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Working diligently Videos

The Good Times Show:Working Diligently

In this pilot episode to the new you tube sitcom, Steven teaches Chris and Z to work diligently as unto the Lord.

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Hi, Chris why I can't see ur recent uploaded video?
+Deepak Peter  Sorry I did not reply to your comment earlier. I don't know why it's not showing up.I did put the link to the video on my Instagram page on my biography. Try watching it from there. If that does not work, Than I can email you the video off of my computer. Sorry bout that.
Excellent work, guys! 
Thanks for the feedback everyone! Means a lot.

Working Diligently

Putting in some maximum overtime. Not pulling any punches this time! Follow me on Facebook for updates on my irritating procrastination habits!

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This is like an Adult Swim commercial... Not sure if that's a good thing or...


Life Wisdom - 07-15-2011 Working Diligently to Sow Seeds of Goodness

Megabit Affiliate™ - Leland Best is working diligently to help you build your Passion Online.

We work diligently to exceed your expectations

Watch all the videos from this episode at: //en.la.sabretravelnetwork.com/home/stay_ahead_tv/episode_3/ A message from Martin Bravo, Sabre's Regional ...

Library working diligently on two projects

Members of the library board presented Dougherty County commissioners with an annual report; this report shows what they've done this year and what they're ...

2009 PAragon Award - Humanitarian PA of the Year

Julie Malacusky, PA-C of Troy, Mich., founded The Dream Project to help children orphaned and abandoned by the AIDS epidemic in Mozambique, Africa.
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