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Cfl working principle Videos

The Things that Make for Peace - Doug Stuart (CFL 2015)

Doug Stuart, Libertarian Christian Institute author and board member, presents his talk on the connection between the Christian idea of "shalom" and libertarian ...

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Augustus was called "Divi Filius" (son of the divine or the deified one), which is father different from "Dei Filius" (son of God). A "divus" was considered superhuman but not nearly of the same rank as an actual god. It was frankly more similar to how some of the more superstitious Roman Catholics view the saints. The cults of dead emperors went a bit further than the veneration of saints, but not by a huge amount.
Very good...thanks for sharing!

Fluorescent lamps

//www.svetila.com - Fluorescent lamps are low-pressure gas discharge lamps in which the invisible UV radiation generated by the discharge is converted ...

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Compact fluorescents are still leading the lighting market, get them at low price guarantied in our website
Why is it that i think this guy is going to burst into song and any moment... CHOCOLATE RAIN!
thank u dear very good work......
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UBA22xx Power IC Family - PTM Preview

Preview of NXP's UBA22xx Power IC FamilyPTM. Visit //dky.bz/UBA22xx, to view the full product training module to learn more about the working principle of ...

EECE492 study_of_CFL_part1.wmv

Jack: background information, history, working principles, CFL vs incandescent.

Great Value Compact Fluorescent Bulbs , 1600 lumens brightness

I bought these 1600 lumens compact fluorescent bulbs at Walmart for 6 dollars for a box of 4 bulbs. I've switched from incandescent bulbs a while back and I can ...

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I bought Great Value CFL's too because they're really inexpensive! However I prefer the Daylight 5000k ones. The 1600 lumen 23 watt ones are defenitely better than the traditional incandescent 100 watt bulbs. 
Yes; there are two types. Soft White and Daylight. Look for daylight bulbs 
+talldude123 5000k light is whiter? I'll check those out.
Yep, and the color temperature between 2700k and 5000k makes a HUGE difference, makes rooms seem brighter in my opinion. 
These fluorescent bulbs last so much longer than the old incandescent ones. I'm very content.
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