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Roaming Band Holly And The Heels performing Drive My Car - Available from AliveNetwork.com

The finest female fronted roaming acoustic act in the UK! Guaranteed toe tapping, smile inducing, bootie shaking stuff that everyone from Grandads to Grandkids ...

GM Cars Available to Rent for Lyft Drivers in Chicago

Want to drive for Lyft but don't have a new enough car — or a car at all? General Motors and Lyft announced Tuesday morning a new program called Express ...

Prisoners - Get Him In The Car - Available Now

Prisoners is now available on Blu-Ray Combo Pack at the WB Shop //bit.ly/PrisonersWBShop Hugh Jackman stars as a man facing every parent's worst ...

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Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course in Indy car - Now available

A quick video of the iRacing.com Dallara Indy car going around Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. //iRacing.com - now available to iRacing members.

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I have a suggestion.... no 2, you guys should do an Edge Karting Chassis with a Yamaha KT100 Motor! And also do Mark Dismore's Karting track located in New Castle, IN.
@miemieddie2 May I reply that XBOX sucks. This is for PC. and btw, EA sucks, too, lol. Check out iRacing.com. it'll tell ya everything you need to know.
Jolly good show (the track, not the driving ;)
@miemieddie2 Oh, and its called Kinect now.
looks like a little bit of understeer
dude, is this for project natal ???
Nice, can't wait for the track.
looks good :)
looks great!

DRIVECLUB PS PLUS EDITION Cars Available (In the demo)!

A look at the garage of DRIVECLUB PS PLUS EDITION. Every Car Available. Like & Suscribe! SHAREfactory™ https://store.playstation.com/#!

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i didn't know a game that you can use all the features (multiplayer, challanges, make a club and access to the garage) and get a full 11 tracks plus 10 cars,(more if you you're in a club with a paid player) is considered a demo. really? lol. by the way you get trophies and level up as well. scores are kept and put up against paid players scores/times. please send me a link to a demo that has all those features please.

Racing in Car : Classic Available on Google Play

Download link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Halim.racingincar Do you want race with your rivals from a classic car's cockpit view ?

S14 Zenky Drift car available from Powervehicles

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Clearly they didnt spell it that way. And clearly their from japan. Ibisu to be exact. And im shur they know alot more about JDM cars than you. Even me. So have fun on complaining about words that are misspelled to your standards. Keep caring about misspelled words, youll go far in life!!!! ^_^
If i buy a car from you guys, do you export them anywhere? or do i have to pick them up personally in Japan and fix the shipping myself?
@Jeepyjjunkie its ZENKY lmao. The video even showes it in the beginning. R U BLIND. Just stick with your "JEEP"
I don't own a Jeep. And it is Zenki. Dumb fuck. I know S-Chassis cars.
We arrange shipping world wide. Powervehicles (Dot) com
*Zenki And this car is a beauty. Just needs some TLC.
The correct Japanese term is Zenki「前期」.
Is that blood on the drivers seat?
You stand corrected. Its ZENKY
Is the stock BOV removed?
Zenky racing. Zenki S14.

Crazy Ken-Mary Skyline Race Car Available @ Edward Lees

Is this Legal in Australia?? Or will you be instantly defected by the Coppers?? Stay tuned for more upcoming video feeds, from the One-and-Only, ...

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Does the stripe continue all the way down the hood? I can't find the car on your website, so I'm assuming it's been sold already, but do you remember? This is a really cool livery, I'd like to maybe replicate it in Car Town. They just added the kenmeri Skyline.
Mate this is what they did back in the day, and still do. yeah it looks naff but appericate it. the best thing about them is that arent show queens they hoon them hard.
It's a bosozoku car. It's a car culture that tAkes crap cars and puts stupid custom body kits on like this one. Only problem is this car isn't crap so idk.....
what you mean Defect? like its not allowed to be driven? its kinda ugly IMO lol.. but props to whoever put in all that work.
that body kit just ruined a classic. really hate people throwing on tasteless mods
old engine.. dump it and put a toyota yaris engine.. watch it fly!
this is going to get stuck on the ramp to the ship! 0_0
hahahah you wont make it out of the driveway
Take up 3 carparks woth those skirts
Instant defect.
Hi TK!
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