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Smart from the Start: Pre-K Energy Balance Program - 2013 CGI Commitment Announcement

Lisa Gable of the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation delivers a commitment announcement at the 2013 CGI Annual Meeting.

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This is fantastic! Public-private partnerships make so much sense when it comes to early childhood care and resources. Looking forward to hearing more about this program and how Smart From the Start program will impact at-risk schools.

Bill Goodwin of Discovery Education, a division of Discovery Communications, Inc., delivers a commitment announcement at the 2013 CGI Annual Meeting.

Financial Inclusion 2020: Roadmap to Financial Inclusion - 2013 CGI Commitment Announcement

Michael Schlein of ACCION International delivers a commitment announcement at the 2013 CGI Annual Meeting.

Why socially responsible investing is smart investing

//www.vancity.com/sri IA Clarington, the mutual fund company we've partnered with to deliver IAC Inhance SRI Funds, has created a short video that ...

MDB Smart Ticketing

Did you know that CGI, has delivered the largest concessionary scheme in the UK and over 100 card schemes world-wide? In this video, Kevin explains how ...

TechNOW with John Proctor, Cyber Security, VP, CGI: Reputational risk

Cyber-attacks are more and more prevalent and sophisticated. As organizations develop new security mechanisms, cyber criminals are cultivating new ...

T.Govt Plans To Make Hyderabad A Smart City | Telangana : TV5 News

Telangana Government planning to make hyderabad a smart city.The idea of a smart city is to put technology to good use in order to improve the quality of life ...

Financial planning for entrepreneurs

What does 'managing money' mean for people who have just started their ventures? Financial planner Gaurav Mashruwala helps young entrepreneurs ...
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