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Stuart bennett edinburgh college art Videos

H2Ocean Pro Team Getaway and Artist Retreat

We would like to invite you to party with H2Ocean to celebrate our 12th anniversary at our headquarters in Stuart, Florida! This fun gathering will include bands, ...

"can you tell what it is yet?" action painting at "shipping forecast" night at riverside pub

timelapse of action painting a picture of the titanic being snapped in two by mighty neptune, and the "shipping forecast" comedy and performance poetry night at ...

Nobody Likes Bagpipes

Composer Bear McCreary reveals his life long obsession with bagpipes, culminating in his score to "Outlander." Featuring: Eric Rigler, as The Bagpipe Player ...

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needs more hurdy-gurdy!!
+Johánn Hrímland haha, the hurdy gurdy is essential! ^^
That is SO frakkin' funny!!! Love it! I was watching BSG for the first time and it just floored me. Loved the pounding drums (I'm a drummer) and exciting score. Watching... watching... watching... loving the music through and through, which is how I've come to know your name, then... all of a sudden... "Is that bagpipes in there?", I ask myself. Listen... listen... listen... Those ARE bagpipes! Sounds so cool how you tie them in... I love it! (and, no... I'm not just saying that! LOL) So... Outlander. Cool!
+Dartanbeck Bagpipes and fraking Taiko drums! This dude can do anything!
Why I did start to watch Black Sails ? Fuckin Bagpipes ! !! <3 ( So Say We All!)
This is my seventh year playing bagpipes and I have loved every moment of it. Today I played Amazing Grace for Remembrance Day ceremonies and so many people especially the veterans loved it. I find it so rewarding to play for people simply because they enjoy the sound of the instrument as much as I do but today I was asked to play at funerals even though I'm only 14! I'm absolutely honoured to have been asked to play by the funeral home and I hope I'll be able to bring some happiness to the dead before they are put to rest for eternity. But anyways I'm off topic... There are so many people in just Canada who love bagpipes and I speak from experience because every year I go to Cadet Camp for bagpipes, snare drums, tenor and bass drum, and I meet so many new life long friends who love the pipes and I respect that some people might not because hey, I don't like certain instruments. It's a matter of opinion but don't go dissing pipes just cuz you don't like them they're still an ancient instrument and you wouldn't want people to make fun of an instrument that you really like so just respect that it's an instrument. I'm not saying you have to love them or even like them but don't call them boring just cuz they're old I mean we can play really cool modern sounding tunes and there are so many different sounds we can do.... Well I'm done my little rant if you reply please be kind and try not to be rude and also TRY NOT TO FIGHT IN THE COMMENTS!!!!!
+Suzie Osborne One of the best scenes in Outlander, that Bear does the score for is when the bag pipers play in the castle during an important ceremony and everyone is standing to attention and watching them enter with respect. I'm surprised reading that many people don't like bagpipes because most people I know think they are pretty interesting.
Warning : Bag Pipes are not a toy. Blow with caution.
+TheBlackB0X That's what She said....
+TheBlackB0X Sounds like you got hurt blowin them. LOL
Eric Rigler FTW!!! My favorite reply to, "I love the bagpipes" is, "Oh really? Who's your favorite piper?" I have yet to get a response from anyone.
+Mark Lindsay Cabar feidh appears to be a fiddle tune. When you contrast the pipe version with that from fiddle collections (like Athole), you see that the fiddle version flows naturally across 2 octaves, while the pipe version show clear signs of having been compressed into the instrument's compass.The Black Bear is definitely a pipe tune. Not sure about Dr. McInnes' Fancy, I don't know that one.Most of my favorite dance tunes probably began their lives as puirt, and those that didn't are modern (Merry Macs, High Drive, Clumsy Lover). Lament for Mary MacLeod (Cumha Mairi Nighean Alasdair Ruaidh) is very much a favorite.
+Peter Walker  Yessir, I agree with you completely. Aaron Shaw is my absolute favorite piper though. As for my favorite pipe tune, I'll admit that I don't know if they were originally composed for the pipes or not, but it's a tossup between Caber Feidh, The Black Bear, and Dr McInnes' Fancy. After that, play me some jigs and hornpipes and I'm a happy guy. 
+Mark Lindsay EJ Jones. Hands down.I prefer to ask, "what's your favorite tune originally composed for the bagpipes?" - a question that excludes Amazing Grace and Scotland the Brave.
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