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Smith college neuroscience Videos

Music on the Mind: Neuroscience in the Public Eye, Smith College (Anjali Kumar.)

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Anjali- This was very impressive and moving. I know your parents are proud and I'm sure my mother and father would be proud. (Full disclosure- that's me at :15-:17, the baby driven by the beat.) This is definitely an interesting field. I'm sure you've read Oliver Sacks' MUSICOPHILIA and Daniel Levitin's THE WORLD IN SIX SONGS. I look forward to reading what you write about the topic. Even if I didn't appear in the video, I'd heartily offer my endorsement. Congratulations!
An updated version with corrected misspelt names will be linked to this next week.

Amy Smith, Neuroscience - Lights, Magnets, Action!: Technologies of Brain Control

Developing an animal model for the study of fatigue

How Technology is Changing our Brains

//www.sfn.org/bavc Email, text messaging, and social media have changed the way we communicate. How does this affect the brain? Does the brain ...

Neuroscience in the Public Eye: Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (Cheyenne Marani.)

rob fuoco's family movie part 1( a family in service of science and the arts)

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Ciao Roberto, complimenti per il movie!! Your Family it's very beautiful!! Guido
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