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China white the scorpions Videos

Fried Scorpion Snacks for the Office! - Why Would You Eat That?

In this episode of Why Would You Eat That? We tackle China's Fried Scorpion Snacks! Often sustainably raised, low in fat & loaded with protein, this is a snack ...

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I had scorpions at wangfujing market. They taste like lamb fat to me. quite tasty actually.
+Jurgen Els to me they taste like deep fried pork skin
Come on America, we need to get our shit together! No one else is scared of eating bugs! Hell, did you know that my little sister thinks eating a cricket can kill you?! XD
I've eaten bugs in quite a few countries, and a lot of them are quite good. And no, there are MOST CERTAINLY many, many more places where people eat bugs than where people don't eat bugs. I think something like two thirds or three quarters of the world eats bugs in some fashion.
+Mr Music The only Nations that don't really eat bugs are just a few of Europe Nations. All other nations have bits or pieces of food that involve bugs or so... There are Bug candy shop and restaurant in USA as well.
+metademetra No one else is scared of eating bugs? I'm pretty sure that there more countries where people don't eat bugs than countries where people actually eat them.
+metademetra Well, it's not exactly a good idea to just start eating random crickets. They can carry diseases that are harmful to humans. Nothing that will kill you or even make you SERIOUSLY ill, granted they could always have just somehow doused themselves in pesticide somehow and make you sick.
As someone from the USA, I would actually like to try this. It's probably better for you than brats and hot dogs. At least I would know exactly what I'm eating.
Disgusting or not but the fact is most disgusting foods are actually healthier than you think I would encourage you. But safety is number one priority.
+Gunrunner92FS They Are MUCH better for you, orders of magnitude better. And I have no idea why youtube has decided today to start randomly capitalizing things I type.
Stop at 4:06 we got a new meme :3
+Senpai Deew That is the most DTF face I've ever seen on anyone.
Everything is cooked alive in China.
+Sigurjonsig Pretty much. Similarly, pretty much everything is eaten alive in nature.
Is it odd that all of the food they try on this show I reallllllly want to have. I mean honestly I really want to try them 
+BabyBlackKitsune Not at all, because they are all edible.
Chinese will eat anything
+capnhands damm right
I can't say it's popular, because most Chinese people don't eat that stuff. I mean, it's a bug. 

Shenzhen - China

Shenzhen - China / Scorpions-China White.

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Shenzhen is a piece of shit, an artificial mainland city. Besides the southern part (Nan Wan & Futian & Sheko) its still a piece of shit, like an artificial concrete city trying to be westernized but pumped of "mainland PRC" vibe, too strong. Go to farther parts of China, where there are natural sceneries and landscape like mountains and river valleys from ancient times true Chinese heritage. but avoid places like Shenzhen, it's just a fake Hong Kong. I am Chinese, SZ is a piece of shit.
I think shenzhen is a such nice place to go...cuz its the most diversity city in China, and shenzhen is much beautiful than the video which shows to you guys. just go there to check it out, you can figure it out like i said...or u guys can check the other videos in the youtube, like shenzhen universiade of 2011 video...you will not be regreted.
@Nadeemkherani Hello. nice to hear you want to go to shenzhen..just wondering what type of trip are you going to? business trip? tourism? or the other type of visiting.. you browse the chinese embassy website in your country and you will see the required documents and forms...hope this help
I was there in December 2007. Shenzhen is ok, has Wal-mart, starbucks, many western restaurants. However, they need to do something about the air quality and crazy construction around there. Check out the club 'True Colors' while you are there.
some of these pics must be at least 5yrs old now.. but even pics i took a couple of wks ago look out of date due to the fast rate of change out in shenzhen. I love it out there!
I WAS THERE LAST FRIDAY AND IT WAS A VERY RIDICULOUS PLACE! FOOD, PEOPLE AND PLACE ARE SHITTY! I love hong kong instead!! I will never go back there again!!!
This is an old view of the city (over three years old!!) I was there last week, and I am back in Boston now. Hong Kong is perfect. Shanzen is more gritty.
@Nadeemkherani Simply ask for a multiple entry visa from the Chinese consulate in your country. Obviously make sure your passport is up to date.
that is di wang which means the king of the land. as far as i concern, di wang is a combination of commercial building and shopping center
i like this city :) I have a good internet friend from this city. Anyone who knows where the sanmin company building is in shenzhen?
are u in there yet? you are right, those pics just somewhat beautify the city. but overall shenzhen is a pretty nice place to be.
The air quality is terrible in winter, because of lack of rain. You should visit Shenzhen in Spring or Summer.

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