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Greek salad greece Videos

OP-1 Teenage Engineering - Greek Salad

A track I made while on holiay in greece. Some FM broadcast chopped down to get a beat, and a bit of synth. As I had no computer to actually record the stuff, ...

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just not really hearing a lot of song 'writing' skills here - more of just pressing random buttons & knobs. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure the OP-1 can produce some really cool sounds, but you're going to have to REALLY dig deep, experiment like crazy & find your OWN sounds & style - don't rely on those basic little beats & factory presets. I dig what you did with the radio snippet (that was more 'real') but I think you should have really changed things up a bit more & pushed the song further.
In theory you can learn piano on your typing keyboard. I would recommend getting to a store and check out different synths and electric pianos and just feel it out. Take about 30 minutes with each unit. It's all about personal preference. The keys in the OP-1 is more similar to a typing keybaord than piano keys.
Considering the minimalist aspects of this song this is very well done and unique in its sound and maybe a few touchups(miniscule at best) This song is awesome and I want a bit longer version of it! GREAT JOB!
@moltomattia I bought mine eons ago, the following 10 minutes the preorders were open. A new batch seems on the way though, sign up for their newsletter, you'll know when it's ready for order.
@TMothy73 Not so good. I was in the shade to barely see what I was doing for the performance. But everything was prepared indoors, I could not have composed this song outside.
kala re papara me tetia krisi edoses 800 euro gia na pareis afti ti malakia? kai perimenes oti tha gineis sweedish house mafia? valto sto kolo sou me tsatises
@TheApocalypsePlease Yes, it's exactly the setup you see in this video actually. There's even a speaker, so you can do without headphones as well
hi man, nice track, really!, but tell me, how did you get one of them?, 'cause i tried many times on their site, but always it said SOLD OUT
@000Z9A If you mean the Fish Eye effect, it's just a Fish Eye adapter in front of my lens. :) It costs around 30 bucks on ebay !
I like the way you rub your hands together like a mad scientist as you play. Nice video and great use of the fisheye.
great track! Nice build up, could listen to you for about hours :) I want one too, op-1 is so awesome
Kickass! Reminds me of Legendary Pink Dots or Tear Garden at their most minimal and dance-y :)
btw I love the kida special view from the camera in some of yr vids :P how do you do that?
@tamurasse I'm gonna be the very best, that no one ever WAS!!!! (duh duh duh) POKEMON!
Στον δικό σου θα χωράει καλύτερα........Φιλιά!!
i rlly dont know anything about the OP-1 but is there a cutoff-filter at 2:50?
Can you make your own dubstep with it? like the bass drops and all that stuff?
@biggsbiggs Thanks ! Well it's definetly somthing worth rubbing hands anyway.
is that the thing wich swedish house mafia used for one ( in the music video)
@SidechainSound Actually, it's the "Punch" Filter, wich is bit of both. :)
nice melody. Reminds me of things I like. Old Mr. Scruff / Morgan Geist.
yeaaah man, you got skillz on that beast ;) Regards from Berlin city!
possible to hook up to headphones and just headphones no computer?
Brilliant, liked. Could hear this on a Gameboy game maybe.
One of the best 0p-1 songs on youtube. Keep it up man!

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How to make a quick easy authentic Greek Salad with KCTV in Kassiopi, Corfu, Greece.

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Great to see another video! Pulling the spoon from your chef's coat was a nice touch!
Thanks Kristen! This salad looks delish! Love your videos and blog!
Yay! You're back! More Food & Wine recipes, please.
Woooo!!! Kristen is back!!
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