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Widespread snowfall in Jammu & Kashmir (20 - 11 - 2014)

Watch ABN Andhrajyothy, the no 1 Telugu news channel, a 24/7 LIVE news channel dedicated to live reports, exclusive interviews, breaking news, sports, ...

TV84 News Special 5/20/15 Panel Discussion analyzing Narendra Modi's Canada Visit & Sikh's Protests

Panel Discussion (Dr.Amarjit SIngh - Khalistan Affairs Center, Gurpatwant Singh Pannun - Sikhs For Justice (Legal Advisor), Avtar Singh Pannun - Sikhs For ...

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Canada baithe bakwas kareen jandene. They have no knowledge of Indian ground realities.
Yaar even if we consider that they are going to take help of Pakistan then they must remember this fact that Pakistan will never let their Soldiers Die for a "kafir kaum" .. These Sikhs must use their mind that had Pakistan been so much caring for Sikhs in reality then in 1984 when Indian Army stormed the Golden Temple they should have attacked India and declared a war which indeed they promised to the Sikh rebels indirectly.. But we all saw what happened , The Pakis were shit scared and not even a single bullet was fired from their side.. Now compare this with 1971 when India made it's mind that Pak army is mistreating their Bengali citizens in East Pakistan they invaded Pak and made Bangladesh within 13 days. Hence if you are honest and sincere and really care for someone then you must display the same thing when time actually comes, Pakis failed to do that and yet the stupid sardars who think of Pakistan as some messiah who will help them in fighting against India for "their" interest . then I have got to say that Sikhs are living in fool's paradise. Pakistan will never let their people die for a community that was never allowed to stay in Pakistan and were massacred mercilessly during partition, Pakistan will run over Khalistan once it's made afterall it is a nuclear power now..Hahahah in any case it will never be made why we discussing that even lol
+TranscendentWarrior  hmm I agree to this point yet I believe we must take every possible step to discourage support for Khalistan. Sardaro ke saath problem ye hai dimag kam lagate hain dil se zyada sochte hain jazbati hoke.. So I being a Sikh myself make an effort to tell them the negatives and negatives (no "positive" here haha) of Khalistan.. Bhai mera to funda simple hai.. jo bhi khalistan ki baat karta hai main unse pooch leta hn "tell how it can be made?" bas wahan in sabki tain tain phiss ho jati hai.. you won't believe that I have been engaged with these idiot guys off and on for last one yr almost on youtube not a single person has given me any convincing answer as HOW khalistan can be made with minimum possible damage.. the moment they feel that they are loosing arguments they start abusing me and try to label me as a Hindu,lolA crude fact is this whole Khalistan thing has derailed this process of JUSTICE for '84 riot victims. Had they focussed only on justice for 1984 genocide we would have got justice but their energies are always directed towards thi nonsense which will rather alienate Sikhs themselves
+TranscendentWarrior  bro they are not at all alienated but rather prospering and are very happy in their Western nations like Canada, UK.. I also don't have any problem in tha, but the problem  arises when I see them talking illogically and that too while sitting abroad for something which they want to create in India
+kp singh bhai bilkul sahi farmaya, main aap sikh haan aur bahut dukhi haan is tarah de halaat vekh ke, eh bande poore brainwashed ne aur zabardasti apna agenda saare sikhaa utte thopi jaande ne, bhai jede sikh is cheez di khilaafat karde ne ohna de saamne aane di bohot lod hai. Varna asi saare Sikh badnaam ho rahe ne inna bandeya karke.
Bhar bh kai galan karniyan bhoot sokiyan nai. Tusi aap to 30...40 saal phala india yo bhar ja kai set ho gayai hun apnai mundai set kar lai bhar . Tai india dai mundai maran da kam chala laya h Jada ladai ladni h tan india apnai mundai lai kai aao Pata lagai Ooh tan india ya panjab aakai khus hi nahi. Jado india to mundai bhar jandai h tan tusi lok Tai thidai javak danger samjhdai nai oohna nu. Panjabi chai gal na kar kai english nu muh mardai h . Tusi lok hi ooh majbur mudya nu khat pasai chai kam tai rakhdai ho ...tai kai var ooh pasa v kha jandai ho. Inha hi fikar h panjab dai loka dan ta...davo oohna nu apni kudiyan vaya kara kai pakai karao... Panjab apnai aap set h Asi india chai h panjab chai rahi jandai h kadai koi problem nqhi hoi. Tusi idan hi janta nu padka kai maavan dai put marana chandai ho. Main bhar vi rah kai dekhya h Par labi nahi mooj pind vargi. Bas galan kar sakdai ho bhar bah kai. Main sacha indian hon karkai khnda Sahnu sab nu mil kai kosis karni chahidi h Sara system badal kai nava kita jai Purai india chai khalsa varga raaj hoyai. Na ki kala panjab chai. Asi sab kar sakdai han India badal sakdai han. Bas tusi apni soch apnai lagai rakho loka nu pahdkan di bajai india chai khalsa raj di shoch davo. Jai hind Wahaiguru da khalsa wahai guru di fatai.. Love india. Viro kuch apnai aap socho Asi tut kai kuch nahi kar sakdai Aah bas bhar dai desa di india todan di ek sajas h Jas chai apnai kuch para rah pahtak gayai h. Love india.... I am feel proud to be indian.
+Ranveer Singh Ranveer ji main natmastak haan thwade vichaar padke ate sunke. Thwade varge loka nu bahar aan di bahut lod hai aur eh bhulekha jeda eh bande failyaayi jaande ne us cheez nu lagaam laane ch eh bahut madadgaar sabit houga. Je Thwade varge bande khul ke bolange taan apne aap inn kamineya ne picche hatt jana aa, saadi varge Indian sikhs di khamoshi inna de hausale hor vadhandhi hai. Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh.

