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The Hub - Are You Going to Lose your House, Townhome or Condo? When Bubble #2 Burst!

Panelists: Barry, Stephanie, Rupert, Leake Topic: Alan Greenspan defends his time as Fed head. Are we in the financial calm before the 2nd mortgage storm?

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I had an 80-20 loan meaning two adjustable interest-only loans. Like Stephanie, I was 25 when I bought my house and didn't know any better. Plus, interest-only was all could afford at the time. The difference is that I bought a smaller house with comfortable payments. I kept my credit clean and re-fi'd with a 30 yr fixed a couple of years later. Americans living within their means instead of wanting the American Dream with little to no work would've kept us out of this mess.
Amen to that! Is that Bridgette? :)

Manchu Wok - 1 Eglinton Sq

Rent (including TMI) : 21% Utility : 4% Franchise Royalty Fee : 8% (market/advertising Included) Food Cost:23% Lease Term : 2021 Yearly Operation : 1.5 ...

ASMR video ~Peeling eggs, Streaming & Boiling Water~ (♥1000+ Subscribers!!♥)

Hello everyone! This sound recording might not be for everyone since it's really specific. In this video you can hear the process of making Cooked eggs.

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Question. What does a tingle feel like? Stupid question . sorry. 
+Jonathan Palmer Thanks!
+Stephanie Ikasoruk take your thumbs and forefingers of each hand and grab a strand of hair from just behind your earlobe.  With gentle pressure, pull the strands back and upward.  It's not a sharp pain as from a jab or poke.  In fact, if you didn't know it was from pulling your own hair, you might find it pleasant.  If you do this experiment, don't be surprised if you unwittingly force yourself to grin.
Ooooh thanks.
it kinda feels like being touched really lightly 

Manchu Wok 3

ManchuWOK- Syd EfX

SMS Shorts #50- The Chinese Food

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1:23 Is That Place The Mall Or A Store?

Manchu Wok Dragon Fire Chicken

Manchu Wok Dragon Fire Chicken video.

Week 13: Manchu Wok (Set 3 & 4)

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