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Ferrari 355 sales brochure Videos

BPM Media Property Video Brochure Sloane Terrace

ISE 2016: Marvel Technology (China) Co., Ltd. Details 22inch Brochure Kiosk

ISE 2016: Marvel Technology (China) Co., Ltd. Details 22inch Brochure Kiosk.

Switzer Performance Exhaust for Ferrari 458 | Sound Clips

Maserati, Lamborghini, Noble and Ferrari!

Maserati, Lamborghini, Noble and Ferrari having some fun through a small village on our drive in October.

Ferrari F12 - views, start up & drive by

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Sorry for the confusion. If you haven't already subscribed to my channel please subscribe. Thanks Masterx. :p
Well I already did ;)
If you haven't already subscribed it would be much appreciated. Thanks. :)
Pardon ?
Anonymous color, but great car and nice filming. ;)
Thx mate :)
I appreciate the feedback, Cool video. I'll have better quality better quality videos in the future like yours.
Thx looking forward to see it
Richtig cooler Wagen! An dem Ort findest du öfters coole Autos; ist das irgendwie `n Luxushotel oder so? :)
Ja das ist eine der Top Adressen in München. Da gibts auch öfters mal Veranstaltungen, z.B. der Auto Gipfel


Parking Lot of the L.A. Concourse

2013 Lexus IS 350C 2dr Conv Convertible

1975 Maserati Merak for sale Flemings with test drive, driving sounds, and walk through video

//www.flemingsultimategarage.com/1975-maserati-merak--c-98.htm Talk about rare cars, fabulous 23814 mile original car, (comes with original tires!)

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@TitaniumUnlimited @johnnypneumonic - With regards to Merak's and their values, I'd disagree massively. A good reliable Merak in the UK will cost a minimum of £20k (this has increased significantly). Anything much less and you'll be purchasing an utter basket case (like on Top Gear). Concerning the SS, expect to spend £25-30k for a good example. Only £30k + will secure a mint SS (one recently went for £32k equivalent to $50k). As they become rarer, their value will inevitably increase.
fast talking greedy car people that have no brains or sense of reality. this idiot in englad buys the chitty chitty car for 500K at an auction? and then a silly ferrari GTO for 12 Milion? are you kidding ? what kind of idiot would fall for an old race car, and make a big deal about it. I think collector car prople have lost thier mind's, or thier greedier than crab look at me crass attitude, if anyone see's this get back to me ok? .
@adam1othman - It shares the same engine with the Citroen SM. Both engines were designed by Maserati as Citroen owned them at the time. The SM & the Merak are beautiful cars from a bygone era. Furthermore, noth are reliable but only if you get excellent examples like the above. Obviously a Merak will require more maintenance than a modern car - they're 30-40 years old.
When the Merak was built, Maserati was owned by the French car company Citroen, pronounced "sit-tron". Earlier in the 70's, they produced the much more expensive Bora, which formed the base of the "budget car" Merak. At the same time, Lamborgini produced the Urraco, and Ferrari the Dino. The three were supposed to be low cost cars for more average people.
The car was rated at 180 HP for the US market. Top speed 130. 2109 were the number built. Value according to SMC is 18,000-25,000 for a driver that needs work. 30,000-40,000 for restored car. It was built to compete with the Ferrari 308 GT4. Never touch one of these cars cosmetically. Leave as if they came from the factory.
the car is jumping up in value like many 'unloved' mid 70s supercars, wd be a good time to buy a good condition one, esp the early ones with the SM dashboards, gorgeous! Silver or silver blue wd be my colour of choice, and I'd probably get a space saver tyre and try to fit a later engine cover
many things wrong with this car: why pics taken inside? door is right there - what's to hide? no spare front bumper not orig side decals aftermarket side "bumper stripes" not stock - only on Bora non-stock color ok if you like Citroen hydraulics and bump for spare
Your taste is apparently all in your mouth. Perhaps study the history of Citroen some time or at least just be grateful they rescued this iconic "marquis" (sic), boy this chap in the video is a dork.
All that and they don't tell you the price? Kill the lame music and fire up the car. Drive it around the block and we can hear the transmission for noise...
@BMan100 yeah, and this un might cost a little more, but you would be getting it from a respectable dealer not some guy that wants to get rid of it
@psychoclown420 yes but this one WORKS lol and doesn't have a BIG hole in the crank case from an engine that was supposed to have been rebuilt lol
There is a Merak that I always see in someones driveway near me. No cover, sits in a dirt driveway, under trees. I feel bad for it.
That chicken tax bumber LOL its hilarious the lengths americans went to trying to make european cars look unatractive
Is the merak really that bad I know it has the same engine as the citroen ds but it realley can't be that bad
this one is from the Citroën era... you can notice that in the dashboard, an ugly one taken from the SM.
I saw one in town Kotor, in Montenegro,just sitting there in front of the owners house.
This guy's a maroon.....and yes they were owned by Citroen and shared the SM dashboard
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