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Mitsubishi starion value Videos

Sod Fight - Family Values 2006 Indy

part of the sod fight that took place last night at the family values tour in noblesville, in. track playing in background is "come what(ever) may"

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yeah, i eventually got tired of getting hit in the face with dirt so i jumped into the pavillion and got as close to the stage as i could without a card. oh yeah btw dont try to sneak into the pavillion when ur high, my slow-wasted ass almost got caught :/
I was there . Lets throw dirt at each other so we can't pay attention to the show because we are ducking and wiping the dirt out of our eyes . aside from all the chaos , Korn totally rocked .
Dude, that was the coolest shit ever until the security started kicking people out for throwing it. doeeyesblue, Indy DOES know how to fucking party.
Yeah. That was bullshit. They also said if we hit the sound board one more time they would shut the concert down T_T
IT FUCKIN ROCKED>!!! INDY KNOWS HOW TO PARTY !!! Crazy ass people here in Indy..
Ha! I was there. My mom almost got hit with one of those. X3
Hell yes dude, i was there, that shit was insane
HELL YEAH Indy is fucking crazy i love it ;D

2jz Starion short 3rd gear pull to check AFR'S

Precision 6766, GSC S1 CAMS.

2000 Mitsubishi Mirage #62133PA in St Paul Minneapolis, MN - SOLD

SOLD - www.saintpaulautos.com SOLD - Ifyou are looking for real value on a great used car, Saint Paul Autos invites you to come in and test drive this 2000 ...

Dc's/ Evolves RRM TURBO 2.0L Dynapack run

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what was the torque and hp at im looking to buy one
and whats ur 0 to 60
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