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Israel news peace treaty Videos

Israel : PM Netanyahu says Peace agreement must be negotiated, not imposed (Mar 20, 2015)

SOURCE: //www.foxnews.com News Articles: Netanyahu's Hard Right Turn Could Put Israel on Road to Isolation ...

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Hello children of the one true living God, please glorify our heavenly Father.
+Michael Haley Shalom ~ ALL GLORY TO OUR GOD and the MOST HIGH Adon Adonai Tseva'ot!!
Netanyahu is a seasoned warrior and obama is a Harvard panty waste...obummer is gonna feel the heat real soon
+worsethan oj Smiling ....



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With eyes to see and ears that hear. We are witnessing those times that the prophets of old only dreamed of seeing.

Bush expects Mideast peace treaty by next year

Hello on this Thursday, January 10, 2008. I'm Kristin Volk with a UPI news update. President Bush is predicting that a Middle East peace treaty would be signed ...

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I did read something about a peace treaty between Israel and other countries for 7 years. And in the middle of the treaty, after 3, 5 years, the treaty would be broken and Israel would be invaded.
it actually says 3.5 peace then war but it also says that the peace treaty will initiated by the antChrist! so if there is to be a peace treaty, keep your eyes open!!!
The temple must be build as well
Hillary Clinton ?

Breaking Bible News! USA plane in Iran! Russia and USA! Israel Peace Treaty! Ukraine Crisis!!!

Why is an unidentified USA plane in Iran and unidentified passenger a secret? Will Putin help the Ukraine? Will the Israel Peace Treaty happen by April 29th ...

ISRAEL AND THE VATICAN INTRODUCE THE ANTICHRIST,,,,mid east peace treaty signed 2014

Kerry and the USA have pushed the Mideast peace agreement down the throats. Kerry has mad threats of boycotting Israel and cutting off UN funds if Israel will ...

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If these all powerful world leaders are Muslims, then why are so many conspiracies going around in the world to crush Muslims. Media is intelligently used by the Zionists and their Illuminati masters to spread hatred for Muslims and crush them. They are trying their best to destroy and weaken Muslims and Arabs before they do the same with Christians and then setup their own New World Order. Divide and Rule policy!
I agree with you
It's sooner than you think.
It can't be until they have built the third temple
I think the POPE is the false prophet and the antichrist is Obama but things point to any of the princes, Prince William being chipped, adored, wedded, a father, would fit this description! However, HARRY is quite the little Nazi. His desire shall not be unto women? Could be Harry or Obama! Pope Francis is false prophet, Obama the beast and King William as the antichrist!
+ExWarrior777 It Is Written The LORD Desires Obedience Rather Than The Sacrifice For Obedience is GREATER Than The Sacrifice !!!!!!! Hitler The Catholic, The Vatican is Working Double Time in Demonizing Us Jews It Is The Common Practice of The Roman Catholic church for It`s Entire History and Justifies It`s Self for Murdering All The People For Just Having Any of The Scriptures All Through The Dark Ages,JESUS Himself Commanded All To Search the Scriptures=Study The Old Testament=The Catholic church is Antichrist !!!!!!!
it will come out of the east (the ocean of the east) meaning of an east (middle eastern decendance) he will trick jews into thinking they have peace with all nations, then he will kick israel out of the peace treaty and deny sacrifices and will turn all armies (in the peace treaty) to turn on israel (kicked out of peace treaty).
+Jacob Wagner JESUS Said Satan Takes peter Captive at his Will,JESUS Said To The Disciples All Those That Seek to Save There lives Shall Loose IT=All That Fled When JESUS Was Arrested Seeking To Save There Lives LOST IT !!!!!!! People All Over This Planet Sing/Rap to And About Me The JESUS Rally Jew The JESUS Prophet With Super Power Some Songs On My Likes Playlist,Catholics Plundered Me They Used The USA Justice System to Do It And Now Both Are Soon to Be No More !!!!!!! The USA 17+ Trillion Dollars In Debt !!!!!!!
+Jacob Wagner they are not the 2 witnesses ...wake up
+Jacob Wagner Jesus never set up a pope ...You are misled 
+Jacob Wagner Please man seek God not a false prophet ......that isn't the 2 witnesses
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