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EXCLUSIVE- Robert Ford interview- Quintin's Close-Ups™

Sen. Robert Ford Fights for Students in Failing Schools

Please rate our video, and hit the "subscribe" button on the right* South Carolina Senator Robert Ford (D-Charleston) fights for students in failing schools.

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Private schools and homeschools spend a heck of a lot more educating each child.. and they're actually doing a better job. Overall, students who are taught in private schools and homeschool have higher test scores and it cost less money! Think about it, people.
**Revision to comment below** Private and homeschools spend a heck of a lot LESS educating each child.. and they're doing a better job than the public schools.
i like this guy sou carolina y'all doin good

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How will you help states educate poor children in the South?

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I would say go with the voucher program so that those po' folks could go to private schools where there are better teachers. But our policy in the democrat party is to keep the public schools as is. We don't want to disinfranchise some of our base, the teacher's union. Thanks for giving me time to answer your question.

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