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Israel golan news Videos

Israeli News Live - Golan Mountains Goes Up In Flames

As the sun rose this morning in the Golan Heights mountains were smoldering and some still burning. To the North East of Lake Kennerit (Galilee) one mountain ...

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Brother I have been having dreams of plague. The real deal is coming. I also dreamed of two ears of corn when i broke them in half black plague came out of the middle. I had that exact.dream twice. Also a gun made of green and orange.fruit. when the gun fired the fruit turned black. Pray for discernment as always and the interpretation of the dream i will leave with you. Wonderful picture you too. And your son as well. May the LORD bless your family forever. Amen.. much love a brother. Clinton
Once again thankyou for sharing your experience and sights with use of technology to benefit the viewers and Bless. This mountain will flourish now as new shoots will spring up. God BLess brother and shalom.
Praying for you and your family brother....keep looking up...a sister in Colorado, Thank you for all you do
What was the flashing light behind your right shoulder in the middle of this? Praying for you...
God is burning off the cover the enemies of Israel would use to hide an incursion into Israel
Awesome thank you for sharing. Gods signature (lightening) on stone.
You look so great in Israel. Obviously where you belong!
I'm sorry... Behind your left not right. Lol
awesome! Thanks for the updates.
God bless you all !
It is Jesus!
Tic tock ...

BBC News Israeli teenager killed in occupied Golan Heights

A 15-year-old Israeli boy has been killed in an attack by Syrian forces on the occupied Golan Heights. The raid launched from inside Syria is the first Israe.

Israel returns bodies of Syrian fighters killed in Golan Heights

Israel has agreed to return the dead bodies of three Syrian guerilla fighters killed by Israeli forces in the occupied Golan Heights. The fighters had crossed into ...

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These are the people presstv supports ( terrorist )
+Patrick Golden In particular, Israel is the root of all evil and the root.
+jamali hamilton The true terrorists are USA, NATO and Israel.
And does bodies will keep returning next time in the hundreds if you keep fucking with Israel.
Israel is terrorist state that will eventually be blown of the map I have know doubt about that don't fuck with Israel bahahahahah there days are numbered nothing can be done to save that little shit hole
You sure would NEVER see a muslim do the right thing. EVER. WHY is this? MOST WOULD SAY because they are blinded to the fact they worship satan. ITS TRUE. ..but the real reason is we have entered the end times and GOD REQUIRES they now be blinded from his word and truth. The time to awaken and be given his blessing has almost closed. Rubuke satan and live. OR BE CAST INTO THE SEA OF FIRE WITH HIM FOR ETERNITY. THE HORRORS THEY FACE ARE UNTHINKAVLE AND NOTHING compared to the misery they are causing world wide right now....which are legion. .. Islam quotes Isaiah saying it proves that mohammid was FORTOLD. ..IN A WAY...yes it does but NOT as they are told. It proves he is satans minion and their path to hell. That they can read OR be unlearned yet the book IS CLOSED TO THOSE FOLLOWING satan...NOT that there will be an unlearned prophet. That it matters NOT IF YOU CAN OR CAN NOT READ....THAT EVIL IS SHUT OUT FROM GOD. ... SATAN TAKES THE LIARS SOULS... FOR EVER... TO THE LAKE OF FIRE WITH HIM. so islamists fools...continue to read things out of context to KEEP TRYING to invent a reason to follow hate and evil. HATE=SATAN LOVE=GOD basic and easy to understand yet once again it proves it is the end times because they are blind. .. 
+Sislertx  HATE= SATAN               LOVE=GOD, That is true but zionist and Talmudic jews preach hate, racism and bigotry. These people are the Synagogue of Satan. Their god is Lucifer.

Syria News 24/12/2014, Israeli oil companies violate UN laws, mining in occupied Golan

DeirEzzour: People of Al-Boukamal #attack #ISIL headquarter after #mass #graves discovered - #Occupied #Palestine: Al-Qassam leader killed & 2 other ...

ALERT NEWS Syrians On Golan Planning Fight Against Israel Could Israel Fulfill Isaiah 17 1

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