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News in Brief -- 22nd October -- 04:30 GMT

Palestinian resistance movement Hamas has accused the UN chief of siding with Israel over the ongoing crisis across the Palestinian territories. Israeli forces ...

Israel End Times Bible Prophecy News Analysis, Oct. 21, 2015

It changes direction more to car attacks but goes on and gov't still trying to stop attacks with little success, If you wish to support this work please go to our ...

The Kaliver Rebbe's Message to the Obama Administration and American Jews on the Situation in Israel

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL - OCTOBER 14, 2015 - EDITORIAL NEWS VIDEO Following the horrific terror attacks in Yerushalayim by palestinian arab terrorists, the ...

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A truly great man who has lived through hell and loves the world and loves America in particular.
Stupid git.

Alan's Real News | October 6, 2015

Alan covers current events, specifically concerning Israel, and focuses on the news items we all care most about ... and what the LameStream Media isn't telling ...

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I live here in Roseburg Oregon. I watched as many of our law enforcement vehicles flew to the location. My wife and I were on our way to the store when this all started. We were scared that something might have been happening at our kids schools, but we were relieved, then horrified at what was happening at UCC. I watched life flight helicopters come and go in rapid succession from Mercy Hospital in Roseburg. My daughter`s friend was directly impacted when her sisters boyfriend was found to be one of the slain Christians. I cant tell you how angry I am as a disabled veteran that our president turns a blind eye to the real threat of militant Islam while furthering his agenda to disarm the population. We are a community of just over 20,000. We are all effected here and are grieving for the families that lost those they hold dear. Almost everyone here knows one of the slain or someone else who does. Pray for us. Elohim wins in the end, so hold fast to your Faith in Yeshua our messiah.
+Linda MacIntyre Thank you so much. I have seen videos calling what happened a hoax, and it is so upsetting. I tried responding to them, but I was called the c word in one post. We know that Elohim is the Master and that we are his. There is nothing that satan or his followers can do about that. God bless you Linda MacIntyre and Kar Giver . :-)
Michael Weis, I'm so sorry for what your town and your family is dealing with for this ISIS terrorist's horrific acts. Praising Elohim that you have His shalom that passes all human understanding and that the slain Christians have, indeed, received reward far beyond our imagination for their stand. Praying that His Presence remains strongly filled in those dealing directly with this and that it will ultimately and supernaturally be used for His Glory. It is horrific and yet, I hope and pray, so inspiring to a lost world to imagine that after the first Christian was shot in the head that 8 MORE took the same stand knowing for sure they'd be shot in the head next. We will be reunited soon having been made completely whole, HalleluYah.
Michael Weis, hello. I am Linda and I live in Salem. It makes me sick what people have said and tried to downplay it. All Oregonians hurt and grieve for you. I know Roseburg doesn't want obama to come. But he is coming to Roseburg on Friday. After what he said at the press conference and how he said it I think it is very inappropriate for him to come. I and many others are praying for you town. ♡
Thank you Alan as always. It takes a lot of work to put that all together for us and seeing what is happening to day in the promises in the Holy Bible that YHWH makes our faith even stronger. I so look forward to this news I sometimes go in on Monday looking for it then realizing it is not Tuesday yet. LOL
+hiway280z I pray for YHWH's chosen people every night for them to have strength in what they are going through and will go through in the future.
I wish PM Benjamin Netanyahu was our leader. He actually likes Christians. He has Bible studies in his home. He is strong and honest. He has an IQ close to 200. He knows that "We the people" are still Israel friend even if our president is not. I watched his speech three times. Right from the get go he comes out. Is quiet. looks around. puts his glasses on and looks again. puts them back in his pocket and mumbles something to himself. most news feeds have cut that part out of of the video we noticed. Only a few have it. It spike volumes. Who easy thete to hear his speech. And who was told not to sit in on it. I'm so ashamed of our politicians. But I guess it is all in Yahweh's plan.
+Alan Horvath that is so awesome! I knew it ! Bibi is a wonderful leader too
+Alan Horvath I just knew it! Peter and I were talking about this this a couple hours ago after Peter watched the whole speech. Not the shortened version. And I mentioned that feel he is a Messianic Jew. You can recognise other believers and he is very strong in the ruach. Annointed. I felt his words had a strength and resolve that could only be from Abba Father.
+Linda MacIntyre Some who know him say he is a believer in Yahshua.
Thank you, achi, for mentioning those martyred in Oregon. It has been an emotional week. Obama wants to come visit now. No one wants him to come. The local newspaper is printing articles telling him to stay away. He wants to make it political. He says if the shooter didn't have a gun he couldn't have done it. That is not true. He had joined the Islamic State. He had photos with ISIS. He had 14 guns that he did not buy and his parents didn't know about. ISIS will supply any person willing to kill Christians and then commit suicide. We, here in Oregon, had to close down two more colleges this week due to bomb threats. This was a terrorist attack on American soil.
+Linda MacIntyre Oh nuts! Obama is coming to Oregon on Friday. Just about everyone wants him not to come. It's pretty hostile.
+Alan Horvath obamas version of what happened here and the truth are two different things. And instead of compassion and comfort, we got a scolding on guns. Our head of our nation...was irritated that he had to be called out to talk about the need for gun control one more time. That a gun wad in the hands of a mentally ill person. Oh and that he asked if the were religious. All lies. One by one he told Christians to stand and he shot them in the head. Next one would stand knowing what happened to the previous. And they were shot the same way. They were brave. They stood for their Savior and Lord. One grandmother crawled over over on her hands and knees and started doing cpr on the wounded. A young father, just back from Afghanistan rushed him and tried to stop him and got shot 5 times. He lived. He hopes to walk again one day. That's when tje police came and the shooter committed suicide. Did obama mention tje young vet. No. But We the people responded. He has a go fund me account of almost a million dollars in donations. If Obama does come to Roseburg, we will not be welcomed.
+Linda MacIntyre Obama just wants to do what he can to get guns out of the hands of all citizens.

