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Fender jaguar neck Videos

1962 Fender Jaguar "A" Neck

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Such a beautiful guitar and sound... great playing too... however you got the switching all wrong, you were just playing around with the rhythm circuit...
which country is she from? I see you are selling her. 

Fender Jaguar neck Pickup demo

This is a short demo of a Fender Classic player Jaguar . Played through a Marshall 2558 on the clean channle using a Greenhouse effects goldrive and a ...

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Thanks I'd did sound rather thin when the coil is split.a true single coil will sound better then a split humbucker. I've replaced both pickup with dimarzios. Air zone in the bridge and air classic in the neck. They both compliment the guitar better then the original enforcers. The overdrive used here is very thick and adds volume to the lower mid frequencies
@royzic That's a pretty cool sound, other demos it sounded kind of thin fully split. Would you say the sound stacks up to a "real" Jag sound? The neck is stock I take it? What's that in the Bridge?
The coils were fully split,volume knob is turned down a bit to emphasize playing dynamics. I've used the Goldrive (GH) to get that sound
Where was the coil splitting set? Also that's a very strange effect with the distortion creeping in at lower volumes.
@royzic Oh so it's not the stock sound in this clip? Is the stop coil split sound any good?

Fender Jazzmaster vs. Squier Jazzmaster (neck pickup)

Fender Jazzmaster Made in Japan - 1994 Orginal pickups Full Volume & Tone Squier Jazzmaster Made in China 2014 Orginal Pickups Full Volume & Tone ...

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Tool Vicarious vs Fender Jaguar AVRI 62 (neck pickup)

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Hell yeahhh sounds awesome 

How to shim a guitar neck (by request)

I was asked a couple months ago to demonstrate re-setting a bolt on neck with shims, but forgot :-/. This one is for youtube user telepathictraffic.

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Terrible. You want to support the neck in the pocket across the width. Eventually this will cause warping. Dont use a pick. Bad advice. Cut a shim of plastic or wood in a small wedge that fits the entire top half of the pocket
+Jc Ripp I think it's best to use a hardwood shim that's the same size as the pocket and tapers away from the body. A full-size wedge maintains the original neck-to-body contact and is the best way to ensure that the neck doesn't warp because of any air pocket within the joint.

VOX AC4C1 / 1964 Fender Jaguar

ลองเสียงแอมป์ VOX AC4C1 อัดออกมาไดนามิค และมิติเสียงต่างๆหายเรียบ ^^ แอมป์...

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Cool demo, thanks!

First Fender Double-Neck Ever

PG's Brett Petrusek is On Location at the 2008 Arlington Guitar Show and Auction. Here, we visit with Jimmy Wallace as he shows us the very first Custom Shop ...

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I do believe, and this is my own opinion, the first ever Fender double neck STRAT was Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimmy Vaughan's double neck that they used to perform their song "Pipeline". If it wasn't the first, it certainly wasn't much longer until it was made.
+Sawyer Lightsey Hmmmm. Interesting.... Thanks for the input!
but it wasn't an actual fender job. it was someone he knew that made it for him.
David Gilmour had a double neck strat back in '73 for the Dark Side of the Moon tour. Didn't get used much due to weight.

Antiquity II For Jaguar

The mid-'60s Jaguar® was an important part of the surf sound for dozens of Southern California bands and was heard on many TV and movie soundtracks.

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what amazing playing!!
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