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Oklahoma football great running backs Videos

Running Back Drill 1

Position Specific Running Back Drills by McFarland Training mcfarlandtraining.com.

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You need to start working Now. If you want to become more agile do these latter drills and go to a park with a qb or a friend and work on the Route tree. you need to practice on your own because u want to be good going into highschool to make a name for yourself. You're .1 faster than i was in the 100 in 7th grade so ur gonna be fast. run track in the offseason, be on a strict lifting schedule. and most important ...STRETCH regularly. also play other sports like basketball for fun it'll help!
Yes, but, look at him run, he really reaches when he runs and for him being so tall he is Unable to accelerate as fast (Pick up speed) Example: Yes Usain Bolt has the Open 100 world record, but if you have ever seen him run it takes him forever to pickup speed because he is 6'6 and gets smoked out of the blocks, /watch?v=By1JQFxfLMM you'll see what i mean. Ask yourself, how often does an NFL RB break out into a 40 yard run? Its about explosiveness and VERY fast acceleration.
Think agility is coordination. They more coordinated you are = the more agile. Mastering a variation of ladder drills will make you more coordinated, but ladder drills specific to football and by position will potentially help your agility on the field. So, yes these drills will make you more agile, however they're pretty advanced. You might need to start with mastering simpler drills and work your way up.
Running back isn't about how fast you are, look at AP, but your in Jr. High so, I really wouldn't worry a lot until next year, What makes a good RB is the ability to EXECUTE, and that goes for every position. When I'm not lifting, or running track, or doing something, I watch youtube videos, watch and study great Backs like, Barry Sanders, Walter Payton, etc..
@wzayene yes i mean it. It was my sad days when i used to work out hard for hours and not getting muscles at all. Between I know why people are rushin to watch this video that definitely make you stronger with shaped muscles. I know you'll find perfect muscles depends on ur need after watching this clip ==> bit.ly/M7f7UR?=uhmkuk
i timed you. you ran your 20 in a 2.5 and i had a tiny late timing so more like 2.6 so 2.6x2 means your a slow ass turd. no offence. but also i have to account your acceleration for a 40 yard dash. but still no more than a 4.9 loose some weight and do some speed training brother
Crazy clip. Good clip. My buddy had been a fatty. He went from 283lbs of fat to 215lbs of absolute lean muscle. I found myself stunned. I just subscribed personally because I would like to enhance my build. He made use of the Muscle Building Bible (Search on Google)...
@mcfarlandtraining Unfortunately, Cory McCaffery will not enter the NFL draft due to a career ending Achilles Tendon rupture. Before, the tear, he was the nation's leader in yards rushing and TD's for D1 AA for 2011. I wish Cory the best for his future.
Damn my nigga, you had a great career. That achilles injury is no joke. Its sad to see your career come to an end, makes me wanna cry for you, real shit. Well if you ever see this post, just kno that you got people out here that kno how great you were!
This is Cory McCaffery. Running Back from Portland State. Was leading the nation (Division 1 AA) in yards rushing and touchdowns before his Achilles tendon injury, which unfortunately was career ending. 13 touchdowns in 5 games his senior year.
oh shit it thee Cory Mccaffery?!! I look up to this nigga! im a high school running back also :D man too bad things didnt go your way... woulda enjoyed watching you in the nfl bro
I read some of these comments and laugh....Yall are pathetic most of you that are running your mouth probably sit at home eating pizza talking about what you could have been
This is Cory McCaffery. Portland State running back. Google him... Led the nation in Division 1 AA in yards rushing and TD's before his career ending injury.
I don't comment on videos very often but I appreciate you taking the time to make this video it will help my son out a lot keep up the hard work
Yea I have da same short ladder n if I'm working on a field how far should da cones b from the ladders 4 da one when he hops out n back in
Ok thanx once I get it packed down I'll upload me doin it n be sure to mention mcfarland...not there wit u guys physically but dis helps
Go look at my highlight video and tell me what you type in Jay Alston and it will say north johnston panthers I have 2 hightlight videos
When It comes to playing running back your eyes always have to remain up.... playing running back is about vision and power.
@rddvddw yes i know he is the best. BTW! cant believe that i got a NFL jersey for nothing here--> bit.ly/Pv3cBY?=cvfprl
Actually he was D1 RB. In fact he lead the Nation D1 AA in TD's his senior year until he got hurt. Portland State.
He is hitting 3 squares. But this is a short ladder. Which is what I prefer for running backs.
ay u guys over there at mcfarland wouldnt happen 2 have RB drills 1-3 in written format huh?
I have a question on da steps out how many squares is he hitting b4 he takes the step out
its cool and all.......but dude your mediocre compared to an African American athlete >_>
ball security drive your knee's your sprinting form sucks and why don't you stretch??
@BCUWildcat33 Ya, if you think 4.4 40 is slow. But seriously, thanks for the post!

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