Israel Update Mid Day Oct. 4, 2015

Description of whay has been done. If you wish to support this work please go to our Indiegogo campaign. They are a large and well established fund raising ...

News Updates October 14 2015 Israel Blocks, Russia Appeals, Plane Burns

https://soundcloud.com/biff-burroughs-1 https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009707259085 https://ello.co/biffburroughs ...

Largest march in support of Israel October- 2015

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I'm sorry i would love to support Israel but i feel it is a waist of time. Israel continues to violate UN resolutions and STILL illegaly occupates land so no, as an American tax payer i do NOT support Israel. The conflict will NEVER end and will never change. There will never be piece and Israel does not care about the reprocussions of its actions or how it effects the world, and over a piece of land the size of New Jersey? The only reason anyone would support Israel is blind ignorence or money. Plus I can never forgive what Israel did to the USS Liberty or my grandfather. Israeli's are sneaky and full of shit liars. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3PShsRuTQk
+Stereo Studios Hi man , I know history very well, I agree with you on one thing, the conflict will never end, if you look at history, you see that the Jewish people were persecuted always, no matter what he did.If you learn history you'll see that the land of Israel belonged to Jews, my family lives here more than 40 centuries before the establishment of Israel (1948) (It is likely that I know little more than you know about Israel), which expelled us and we returned here does not mean that we stole land, this land is ours.//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_IsraelPalestine is a lie, not in Israel, Palestine has never been, and Israel has a history of over 2000 years. Muslims have 22 states. The Jews have one. It is fair to have a state for Jews only one country. In addition, according to Judaism in Israel belongs to the Jews under Islam also Israel belongs to the Jews, and I Christianity Israel belongs to the JewsWe are not here to fight anybody, we're here because this is our land and it was ours forever.If you want to know how life in Israel, stabbed, trampled, burned Jewish children every day, that you do not hear about it in the media does not mean it is not so.What the hell do you expect Israel to do ??Happy to be better and the sides did not hurt, but you can not blame only Israel.
+Страшные новости Hey, thank you :)
Where was it and when?
+IsraelFullTruth The march was held in Israel , jerusalemThursday, 1 October
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