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Cars land celebrity premiere Videos

Cars Land at Disney California Adventure Park wows celebrities

'Cars' Premiere

//www.hollywood.com 'Cars' Premiere Owen Wilson, Paul Newman, Bonnie Hunt, Larry the Cable Guy, Cheech Marin, John Ratzenberger, Richard Petty, ...

Carsland with Radio Disney's Ernie D | Radio Disney

Ernie D takes us on a tour of Carsland! . About Radio Disney: The official Radio Disney channel is where you can access exclusive Radio Disney content with ...

Celebrities Go down the Red Carpet in the Grand Opening of Cars Land

Cars Land Opening Ceremony at Disney California Adventure

Celebrities Attend Pirates Of The Caribbean Premiere At Disneyland

"World of Color" celebrity arrivals - Vanessa Hudgens, Peter Facinelli, John Stamos & more

At the world premiere of Disney's "World of Color" show at the Disneyland Resort on June 20, 1010, a blue carpet was rolled out to welcome special guest ...

User Comments

@americanidolizgay Oh boy ur gonna ur getting me started -_- well not like they intended it to happen they didnt think the film would becam so successful &become a franchise, also Vanessa said she used to come to disneyland california adv when she was young so she appreciates Disney. Also HSM wasnt that bad it started as a good movie on disney channel & became immensly huge &ended up as Walt Disney Pictures film(w/ 3rd installment) the music isnt bad either its a mix of contemporary&show music
i think this video was useless because it just shows stupid celeberties going to a show in the worst disney park u can think of. disneyworld america and france are more interesting than disney land.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahaha inside the magic is going on the bad side. jk i loved this video i just loved how mu got close ups on most of the celeberties going to the grand opening of THE WORLD OF COLOR!!!!!
@cinkmg6863 mind elaborating on that a bit? Besides, that's with any company. To customers they seem great. But when you actually work for the company and see "nuts n bolts" of how things "really" happen, you realize the truth behind any company.
@KerriCP Serious, those are celebrites who I respect. I mean they won't have time for everyone, but just seeing a celebrity to take a time to take a picture, that's pretty cool.
@pirateprncss222 VIPs also get benches if they want. This includes anyone who is willing to hire a VIP tour guide for a few hours - which is quite expensive.
World Of Color looks so cool I wish I could see it and so cool Vanessa Hudgens was there love the HSM series and her character
@SmileyV07 high school musical SUCKS! and so does vanessa hudgens and all these new people! there killing the origional disney!
Jodi Benson! the voice of Ariel at 1:37 the color of her dress kinda reminds me of Little Mermaid too ha
i was at the premiere but i didn't know celebs were there!! i was in sebastians team and we won!
I talked with Jodi Benson at the premier. She is the nicest woman I have ever met!
@simpsonsdumbhead only for people who are with someone in a wheelchair
@bbgiggles13 Thank you!! now were gona have a trip to disney!!
Wish i could watch it! is the park extending its time hours?
love how the background music is all electro/dancey bhahaaha
Isabelle Fuhrman was there but they don't show it here.
I seen Peter there and i'm all "I WISH I WERE THERE!"
that was so sweet of jodi to run back for a pic!
Thank God Justin Bieber did not attend!!!


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ts so great in it for a Range Rover. Silly
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