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How to install wsh panel mod Videos

WSH Panel Mod jscript demo for a Coverflow panel and a playlist viewer panel

coverflow script is at level stage beta7 and it's available here : //fav.me/d4t4lh7.

f2k WSH Panel Mod - Copy Script


foobar2000: installer WSH Panel Mod et y copier un script déjà tout fait!

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Thanks for this.

Br3tt's Coverflow (powered by WSH Panel Mod)

started this morning, and already fonctionnal, i'm very proud of the result, i'll now add an horizontal scrollbar to navigate thru this more easily ;o) on this video ...

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mmm very nice, I was drooling all over it :)

preview of my Playlist Viewer, a simple jscript for WSH panel mod

Work in progress, performances are very good on scroll, playlist switch (even on big big playlist ~40k tracks) today i've added live rating system on items, image ...

New WSH playlist panel

Program = foobar2000 Playlist = my new WSH panel mod script (available for CUI or DUI) Here is a demo of my new WSH panel mod jscript, it shows a great ...

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WSH Playlist Viewer v2 beta 3 #demo

jscript for WSH Panel Mod, a component for foobar2000 ... grab it here : //fav.me/d4se96u enjoy!

WSH CoverFlow v1 demo

script for WSH Panel Mod for foobar2000 grab it now: //br3tt.deviantart.com/art/WSH-CoverFlow-v1-290788027.

f2k WSH Panel add %__tool%.mkv

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