Crane Operator Surrenders in Philadelphia Building Collapse

Banega naya pakistan Philadelphia Tiger

Two Terrorists Killed By Security Forces In J&K Pulwama | Terrorist Attack (20-01-2016)

Security forces of Jammu and Kashmir killed Two Terrorists who were hiding in a house in Pulwama. J&K Army along with police started firing again in the ...

Bhai Panthpreet Singh Khalsa Katha - November 23, 2013 @ Gurdwara Philadelphia Sikh Society

Bhai Panthpreet Singh Khalsa Smaagam @ Philadelphia Sikh Society.

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great parcharak

FBI investigating whether a projectile hit Amtrak train - World News Today May.17,2015

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3:37 are you sure or speculating? because there exist many variables. yet after 3 minutes of babble... you say what you say at 3:37.

Hard News 06/04/08

Daily at //www.ScrewAttack.com.

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NOOOOO!!! BRUCE!!! WHY? I love you! Don't be in Kane & Lynch!!! PLEASE!!! Go do a movie on a better game. Go play as Ryu Hayabusa instead! If you're in a Kane & Lynch movie, that means I have to watch a Kane & Lynch movie =(
So Neversoft is done with the Tony Hawk franchise? That means they'll beat Guitar Hero to death. And speaking of Jack Thompson, the Florida Bar wants him to be disbarred for 10 years. Yay for gamers.
i didn't though that thing at 01:14 to 01:20 was funny so i didn't laugh, and i don't go to hell antway. But it was sad for the man :( Anyway, another good hard news episode.
Making fun of Tony Hawk's made me smile, as I rented Project 8 and I'm glad it's €1 for a week, so as not to feel bad about giving up hard money for a shit sandwich.
Pro Skater ended years ago, ever since they've been trying to innovate with mixed results. but what do I know? My favorite skating game was 720* in the arcade.
i didnt like hardnews nor this guy destin at first but as i continue to watch these videos, i am starting to like them. quite informative.
Hey, woah , WTF? Why havn't I seen this 8 days game anywere!? It looks awesom! How can they cancel it!?
Wow. I love hard news but this one just shit all over my hopes and dreams lol. Say it isn't so!
You mean hard news lies! Oh know. What ever will I do. I'll have to watch.... real news. gulp.
damn i laffed! How did u no! Hey i like the THPS series. The 8 days thing is bullshit!
It is informative but I'm still having a hard time warming up to the host.
You mean on that one video for hump day? Now I feel bad for laughing x_x
Why didnt they talk about Jack Thompson getting booked? maybe tommorow.
I didnt laugh,im going to heaven :D.Bruce as Kane?Good selection :P
Well the game was utter shit, so it has no where to go but up.
Im starting to like hard news every day. Nice job Screwattack
OHNOES!!!!! im going to hell ... DIE HARD NEWS
you like just made this video 5 minutes ago didn't you?
But... I didn't laugh. And didn't Cane & Lunch suck?
the guys not really dead it was probably just a joke
I didnt laugh. And the Tony Hawk games are awesome.
Destin is awesome, screw you hatin' lame-o's.
damn it! im going to hell oh noessssss
lol Next stop Hell when I die lol XD
Destin...that hurt. Sportacus is mad
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