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Volkswagen thing dmb Videos

"The Dreaming Tree" on vinyl by Dave Matthews Band

This is the full version of the beautiful song "The Dreaming Tree" taken from DMB's only album ever released on vinyl "Before These Crowded Streets". Enjoy!

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i have gone through 2 copies of BTCS vinyl. the first one was used and had some undisclosed wear. i then got my hands on a sealed copy. after holding on to it for a week, i decided to play it. it was great; however because there was doubt that the sound came from the original master and instead came from the CD master, i decided to part ways with it while it still had value (rumours abound about DMB re-releases on vinyl)... i do miss it though and can't wait for those re-releases to come!
@thetruemrsnickjonas6 "random but if I do recall correctly I lost my virginity to DMB lol...random (=" umm... you use the word recall when you're talking about something that happened a while ago... judging by your account name and the way you write your comments you're probably anywhere from 12 to 14 MAYBE 15 so you shouldn't have even had sex by now... and if you did it probably happened within a week before you commented... kids these days... anyway, great song, sounds amazing
Hi there, thx for ur comment, this is the michell gyrodec, its one of the turntables from my collection. at the time this video was recorded i had some parts taken off to get refurbished so it isn't actually the complete deck. If you're into gyrodecs be sure to get the version with the DC motor in case you're thinking of second hands, tonearm is a modified rega, cartridge is a sumiko bps. happy turntable hunting!
Very True...I Just picked up the double vinyl of Big Whiskey about 2 weeks ago. And it sounds outstanding for just a regular weight 140 gram pressing, and on an old consumer grade JVC 'table like the one I've got in my room, w/an AT P-Mount cart. I can only imagine what it'd sound like on a 'table like the one seen in this here vid. Haha! You are most envied!
Man!!!! The only thing that could be more expensive than that record.....is that turntable lol!! Great stuff!!!! I am looking at investing in a high end turntalbe. What kind is that? How much does it run? Have you been happy with it? You can send a personal message if you don't want to to post it publically. Thanks
Wow, absolutely beautiful song. I have been hunting for this vinyl for a long time. It has to be my favorite DMB album out of all of them. Hard to find nowadays on vinyl. Great sound, great song, great band. 5 Stars. Thank you for sharing.
my favorite song of all time. And it means a lot coming from someone who enjoys music of every genre.... techno, 70s 80s 90s rock, country, heavy metal... almost everything... This song is PARAMOUNT.
sweet table setup, and love the vinyl :) haha music's a lot more fun that way, along with the quality control boost, obviously. thanks for posting it this way :D
Is this a Michell Gyrodec and is this the turntable that you are using now. How does it compare with the Rega P7 and Clearaudio turntables?
went to amesterdam this summer right outside my hotel across the street was a huge record store they had so much dave so great
This is probably my all-time favorite DMB song. I'd so much like to get this album on vinyl, but it goes for way too much.
Can anyone tell me exactly why does it go for such a high price nowadays at ebay/ musicstack? (the vinyl obviously)
Now that's a nice video. Can you please share what amps and speakers you were using in this video? Thanks.
I know this comment is 4 years old, but maybe try discogs dot com? It's great for hunting vinyl records.
The description is outdated, actually. Big Whiskey And The Groogrux King was released on vinyl as well.
@noopennames hahahaha.....I must be super old then.......(for some reason I just loved this comment)
Oh... I just need $850 to snag it new of amazon. Gotcha. How much is that in dead kittens?
And Away from the World will be released on vinyl as well. So now there will be 3. :)
Probably sounds incredible when it's actually in front of you... thanks for posting
Love the album and song. That turntable is obnoxiously unnecessarily nice.
This is just amazing! oh what kind of player is that? Brand or smth ?
hey could anyone rip this on hifi and upload somewhere? THANKS!
I love that PBS uses this as their segue and intro music....
Too cool! I love high end audio equipment. It's a guy thing!
look at the reflection on that! top quality everything here!
I just won a copy on eBay and it will be here next week :)
can anybody tell me what time signature this is in?
Best dave album. I'd kill a kitten for it on vinyl

Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds--Broken Things Canton, MA Life is Good Festival 9/23/2012 DaveSpeak

Live debut of Broken Things. Starts with Davespeak about sugar, salt, and vomiting. Song starts at 3:15.

