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Anthony bennett college Videos

C2CHoops.com: Anthony Bennett December Mix

Check out 2012 forward Anthony Bennett of Findlay Prep in Henderson, Nevada in this mix by C2CHoops.com. These are just of a few of his best plays from ...

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I think Kentucky would be a wise choice. A visit there would help Anthony decide. He would be the perfect addition to a great class of players. Calipari's dribble drive offense and intense defense would showcase Anthony's skills to a tee. Plus, with Anthony in the lineup, I think Kentucky would have a legimate shot at a National Title! Playing in Rupp, for the winningest college basketball team in college history and in front of the big blue nation is kinda nice too! Good luck!
Great get by Dave Rice. Says a lot about running a fast break run on every possession offense. Kids want to play in that kind of system. But like to see more jumpers, creating off the dribble, pull up mid range shots, post up moves, etc in these videos to see what these players can really do.
i hope he can shoot cuz he's a little short for power forward
One dislike already? WTF. #32 @ 0:20 must have seen this.
what's the song

Cabbie Presents: Tristan Thompson and Anthony Bennett

Tristan Thompson and Anthony Bennett discuss living in a social media world, fashion on Instagram and being Canadians playing in the NBA on Cabbie ...

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You must be so proud seeing as you were the only comment on a video with 90 views...

THE SEASON | Findlay Prep: Anthony Bennett & Winston Shepard talk NCAA recruiting S4E37

THE SEASON | Findlay Prep S4E37: The stakes of high school basketball recruiting for the NCAA is reaching an ever rising competitive state. Especially at high ...

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I want to thank all the fans of Findlay Prep and THE SEASON. Just know that the videos we've dropped so far are only the beginning. We have at least 6 more episodes planned for the rest of season 4. Episode #38 & #39 should be released soon. I apologize for the long delay, but understand that each episode is produced, shot and edited by one person (ie. Me..ha). If you want updates on how the episodes are going, I always share the status on my twitter feed (@FINDLAYSEASON). Thanks. - Donnie
Hey; I have just recently come across these videos. Firstly great progression from the start to now. Is it possible to do a video on say in detail the food the team eat on a daily basis, on game days, like wise for weight training on a daily basis, and what the team does before games (I know you have covered this a little) just like to see an expansion. Again keep up the good work!
this dudes are saying getting recruited is annoying and stressful.... smh i would give anything to be in there position this guys are blessed the go to a basketball academy all they do is basketball n school everyday these kids got every school is the nation dying to have them on their team. all i want is just one school to fall in love with me n give me a shot @FINDLAYSEASON
Im trying to go to this school next year and im moving down there is there a tryout for the sophomore team because im a versitile freshmen and i can play multiple postions so just let me know if theres a tryout and how i can contact findlay prep
man idk if this is just me or not but if i was as good as half of yall and colleges was constantly calling me i would look every college up and see which one was best for me and who the coaches was and everything ha
You're right we haven't explored in detail the diet or the strength training of the Findlay Prep team. If we do a 5th season, I'll keep that idea around. Thanks.
findlay needs a team barber.LMFAO jk but i dont know what anthony bennet was thinking looking like that infront of the camera.
what happens if someone has the talent to play for findlay but just isn't noticed because were they live or something?
its cuz Donnie is the only one shooting and editing the video. Be a little more patient and learn how to spell
@MoSxyxnr24 I definitely see the Artis and K Dot comparison, but DA is way darker and more baby faced
ima get my coach to see these videos for our HS team hahaha coach peck does a great job
E38 is live but we can't post the link here. Follow @FINDLAYSEASON for the link.
its one team independant school and have to be recruited and asked to go there
Winston giving love to San Diego State's Coach Fisher and Coach Bland at 9:34
Once again, you never disappoint! Great episode! Can't wait for the next one!
man i wish i went to findley looks like a graet school and basketball program
Man Arizona just lost and Nick had a bad game, I was so mad but nice episode.

Anthony Bennett Monster Slam @ UNLV Dunk Contest

Dunk Contest @ UNLV www.shoottokillmedia.com.

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If he would have thrown it off the backboard himself it would be more impressive. I'm not fan of alley-oops in dunk contests. Save the lobs for the game.
That Mozilla cutout is so bad-ass! Great idea to use it as a prop!

NBA 2K16 My GM | Brought Anthony Bennett To My Team | Pacers | Ep 2

CS:GO | Case Opening #1 | Asiimov Drop Maybe? Best Freak Out! | Ft Romannnnn - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZzX3V9J9sE NBA 2K15 My GM | Fans ...

Anthony Bennett gets his first NBA hoop.....Finally!

2013 NBA Draft 1st pick overall, Anthony Bennett, finally scores his first career points. Bennett, had gone 0-15 in the first 3 games of the season. I guess you ...

Anthony Bennett Raptors Workout

NBA Top 10 Dunks and Plays. Lebron James, Iman Shumpert, JR Smith, Derrick Rose, Rudy Gay, Kobe Bryant, Amare Stoudemire, Blake Griffin Kyrie Irving ...

Anthony Bennett wins UNLV dunk contest

//mylvsports.com Freshman Anthony Bennett gets the best of Khem Birch and Demetrius Morant during the dunk contest at UNLV's Scarlet/Gray Showcase ...

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That Mozilla cutout is one of the greatest things ever! Great idea to use it as a prop!
Wow this year is going to be great
Bennett arms are like monkeys.
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