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Lupus foundation perth Videos

I will remember you

This is a video about my mum who died from Lupus. For more info check out //missing_you_mum.webs.com/

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My mom passed from lupus on dec 30th of last year she was and always will be my hero what some people dont know is it doesnt just effect your body it also effects your mind my mom was tortured with not only bodily pain and the loss of her figure and smile but had to deal with horable mental anguish people need to become aware sympathetic and they need to find a cure to stop this horable disease.
I am so sorry. Sorry for what you had to watch her go through. Sorry for what her beautiful soul had to go through. I was just recently diagnosed with this horrific disease and I worry, that I may not be around for my children. I hate them seeing me like this. We must find a cure!!!!! My prayers to you as your heart will continue to heal, but never be the same. Xoxo
I too am a mother, of 3 beautiful children.and i have lupus, it's killing me, taking me away from my children. I am so incredibly grateful for your strength and courage, it reminds me that people out there do care about finding a cure for this insidious disease. I wish you happiness and love, you deserve that and so much more. *hugs*
Very touching video. Make sure that you keep a check on your health. My Grandfather had Parkinson's disease, my mother has Distonia and I got the Lupus. They now suspect that my youngest daughter has Lupus as well.....so please take care and thank you for making the world aware of this brutal disease. God Bless you and your family.
Thank you for making this beautiful video and for sharing the memories of your mom with everyone. I have been living with lupus for 12 years and try to spread awareness and raise money for the lupus foundation each year. I appreciate this video doing the same thing as well as honoring your mom, who was a lupus sister.
I'm so sorry you lost your mom to such a mean and ugly disease. You're an awesome daughter for making this video about your Mum and Lupus. Please continue to bring awareness like you're doing. I know she's looking down upon you and is very proud.
thank you for your video. I am sorry for your loss. I am a mom, and I have Lupus, and my greatest fear is leaving this world and my daughter. I don't want her to hurt. I hope they can find a cure. Your mom was beautiful in her wedding dress.
shit i cried any WAY im 1000% sorry for ur loss i know how it feels. PAIN CRYING MEMERIES sigh but life has to move on hun. Just remember shes proud of what u've done and she'll always be watching u :) GOD BLESS. R.I.P
That was a heartfelt video. You might like to view my video of "Coping with Death and Grief" Hope it helps you. I was touched by your life with you Mum. Click on my id as renatoditomo and hope it is of use
My sister died from lupus. We never got along very well for as long as I remember, but i know i love her and she loves me. I regret not being close to her and i wish ive done more to make her happy.
Sending love - my daughter 26 died of Lupus - I miss her more than I can ever express, I feel your loss - see my video A "Mother's Pledge" I share your wish - find a cure x
I know your pain Please take comfort in god find the jehovahs wittnesses they have given me so much and am able to deal with my losses now.
what a beautiful vid ezza..thx for showing me this. your mum would be so so proud of this amazing tribute to her....love n hugzzzzz xo
sorry for ur loss i jes loss my grandma november 17 - 07 and also i have lupus i no what u r feeling sweetie need n e thing let me no
If u have faith that Jesus can cure u.. u r now cured in name of Jesus christ.. take the blessing in ur life... :-)
Im glad your mum got her wish to marry what a really touching video, i have just found out i got SLE its a battle x
you look like your mum alot**crys** brillent tribute mum mum die aswell when i was two...now im 15!
im sorry for your loss...your mother is so beautiful.

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I am grateful for this video that interviews Dr. Rebecca Risk, who is dedicated to helping victims of Lyme disease, which has now spread nationwide. It is important for all of us to know the symptoms, so we can seek help at an early stage. Excellent video on Global about the care Dr. Risk gives to Lyme Disease sufferers!
Hi Sandra, My guess is that you speak from experience, and if you are looking for more resources about this disease, we have started a new Lyme forum recently on our website - there isn't a ton of content on it yet, but we welcome anyone who is willing to participate and help others who are suffering from this disease.
Thanks for your comments Becky. Interviews like that are so crucial to be able to spread the word about this terrible disease.
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