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would absolutely love to hear this in the full band acoustic set this summer!

Dave Matthews Band - Post Gazette - Money - Pink Floyd 5/31

Night2 at Star Lake Ampitheatre.

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heck yes i was at this show!!! it was the best DMB concert i've ever been to!! and i agree with you Atrippingbillie37...i was kinda disappointed that they didn't close with one of their songs...i mean much love to pink floyd but i was there to see dave...not pink floyd oh well, love dmb forever!
This is awesome. Pink FLoyd, my favorite band of all time. Dave Matthews, another favorite of mine as well, covering floyd, and doing it well too...Wish I was there. (thx jkmac)
This is awesome. Pink FLoyd, my favorite band of all time. Dave Matthews, another favorite of mine as well, covering floyd, and doing it well too...Wish I was there.
DAVE PLAYING FLOYD!!!! WOW!!!!! my favorite band covering my other favorite band! does it get any better than this????? I mean seriously?!?!?!?!?!?!
God, I can't wait til my show!! He's done this cover two times now that I know of this summer. I reallllllly hope it does it in Charlotte :-)
i went to the show at dte in clarkston, mi and they closed with ants marching they played money earlier in it. that show was amazing
hey i was there and it was a sick concert! I went to see him again this year and im still waiting for someone to post somethin
simply amazing, this tour is going to be soooo hot!! who needs butch when you got rashawn and timmy!!!
I was there this night 13 row... this was so great I think I can hear myself cheering hahaha
this was the night of game 1, stanley cup finals and carter was wearin a pens shirt woooo
Can't wait for tomorrow night! I think we will see this again!!!
I really don't like DMB very much, but this is a great cover
Tim Reynolds is the other guitar player. Hes crazy good.
YO ACE!! butch was BAD ASS.. he'll be missed greatly..
Decent quality for a video shot in the audience. Nice!
im so glad they got tim. tim is freaking awesome.
that was awesome, he played that in scranton too.
anyone got lie in our graves from that night?
I would rather have Tim than Butch with them
Wish they'd record this...great cover!!!
who is the other guitar player?
who's butch? the piano Player?
wow . . . so so cool . . .
R.I.P LeRoi Moore

Dave Matthews Band - Funny The Way It Is @ Arenan, Stockholm

Live at Arenan, Stockholm 2010.03.15 //www.davematthewsband.com.

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i like to thank you too building55, never seen this quality in other videos, shot out of the audience! great!!!!!
Once again building55, thank you for all these fantastic videos of Dave!
Great concert, awesome quality! Thanks for posting!

DMB 5-29-12

Excerpts from the Cincinnati Riverbend concert with DMB. Received pit tickets in a VW promo--great spot!

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was a great show awesome seats

Dave Matthews Band - Seek Up - Scranton PA - May 28, 2012

DMB takes stage and starts off with Seek Up!

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At least you fans on PA know how to keep the energy flowing. Saw the show in Bristow, VA and the fans were so weak you could actually see the loss of energy from the band. Short show thanks to VA's awful policy to end the shows by 10:45pm. Think yourselves lucky, other states, I'll never see Dave in VA again.
the Bristow show was a disappointment...especially when I saw the killer setlist from the next night in VA Beach...lol...still riding my DMB high from the shows this past weekend in Cville...what an amazing weekend!
what a set the never upset at scranton

Dave Matthews Band - Funny The Way It Is - 6/24/12

Dave Matthews Band performing Funny The Way It Is at River's Edge Music Festival on Harriet Island in Saint Paul, MN on June 24th, 2012.

