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Ninja 300 Screaming Demon Slip on - My opinion

I talk a little more about the screaming demon slip on exhaust for the Ninja 300. Pro's and Con's.

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That was funny :) Q: How do you know that you've outgrown your bike? A: When you want to shift to a higher gear, and forgot you are in highest gear already. What will be your next bike? Did you test drive some bigger bikes except the Yamaha R6? But before you get on your next bike: Sometimes I am a little scared you might lose it and crash, when you get very excited.
When I had my white 300 I got the carbon fiber Mussari slip on exhaust and it looked amazing. I left the baffle in and i got it up to 188km/h, same road with the stock can i got it up to 179km/h. It was windy on the day i had the stock can on though.
I'm taking the MSF next week so don't have much room for advice, but I read to be careful with the kickstand in hot asphalt and grassy areas because it can cause a drop if it slowly digs in! :)
dude! please make a video/walkaround and your though about it, i will be buying my first bike on the 23rd this month!! I can't wait! and message me when you do :)
use your tach meter its more accurate to do that cause I bet you have 2 gallons left. Have a ninja 300 myself, watch when you fill up. just a tip
Sounds like a 300 with a slip on on it :P haha Personally cant wait for an Inline 4 with a full exhaust... Will jizz my pants when i get one!
Do u mind me asking how much a screaming exhaust cost? And what do u like better two brothers or screaming demon?
Dirty bike? Sounds like it's back through the car wash for you :D
You are not sure where you are? That's not like you! HaHa!
Great review! Wonder what's up with the top speed issue...
I don't see how the baffle affects the top speed.
Get it tuned up proper and shell be sweet again
just got a ninja 300 today ohh yea lovin it
it was meant to be a thumbs up dude llol


This must have been the situation that scared me most in all the time I ride my bike ... Both the driver of the car as the truck did not use the range of acceleration ...

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Brutal, o cuidado de dar o jeito com a mão para avisar o colega que vinha atrás, isso é que são nervos de aço.
+OPORider temos de pensar em tudo.. ;) olhar por nós e pelos outros :D Obrigado. Abraço
If you want other to drive safely you are right. But they expect you to ride your bike at a reasonable speed. In other words, don't blame the others that don't respect road laws when you chose what part of the law you don't want to follow.
+segocarib see if you can see here... https://www.google.pt/maps/place/A29,+3885+Esmoriz/@40.9708439,-8.6096913,21z/data=!3m1!1e3!4m6!1m3!3m2!1s0xd24788f4439137d:0x8b3615c70ee3eed1!2sIC1,+3885+Esmoriz!3m1!1s0xd24788f3a9aec1d:0xed4a0aa0072c63e1
+CBRTricolor Can you please share the exact place ? like google coordinate or something ? Wanna check something ;)
+segocarib the video it's at real speed.. only did slowmotions and the zoom in / out
+CBRTricolor ;)
segocarib ;) I know I was speeding... and I know that everyone there was doing stupid things :) eheh about the speed it's easy.. you can see my friend passing the car and going in front of them about 50 km/h ;)
+segocarib And the video has been speed up. Don't know why.
+segocarib And by the way, You are very smart to know what speed car and truck are doing.
+CBRTricolor Hey come on.. I never said the car driver was doing a good move. When you engage youself in a Highway, the last this to do it to cut 2 lanes like he did. You should enter first lane, stay and check, then move to the left when it's free. So I totally agree with saying the car driver is a danger. But speeding at 175 Km/h with a bike that is about 1/4 a a car size in the mirror is not a good idea,... a dangerous behaviour for me.
+segocarib the minimum speed to drive in this highway is 50km/h.. the car and the truck are below that... you must use the "speed up lane" to gain speed before enter the highway.. as you all can see after both of us pass the cars the "speed up lane" continues...
+segocaribThing is, this was in a highway, not a common road.. It has a different set of rules.
Well, I really think it matters. Grand mother of my ex was at a stop. She was checking if no-one was in the curve at this intersection. As there was no-one, she decided to go, at the same time, a biker came so fast in the blind curve, he couldnt avoid her and died on the spot. His brother was just behind and out of control. I mean upset. This grand mother, as she was old, but not responsable for the accident (insurrance and court said) she had her licence removed. The biker was doing (not sure of exact numbers) 160 km/h on a 70 km/h limited  road. More than twice the speed. From the biker view, the grand-mother is to blame...
+segocarib That does not matter, its still the car's fault, on the high way, cars coming from his left have the priority, and he has to check is mirrors, a thing i highly doubt he did.

Videoprueba Honda Crosstourer DCT - Arpem, UE, 2013

//www.arpem.com/pruebas/motos/honda/2013/crosstourer-dct/prueba.html Honda aprovecha su inmensa tecnología y su experiencia para repetir la fórmula ...

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Hola mariano llegas bien al suelo en esta honda? Un saludo
+vicente gonzalez Buenos días Vicente. El asiento de este modelo esta situadoa una altura de 850 mm del suelo. Para tallas inferiores a 1.75 m quizás se llegue al suelo algo justo. Te aconsejo que eches un vistazo a la prueba donde hablamos de este tema y otros muchos. Un saludo.//www.arpem.com/pruebas/motos/honda/2013/crosstourer-dct/prueba.html

Opinion About Pamaj Gatting 2 Million Subscriber's

Lol i mean 2 Million Subscriber's not 2 billion lol.

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Jeey magicx #oreos :)
Haha lol they are my favorites #Oreos
You hit like 10 clips a day Lmao
Haha I use to lol I don't play that much any more
2 million*
Haha I know right I mest up
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