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The Reality of Anomalies is an eye-opener.

The reality of anomalies is an eye-opener for many things: The reality of anomalies had been known since the 1950's, but "official science" have been unable to ...

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At the core of the scientific method is to be inquisitive about everything, at the moment that we start to be complacent and thinking that we have an answer for everything then at that moment we are not scientific anymore. The reality of anomalies shows also very clear that we as society and/or individuals have been accepting almost everything that comes from "official science" on faith and that is very wrong, we should not put all the eggs of our worldview in a single basket because then we can be in the same situation that we are now. More and more "official science" today in this topic is no different than when the Church in the middle ages was denying and suppressing the scientific facts that today we cherish.
The governments and global economy are mostly here to maintain what is already in place. Unfortunately change isn't their objective.
Very true and don't forget the wonders of ego. My boss used to say to me "I don't do science for the money, I do it for the kudos".

USC Thornton Opera, Fall 2012: Seating an Orchestra

Visit USC on YouTube: //www.youtube.com/usc Learn more about the University of Southern California: //www.usc.edu Acknowledgements: Josh Roach ...

Will Modi Govt. understand plight of Pak's Hindu refugees, compelled to return- Hindu Varta,7.1.16

७ जनवरी २०१६ हिन्दू वार्तापत्र भाग २ (7 January 2016 Hindu Varta News Bulletin Part : 2) मुख्य समाचार (News...

The International Studies Experience!

Interested in International Studies at Glendon? Let Anthony, Jordan and Danielle tell you all about it!

Major Difference is our Majors

PSE accepts students of all majors!

International Studies Conference 2015 Team Recruitment

By zaaplikować prosimy o odpowiedzi na pytania: 1. Dlaczego chcesz dołączyć do zespołu International Studies Conference 2015 2. Jakie posiadasz ...

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Looks like it will be an awesome conference
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