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Cpu temperature lenovo t61 Videos

Lenovo ThinkPad T61 notebook "fan error"

Lenovo ThinkPad T61 notebook - when switched on, it beeps two times, after displays a "fan error" (faulty fan), then beeps again and shuts down. We've already ...

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what a useless, pointless video. what's with the backing music? and what's with the "hollywood" style production, to not show how to do anything. utterly, utterly, waste of time
para no hacer eso pongan un ventilador de refrescar en el lado izquierda de la portatil y cuando salga fan error presione escape =esc
Lots of photos with no explanation of where the screws are, or any video of any work... poor video, dude.
Does anyone know why after replace with new one it says again fan error
Yes, but this might over heat your computer running without the fan.
you can bypass the "fan error" by pressing "esc"
are there any problems after pressig "esc" ???
Я один русский
it's working!!! thanks!!!

Genuine CPU Cooling Fan IBM Lenovo Thinkpad T61 42W2460 42W2462

Compatible Models: T61, R61 Lenovo Part Numbers: 42W2461 FRU P/N: 42W2460 also compatible with 42W2462 42W2463 for 14.1 inch widescreen ...

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hi,I have a thinkpad t61 15"4 (1280x800) do you know what is the fru number for the fan?

Thinkpad T61 CPU Fan Fun

Messing around with a Lenovo Thinkpad CPU fan and a can of compressed air.

ThinkPad T61 vs NFS WORLD

Test: ThinkPad T61 vs. NFS WORLD notebook ThinkPad T61; processor: intel core 2 duo T8300 [email protected] grafic: nvidia quadro nvs 140m 128Mb 64-bit ...

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what are the specs

Dell D630 and lenovo T61

A few feature comparisons with the Dell D630 and the Lenovo T61. I want to start doing laptop Reviews since I buy a new one every month or so. I also show my ...

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I also brought a thinkpad around ur time when you purchased your thinkpad, 2006-2007 i believe, instead t61, i brought the t60, so its the 14 inch model. I also had huge issue with extreme uncomfortable keyboard flex.(cuz it make squeaky noise, and I hate the noise) but my t60 did not have the body flex problem (i guess its a earier model cuz IBM logo is still there) however, it should not be a problem for u during that time cuz u have 3 year warranty. if u have any issue, you can sent it back.
man you brought a thinkpad on the year when produce the worst thinkpad ever. Now their product is a lot better compare to before. but dell went worse...overheating issue has always became a problem with new dell because unlike thinkpad intake air from mostly the back, most of dells only intake air from the bottom. so if you r using a dell on ur lap, that thing will heat up then freeze and auto shut off.(dont buy xps studio, it is horrible. i own one, just sharing some experience)
2012 it's about to end (so is the World, right ?). My beloved T61's hinges are firm. It's like a german tank. With win 7 x64 and SSd HDD it supposed to face years to come. Is your Dell alive yet? best regards. It's my backup laptop (I owe a T410 and a X201 with no complaints).
lovee imbs and to be honest i think that the ibm would have a longer life span that the dell
wich one is better?
nice video :D
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