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Mitsubishi starion aftermarket Videos

Yairaleen Racing

1980 Toyota Corolla with a stock Mitsubishi Starion with aftermarket injectors, turbo, and computer the Micro-Tech Lt8 tuning done by my son christian hes 13 ...

Integra aftermarket muffler sound

Custom boost gauge pod in action

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when i was looking at your pics on the forums, it appears you but on the T fitting wrong that may have been the problem.
I found a small boost leak directly on the gauge. I replaced the gauge and had no more issues. Thanks for commenting.
GlowShift alll the way buddy!!...Great choice...


Custom gauges done for a female 3000gt owner.

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Normally i do strictly performance upgrades so take that into consideration when reading my question please. How did you get behind the gauges to do the bulbs? Is the process hard enough to let it be to the professionals?
Remove your stock stereo plate, and pull the stereo, 4 phillips screws. Locate the blue wire, behind the stereo, pull the blue wire behind the stereo, no more beep when the door is open!
@bobbyesterly not hard at all, the dash has to come off to get to them. I didnt change the bulbs i installed leds soldered on a pcb board and installed those behind the faces.
where did you buy the pink leds? And how many did you need for the center gauges? I'm looking to do the dash lights, center gauges, window buttons, and heat controls...
For the love of all that is holy; CLOSE THE DOOR! I got a '92 VR4 and i'm looking to update the gauges, but i want a tasteful choice. Ideas?
haha thats sick! I wanna do pink gauges with blue needles in my car. Would be banginggggg
Hey man where did you find the tiny bulbs for the center gauges.
I want Hot Pink LED Digital Gauges for my cj7..:)
they are SMT LEDs

Fast Starlet

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Youve gotta get a better camera...

turbo mustang

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i say it blows up first pass?
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