង បែជាសញ្ញាដកឃ្លាទៅវិញ មិនមែនអក្សរ j ទេ សូមជួយប្រាប់ផងអគុណ
yes i like it ,you look know a lot about Khmer Unicode. May you tell me something go to install on mac Thank you so much
@MrRaksasok : Sorry na. I don't use Mac, so I don't know how to show u. And I don't know about Mac.
But is not working normally when I use Khmer Unicode in movie creat software on windows
press key (J) but វាយ​ជើង​អត់ចេញ
Thank you so much .
Mac is very easy

How install font Khmer unicode and keyboard on iOS 7.1.1 and iOS 7.1.2

To install Khmer Unicode on iOS 7.1.1 or iOS 7.1.2 just follow this instruction: - Go to Cydia - Sources - Edit - Add - Write down: elunchen.com/cydia/ - Add source ...

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why i add source error?
Welcome :)
+zeang zeang I'm sorry maybe problem cuz cydia: elunchen.com/cydia/ not available. You can try these cydia link: //4khmeriphone.com/sp/ or cydia.myrepospace.com/imonstersoft.
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