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Classic car exhaust smell Videos


Yep! Donuts! This "tough truck" burns veggie oil! And every other kind of oil I can get my hands on. It's a great WVO project. This is one tough sounding IH Scout.

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How you do that sound make kind of pipe doy you have because have too the 6.5 turbo diesel 1997 c2500 series and my truck dont make that turbo sound?
+Diego Ramirez There is no muffler and the pipe is only about 7' long.

Name That Car #1

The Famous, Peggy Sue's Cruise. Santa Rosa shined tonight, over 800 classic cars and hot rods graced Sonoma county. You could just smell the testosterone ...

Mustang GT 5.0 fuel system cleaner

Cleaning Injectors with the OTC 7448 professional on car injector cleaning device. You unplug the cars fuel pump to run it. This tool utilizes shop air pressure ...

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Well there you go! Information is so critical to ANY diagnosis! Glad you're now all set! Hey, you weren't messing around with that fuel pump, it had to be pricey! I've tried to get a decent fuel pump like that on ebay a time or two. The sad thing is I have a really nice old electric AC fuel pump that I'd love to replace the diaphram on but can't find replacements! AND I also have two old style Carter electrics I'd like to do to, same problem! I just don't trust the cheap pumps they have out now!
Yep you are right sir. Except I have a little secret back ground puzzle piece not mentioned. This car has a hot rod Walbro 225HP electric pump. Very high quality, very high flow, 225 lph and high pressure to boot. Even with the low 25 psi regulator the engine performed well. I put the new adjustable Holley fuel pressure regulator in after this video, and verified 38 psi. base pressure. I didn't notice any power increase but cold start is much improved.
The things they come up with! That's handy tool! I know you said it has a new fuel pump, and it probably is the regulator, but sometime 'new' does not mean 'good'. Not saying the new pump is bad, but if the different regulator doesn't cure the problem you might check to see if the pump is delivering the proper psi. Never know when you are going be given a lemon part maybe slapped together on a Monday morning!
Oooh, thats the gizmo that you where telling me about using on my truck.. That would do the trick., That and and the tune up... Cool
yep. it works wonders....

Mercedes A 170 cdi Leaking injectors Puffing sound from the engine Exhaust smell inside

Mercedes A class 170 CDI Puffing "air compressor" type sound from the engine Injectors ? Probably an injector leak? Could that be causing this sound ?

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1- problema saiba injector 2-inlocuiti saiba la injectorul problema,dati masca fata jos si cele trei radiatoare, turbo cu tot cu galeria evacuare si protectia de metal de la galerie. succes!
Sorry for the delay ... Yeah It was a leaking injector blowing by. I replaced the small copper washer on the injector ..and I was good to go :) Not an expensive job ...but a difficult one :)
My car has the same problem, but I have found a small hole on the cover of the engine block will now need to replace the entire engine block of the cover
I kno I'm late and all but this might help someone in the future. I had the same exact problem with my mustang. I blew out a spark plug.. nuff said
y didn't u just replace the injectors.Its a clean job

Bernardi 20120 10 02

Taking a 1980s Blakely Bernardi sports car out for the last drive of the year. This model has a Ford Mustang 302 V8, Holley carbureted, with dual exhausts.

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lovely car... lovely guitar!!!

Why does petrol smell good?

Why does petrol smell good? Have you ever wondered why you like the smell of petrol. Turns out its not very complicated. You can find me on: Facebook: ...

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You just copied all of the things the "Brain stuff" said in their video about gasoline. All I can say is stick to drawing and be original.
I thought the same thing a few seconds into it.
+vandana sridhar thats a good question. Large quantities is definitely bad for you but not when having small doses like when filling up your car. looking into it having no smell may or may not solve the problem
can someone say smelling petrol is good or is it dangerous if so how to get rid of smelling petrol

1957 Chevy gets wacked by exhaust manifold

Pdr or Paintless Dent Removal is performed on this original painted beauty. PDR and a competent airbrush artist can restore the value to classic cars with dent ...

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Wow, that looked like a bitch to get out!!! I'm wondering how in the hell you got to it from the back considering how far forward it is on the panel, and how you could still see it from the outside as you did it. I know the owner had to be sick when he saw what the exhaust did when it fell, damn.
Impressive work! If one keep in mind that older cars like those ones where made to really last with really I mean REALLY THICK METAL.. must cars now are made of tin foil.. this one I bet you really work for the money... but never the less beautiful work..
you are the best
nice work :)
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