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TV news report: Gary Yourofsky at Ben Gurion University

Hot Darom TV news report of Gary Yourofsky's speech at Ben Gurion university in front of a packed house of 450 people. This lecture took place on September ...

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2:47? מה? רוב בעלי החיים הם לא טורפים, הם צמחוניים. ואם זו לא שואה, איך היית מגדיר את זה? זה מה שקורה כאשר אתם רוצים ארוחה ואין על זה ערעור, אתם אולי נותנים לעצמכם תירוצים אבל הדבר העצוב הוא שעדיין מי שנשאר מחוץ למחשבה הם בעלי החיים שכרגע צורחים מכאב פיזי או נפשי, ייאוש, געגועים לאמא, וכל הדברים הנוראיים ביותר שניתן להעלות על הדעת. עצוב שיש אנשים שיודעים מה שקורה בבתי מטבחיים וחוות משקים מתועשים ועדיין לא מראים שום חמלה אנושית שזו הדבר המינימלי שצריך שיהיה לנו. בלי חמלה אין שלום בינינו.
i bet you're just following orders huh..repeating the nonsense yr self-proclaimed fake prophet Gary Yourofsky been running his mouth about..it easy to brainwash college kids and associate eating meat with the holocaust..why dont u go to the synagogues and walk the talk..i doubt they'd approve yr message..this movement of extreme veganism is nothing but a new religion to get ya'll to eat the GMO eventually
what kind of reply is that? "do not further your bloodline" pfffttt..talk to the hand u grass-eating sheep..and please next time dont write long replies, i have no time to read multiple paragraphs of garbage, i have more important things to do for my beloved HUMAN BEINGS (unlike u who worship animals). if u wanna reply, make it worth my time please.
How many is a billion? In British English, a billion used to be equivalent to a million million (i.e. 1,000,000,000,000), while in American English it has always equated to a thousand million (i.e. 1,000,000,000). British English has now adopted the American figure, though, so that a billion equals a thousand million in both varieties of English.
The same sort of change has taken place with the meaning of trillion. In British English, a trillion used to mean a million million million (i.e. 1,000,000,000,000,000,000). Nowadays, it's generally held to be equivalent to a million million (1,000,000,000,000), as it is in American English.
The more I listen to Gary Yourofsky shows, the more I fell in love with his compassion. Everything he talked about, every statements, every words from his lecture made so much senses. Never enough to say thanks from my heart for what Gary has brought to this cruel and senseless world.
Gary- keep on doing what you are doing! People are listening! :D I see your old high school out of my bedroom window every day. I work right across from it too. Now I have an extra conversation starter here in Berkley to share veganism. Thank you for your bravery!
there's a movement growing! getting soo damn big its like a million foot high wave coming at you full speed and CANNOT be stopped..thank God for the new generation..the SMARTER generation
מעבר לכך שגארי פשוט צודק, שימו לב איזו נחישות, איזו התמד,ה איזה אומץ! מקווה שיום אחד גם לי יהיו.
The best Gary Yourofsky. My mentor and idol I love him for what he is doing and for what he has done! God we need more like him. Baruch Hashem!
60,000,000,000,000 animali+90,000,000,000,000animali= at least....but I really think more
Gary Yurofsky is a nutjob at best..my beloved people of Israel, don't be fooled by this fake animal messiah
Gay: Don't fucking use the word HOLOCAUST to refer to farm animals! IDIOT!
get off the computer n go eat grass like a sheep
Why would a country ban someone who likes peace?
I love and admire this man
No, you're a moron now.
You're an idiot.
fucking idiot
Amazing man.

Ben Gurion Park in Dimona: A Special Place for Special Children

//www.kkl.org.il/eng/about-kkl-jnf/green-israel-news/october-2015/park-dimona-holland/ Dimona's Ben Gurion Park, which is accessible to people with ...

People In The News - Jerusalem - Ben Gurion (1955)

Jerusalem, Israel. SV. Ben Gurion working his land. SV. Sheep. SV. Ben Gurion moving hay, & SV. Ben Gurion in library. CU. Ben Gurion working at his desk, ...

Airline Attack Highlights Israel's Security Success

Israel has what security experts say is perhaps the world's most effective system of screening air passengers. Despite constant threats from Palestinian terrorist ...

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In the USA we just check and inconvenience everyone as the bad guys slip thru. we got to stop this political correctness shit. 
High five. :-)
HIgh five my brother.
+streeteats Exactly. Political correctness is sometimes totally alienated from reality.
This would NEVER happened in America. We would get torn up so fast by the media as a police state if we tried this.
Instead the TSA checks 2 tour veterans in uniform (like me) in body scanners as well as old ladies and 3 year olds and end up finding nothing but pissed off passengers at the end. And we're not a police state... sure thing lady, sure thing...

Israel Bible Prophecy News Analysis, March 2, 2015

Netanyahu and Obama is a big theme today. Obama threatening to shoot down Israeli jets proposed to attack Iran in 2014. Israel housing price protest.

JPOST Israel News 24-07-14

Wasteland No More: Women Transform Israel’s Negev

Israel's David Ben Gurion hoped one day the Negev Desert would be a vibrant part of the Jewish state. With help from an American friend, many women are ...

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some Christians will help but a lot of Christians are hypocritical, antisemetic and didn' help Jews during the holocaust and allowed slavery so that is why a lot of them and atheists, etc, don't trust Christians. I am a Christian but see heresies in all types of christian sects
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