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Edinburgh university pgce secondary Videos

The Queen Unveils Foundation Stone Of New Exeter University (1956)

Unissued / unused footage - dates and locations may be unclear / unknown. Queen Elizabeth II unveils foundation stone of new Exeter University, Devon. M/S of ...

First Aid Africa - Surf for Survival

17 DRAFTS - Tamar Broadbent

The original recording of '17 Drafts' by a 21-year-old, slightly sunburnt Tamar Broadbent (songwriter). '17 Drafts' is from PIERCED the Musical. BML by Tamar ...

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Just had a listen to this song. Absolutely love it. Such catchy, funny and honest lyrics. Would love to hear the rest of the show. Im a writer/performer myself, hoping to go do a post grad in london in a few years, Id love you to take a look at some of my videos and maybe leave some comments. Ive written 3 musicals, so take a look on my channel :) Keep up the good work Matty xx
This is amazing. I can not wait to see this musical one day. I think It'll become a big hit.

"Stick with your Mates" - The Young Trainee Teachers - Dunedin Summer School 2012

Danced at Chelidh Night, 4th January 2012, piano - Andrew Logan of Edinburgh.

Research at the University of Aberdeen

How do University of Aberdeen researchers address the world's greatest challenges and communicate their work to the wider public? Learn more about our ...

Celtic Studies at Aberystwyth University

For more information, visit: //www.aber.ac.uk Follow us on: Facebook: //www.aber.ac.uk/en/social-media/fb-community/ Twitter: ...

National Plant Phenomics Centre at IBERS, Aberystwyth University

Visualisation of the working system of the National Plant Phenomics Centre (NPPC) at the Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences (IBERS) at ...
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