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Intersections Trailer (2013)

Watch first action trailer for Intersections movie, by french director David Marconi (the writer of Die Hard 4) starring Roschdy Zem ! Join us on Facebook ...

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Acabo de ver esta pelicula un "23/02/16" y me gustaría saber si tiene una segunda parte , ya que no entendí muy bien el final , o solo es una sola pelicula?
Very raccomanded to seee!!!!!!!! Very nice
Is that Obama!!! in a Action movie lol
Interesting Government funded movie.
This movie was AMAZING

Daybreakers - 2009 - Official HD Trailer

In a world 10 years into the future, vampires make up the vast majority of the population with only 5% of the human race remaining. This presents particular ...

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I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Sam Neill looks like such a really nice guy in Jurassic Park, but in this, he SCARES me. I said the same thing about him in Event Horizon.
+WeylandYutaniInc91 After Event Horizon he scares me anytime I see him
Whats with all the horrible smoking in this movie, is it meant to be anti smoking or something?
+Paul Konig this. how much honestly would you not be smoking if you couldn't die from it
+MaZEEZaM guess they dont care if they cant die anyway....
So I never got what this movie was. Was it horror? Action? A thriller? A Horror-Action-Thriller?
+Taco1011 A little scifi, a little horror, a little thrill, a little action... it's a good movie.
"we won't be fooled again" - The Who.
+rowdy yeats "My love is vengeance" //
What I loved about this film is that if you swap blood with oil its pretty much the situation we're gonna be in soon.
+Mr Grumpyface water + oxygen + oil indeed,
+Mr Grumpyface No we wont we will be fine lol and the middle east will be more stable when that day comes
oil floats on water.

Juvenil Rodrigues - Dia do Juizo - Filme Online - [ Parte 1 ]

Filme Online "Dia (software)" "Computer Software" "Defense Intelligence Agency" Windows Maker Free Miguel Tutorial Amigo Linux "Free (band)" "Free ...

Mt. Athos, Part 2

"60 Minutes" cameras capture the monastic life, including chanting, prayers, rituals, and the priceless relics and icons from the Byzantine Empire stored on "The ...

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Soldiers of Fortune Official Trailer #1 (2012) - Christian Slater, Sean Bean Movie HD

Subscribe to TRAILERS: //bit.ly/sxaw6h Subscribe to COMING SOON: //bit.ly/H2vZUn Soldiers of Fortune Official Trailer #1 (2012) - Christian Slater, ...

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Someone hacked your account and commented on this video with your user. Spread the word there are hacking youtube accounts and commenting with links that have a virus. Meanwhile I suggest you delete your comment.
You are like the 30th person I met who's account got hacked. I don't know who or why. The only thing I am doing is telling the people what is happening and that they should also warn others about this situation.
holy shIIIIIIEEEET! they just edited a million scenes and slammed it together in a 2 min 16 sec long video, so hectic can't understand shit! Also Sean Bean is in this so he will die fo sho
Nooooo sean bean what happened to you! This movie was sooo bad. Even if all the women were butt naked with dildos pounding them it wouldn't make it any better.
half these actors especially sean bean should fire then slowly murder their agents, in fact sean why so many shitty movies? you perpetually make me despair
Goddamn Sean Bean can't seem to catch a break. And to be perfectly honest, I have no idea why Christian Slater wasn't just put down after his last movie.
i'm confused, so they are not fight for anything? and they are actually killing people? is it like a real life video game? wow, how stupid can we get...
"i haven't had this much fun since Vietnam" - What a bunch of low life loser producers would put together this piece of shit movie. What wankers...
LOL half the cast is lord of the rings how come wannabe movies always come out before the real one it just confuses old people.
So.. some guy managed to get his hands on a bunch of cool actors and got a budget to make a crappy movie? Oh boy...
is hollywood running out of ideas... not another The Expendables ideas... old guy, big explosing and big gun
youtube need hero like you . . :D . . i just found that stpid thng on cr real madrid video . .lolz
Holy sh*t, you could go into seizures with all the fast flashing of this shitty video 
Something about a bunch of millionairs fighting makes me want to root for the extrimists
Sean Bean. I haven't seen Vhing Rhames die in any movie. And even if he did... He didnt.
Usa pride, I can not have a comment about this movie. Enjoy people. Sorry world... 
Movie seems like crap but points for almost originality only some borrowed elements
god...u know bout this thing??...yeah i never post smthng like that..T.T..im sorry
I give it an hour before Sean Bean gets shot, and Ving Rhames says "mother fucker"
The constant shutter effect in this trailers is making my eyes bleed. Fuck.
Why does the screen say James Craig Mckenzie when it's Craig James....?
The only way id watch this was if it was as gory and brutal as the games
funny. I actually said that and scrolled down and saw your comment. wow
The cheap version of The Expendables. They even show it in the trailer.
If you time your blinking just right, the video is just black haha

Vanishing Waves / Aurora (2013) Trailer

A neuron-transfer scientist experiments with the thoughts of a comatose young woman. A bold, visionary work of science fiction cinema that recalls the genre in ...

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oh my .... this looks soo good. gaspar noe style

Choke Canyon (1986) Trailer

Director: Charles Bail Pilgrim Corporation has leased Choke Canyon to research physicist David Lowell for 99 years. Lowell has built an impressive research ...

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No! Danger Will Robinson! Bad! Very Bad! The Music is reversible, but time is not! Go Back! Go Back! Bad! Bad Movie!
I never seen this film but I remember seeing this trailer known as On Dangerous Ground in the UK.
Helicopters, car chases, explosions, and an 80s synth-rock soundtrack? Can we say masterpiece?
Can't find this free online.
Ooh, Lance Henriksen!! =D

Weekend at Dunkirk (1964) Trailer

Director: Henri Verneuil Writing credits François Boyer writer Robert Merle novel Cast: Jean-Paul Belmondo Catherine Spaak Georges Géret.

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22살,카츄사로 동두천 턱거리 캠프 호비(Camp Hovey)에서 복무할 때 부대 극장에서 이 영화를 관람했다. 50년 전이다. 얼마나, 얼마나 감명을 받았던지 평생 동안 내 뇌리 속에 남아있다. 전쟁은 잔혹하고 슬픈 것이다. 그러나 아름다운 사랑과 예술을 낳기도 한다.
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