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New york pizza eugene oregon Videos

the Sy'stine Mural Project

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You are simply amazing! I hope they do it!

10 Danny Barnes 2010-08-29 Pizza Box

moe. - New York City - McDonald Theatre - 1/29/12

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daryl hartwig - Xpose Police Crime Ring in Eugene, Oregon

1-15 State Police harassed and acted like they were going to attack me and spoke lie's regarding their position's as Park ranger- (recording loaded for your view) ...

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2-9- I have NOT heard anything back from the State Police or the State Park. I am going to continue on my morning walks again- It is SO gorgeous here and I need the walks for my excersize and bright spirits. I wrote to Ross Kihs- who is said to be assistant to the DM Havel of State Parks. Neither one have called or written me back, not to appologize for the nightmare they put me through or to ensure me that it will never happen again! They chose to evade the matter. I am going on my walks to day and I will take photos gain and list them tonight. I do not believe there will be any trouble from here but if so then I will record it. I am getting ready to go home to Switzerland through My Beloved Brother soon and I HAVE to be in Great Shape- do you know what I mean?- God Bless to All and Thank you for your good advice. It is very welcome.While you are here check out my photos. I have Nature photos and Interdimensional Photos that I have taken and they are quite beautiful. I hope you enjoy. ~ Thank you again and God Bless ~
I'm all for hiring people with special needs. But I don't think its always appropriate to have them in a position where they have to deal with the public, such as this. Good job Mary. Keep the camera rolling ans stand your ground!
why am i not surprised to see you are in oregon and eugene of all places..lmao
Teenage geese?
good on you

Albee's NY Gyros

A news feature on Albee's Authentic New York Gyros at 391 West 11t St. Eugene, OR. Go.

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Gyros made the right way.. Live 120 miles away dammit! Actually have a friend coming down today whos gonna stop and pick me three of these puppies on the way! Only one problem to speak of. That freakin Yankee hat turns my stomach. Go Sox! Support this little niche restaurant. Good food and good people.

"Subprime Lending Blues" Avitia LIVE @ Diablo's Lounge Eugene Oregon Feb 22nd 2011

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Excellent! Got the blues brothers style going... Great music
Gee someone put the mic right infront of the camera... lol
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