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Lupus foundation washington dc Videos

LUPUS Walk April 27, 2013 Washington DC (Video and some images.)

Walk for Lupus - My Loopy Life with Lupus Ep. 46

User Comments

Hey mom hey brother. Finally see husband in video. That walk looked nice and not like beyond difficult. I like stuff like that. Doesn't exclude people by being difficult. That awesome u raised so much. 
Haha yeah! He usually doesn't want to be in videos but I think he's coming around on that. :) yes the lady who organized the walk has a daughter with Lupus who is very sick and cannot walk so she wanted to the walk to be short so that it would be easier on patients who could walk it. :)
yay on your goal!!!!!!!! So happy you made it! Great video and look forward to seeing the craft video
Thank you so much!  I wasn't sure we were going to make it but super happy that we passed it. :)
It was a beautiful day for the walk. I love your hat! That looks like such fun. Loved seeing the houses on that street. They are so pretty. Hi to your mom and Alex. Bravo, clap clap for you all. XOOX
Thank you Sharla.  That is a Tilly hat.  They are made with UV protection in them.  Awesome hat for us Lupies.  One of the houses we passed by was the house of one of the comedians on "Who's Line Is It Anyway?"  Aleks was pretty excited to see that. 

lupus walk to the light

SLE '09

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