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Postpartum depression questionnaire Videos

Postpartum depression skit

We put on a skit in psych class today and our topic was postpartum depression. Enjoy.

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Postpartum Depression PSA Josie Barry

PSY-104 Child and Adolescent Development Week 2 Discussion 2.

6 Week Checkup/ Postpartum Depression

Just an update at 6 weeks. Dealing with depression.

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Taking things slow and not worrying about the outcome of things beyond your control can help, make a small prayer, take a deep breath and release whatever bothers you and let it leave your mind! This coming from a mom raising a child with autism, a toddler with severe eczema flare ups, and a newborn! Yet I'm happy, living life to the fullest, and blessed!
+bree bree I have chronic depression, so it's really not as easy as just slowing down. Plus this was almost 3 years ago, lol. My depression is being successfully treated and has been since around the time I made this video. I appreciate the sentiment though.

Postpartum Depression

The birth of a baby is no doubt a joyful time, but the demands of motherhood can quickly replace that joy with depression. Dr. Lauri Bullen talks about postpartum ...

Successful Couple's Communication

A Family Center "Ask the Experts" presentation with Kim Steggles, M.A., L.L.P. Kim Steggles, M.A., received her master's degree in Counseling and has 12 ...

Overjoyed ~ Stevie Wonder & Celine Dion

//www.jardindetichou.com/ Introducting Jardin de TiChou, a healing space in Sugar Hill, Harlem. 20 minutes from Times Square. About Mickaelle Dougherty ...

Una aplicación informática detecta y previene la depresión durante y después del embarazo

A pesar de darse en un elevado porcentaje de entre un 6 a un 8% en España, la depresión durante y después del embarazo cuenta con pocas herramientas ...

HatCHeTHaZ Plays: Among The Sleep: Prologue - 1080p

People-Centered Screening and Assessment Module 5 - Perceved Stress Scale

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