User Comments

Thanks for getting the dedication. The only video I could find of it...
Show was absolutely amazing. Did you get Jimi Thing on video?
This is such a great video! Thanks for posting!!!
love is the best thing there is... next to tacos!

Jason Carst & Sam Barnhart (Cello) - Don't Drink The Water (DMB Cover)

Jason Carst & Sam Barnhart (Cello) - Don't Drink The Water (DMB Cover) Live at The Gas Station - Hummelstown, PA 4/15/14.

Fodera VW Classic

So 15min before I had to get onstage in Newcastle, a generous gentleman (Mark Palmer) presented me with his new Fodera VW Classic in Spaulted Maple- my ...

User Comments

This was in the tourbus outside the venue in Newcastle, UK. I had about 10min with the bass and it's generous owner before giving it back and hitting the stage with my $125 bass. I could've played this particular Fodera it for 24hours straight. I borrowed our guitarists little battery powered VOX amp and the owner taped me without me knowing on his cell phone. High tech shite!
Fuck me sideways. Fuck man. Scratch the Fodera. I wanted one so all the vic tunes i play sound authentic plus the monarch series has some nice features. At first I wanted to buy a Warwick Thumb-4 but I kind of realized its not exactly a bass meant for soloing, which is the majority of what I do. Ill probably end up going with Tobias. Unless you've got any better suggestions.
Vox battery powered practice amp with a cell phone recording. And it still sounds as good as every other fodera I've ever heard. Follow that dream bass, brother. It may be more expensive than my dream bass, but less rare. I want a 4-string fretted left-handed Wal. You're thinking, "Good luck with that!"
surprisingly i was able to find my used fodera new standard monarch for 2000. the guy emailed me a year later and asked me if id sell it back to him. poor guy.. The full featured Monarchs do sound amazing though..
Are you talking the BXP series, which is the budgeted one of the Cirrus model, or the Regular Cirrus-4, cuz the regular one is more than 2,000 by about 100-200 dollars.
Why the HELL do they make this bass so damn hard to find? I mean, I'll never be able to afford it but still it would be nice if it wasn't impossible to purchase.
Firstly- That's no "thousand dollar bass". Look it up and weep, dumbass. Secondly- I for sure didn't get to keep it. I had my 10 min and that was that.
I was looking at one of those the other day. Its really smooth, and easy to play, but doesnt have all the features I want. I dunno...Im stuck :-/
a Vox battery operated practice amp on a tour bus in the lounge/kitchen area. Captured on my friend Funky Hobbits Cell phone. Low tech here baby!
lol-sorry, didn't realize I was on my sisters account, anyways... yeah "I just found every possible way I could make money for 2 years! lol"
Hey Uriah man do you by any chance have a cd out? I really dig your style and grooves your like all my favorite bassist rolled into one.
Thnx,, I do love fannying on but. kickin it back in the pocket is where its at. Just ask Udawggy,, he grooves like a mofo on any bass :)
Ooow what a shame for what happened to you with the london guy... I really hope that it wil make it one day ;) Keep it up !
is that a monarch? How much would you say that goes for? Ive got a 2000 dollar budget, and Im looking to buy a Fodera.
Someone gave you this thousand dollar bass, you know what I think? I think it's bullshit.
I love my fodera, buy one the second you can afford it. I saved for 7 years for mine.
ive also looked into carvin and I own a schecter elite-5, I hate the thing lol.
read the description- It's not mine! It definatly scores high with me though.
Shipping + Customs = $800. Ticket to london (at the time): $650. Suck it.
The first part is one of mine- The second one is a Victor Wooten tune.
I just found every possible way I could make money for 2 years! lol
I'm buying a fodera NYC soon, beautiful basses! amazing sounds
I hope you get your fodera one day man, you trully deserve it
Nice bass, and nice playing. That is quite a generous gift.
Class groove, Amazing instrument. I want one so bad.
The song is The vision from Show of hands album.
Peavey Cirrus. Best bass for under $2000.
I just ordered a Yin-Yang. Can't wait!!
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